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used to drop off our stuff. My head was aching and as I moved to get up I felt the knot on my
hip.Tranqs again,no wonder I was in a bad mood! The asshole had shot me with a tranquilizer dart
so he could hurry up and get my stuff in and go Mack on the female! I spent the rest of the day
pacing back and forth. The afternoon got late and still no attendant with my lunch!The crowd was
starting to gather in front of my cage. The moon was showing in the afternoon sky and I would be
changing soon. I heard the metal attendants door open and I turned around heading toward it. A
pretty red haired female stuck her head through and said," Come on big boy,we haven't got all
Bobby W. Lee
The Hospital
I woke up and saw him sitting in the chair across from my bed. I mistook him for one of the
teenagers that had called in the wreck and had helped me till the paramedics got there. A car had
pulled out of a side road and I didn't have time to do anything except hit him. The light in the hospital
room was dim and it looked like a teen age boy sitting there wearing a dark hoodie. I knew my bike
was trashed,there was no way it wasn't. I had scrimped and saved for two years to be able to buy a
Harley! But an impact at 70 mph is going to do some damage. I just hoped no one stripped it before
I could get out of here. I could at least get enough parts off it to start another bike. The doc must
have me on some good painkillers cause I felt fine as frog hair! The guy in the corner cleared his
throat."Hey man,I want to thank you and your buddies for helping me out! I probably wouldn't have
made it if you hadn't been there!" I said gratefully."Yes,about that." He said standing and turning
toward me with that long sickle in his hand I hadn't noticed before and the light illuminating the
gleaming white skull under the hoodie.
Bobby W. Lee
The Babysitter
Alicia was a single working mom. After the divorce she rented a small two bedroom apartment
close to the giant retail store she worked at and she and her two boys settled in to a different life.
Timmy was six and Tony was five and they would run a body ragged trying to keep up with
them.Randy would come by and get the boys every other weekend for his visitation but he didn't
show up half the time or call. Alicia figured the rigors of being a single man on the prowl got the
best of him! She tried to stalk to him about it on several occasions but he would fly into a rage and
storm out saying her bitching is what caused their problem in the first place,but Alicia knew it was
the little tramp he worked with that had started their problems. In any event Alicia had the boys to
take care of and her job. Between the two she didn't have a lot of time for a social life. Randys mom
kept the boys for her usually but was sporadic about it.Alicia worked days but had to keep an open
availability to be able to work for giant retail. She was putting freight away when the manager came
by and informed her that everyone in her department would be expected to work a couple of nights
each week till the upcoming holiday season was taken care of. Alicia had dreaded this but knew it
was coming so she agreed and confirmed Friday and Mondays she would work a half day then
come in for an eight hour night shift both days. Now she had to get a babysitter. Randy was out of
the question,he was to undependable and she had no close friends or family locally so when she got
in that day she opened up her little used laptop and queried local babysitters. A surprising number
popped up and tired of looking through the long list clicked on the closest one to her home. She put
her information in and filled out the questionares. A few seconds later she got an email with a link to
confirm her address and take her back to the site. The site gave a long list of thumbnail pictures with
contact information of accredited sitters and Alicia was drawn to one girl in particular with sad
brown eyes and long raven black hair. She clicked on the profile and read the girls information and
credentials. Satisfied she typed in the dates and times in the provided boxes and tapped the
payment button. As a second thought when she was done she pulled up the Sitting service on a
popular search engine and researched it. The ratings were all 4 and 5 stars so she took a relaxed
breath and went to fix the boy's dinner. Thursday afternoon rolled around and the sitter rang the
doorbell an hour early. Alicia was impressed. Sandy turned out to be a bright knowledgeable girl
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