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This is a collection of bedtime stories to promote vivid dreaming,take one each night and if you're
still around,call me in the morning! Sweet Dreams!
The Spider's Revenge
I was unloading our belongings out of the rented moving truck when I first saw him. I got only a
glimpse as he scurried back behind the cardboard boxes sitting in the front part of the trailer. A
spider,a big one the size of a small tarantula. I didn't get too good of a look the first time and I made
a mental note to watch where I put my hands. I used the hand trucks and got my furniture and
appliances off and then it was time for the boxes. I put on a pair of leather work gloves and got after
it,the hot central Florida sun was already trying to make me look like a lobster. I kept a wary eye out
as I worked but the brown shaggy monster was nowhere to be seen. I hoped he had escaped out of
the truck while I was busy. By mid morning I had everything unpacked and while the wife and kids
unpacked and put up the kitchen I handled the big stuff and put the beds together. I was in the
master bedroom putting our king sized bed together when I heard our youngest daughter aged six
scream! I had a pretty good notion why and I grabbed one of my hunting boots out of the walk-in
closet and tore off into the living room where the scream had come from. I would have ended him
then and there but my daughter launched herself at my leg and wrapped herself around it screaming
and crying almost knocking me down. I got a good look at his evil ass that time! He was huge and
very definitely had a large violin on his back with red strings on it! I did the only thing I could do, I
threw the boot at him,but as if he had anticipated it, scuttled to one side before it hit him. He stared
at me with all eight eyes balefully and I saw my pale reflection in them.He had long fangs and I could
see a tiny drop of venom on the end of each one.I heard a thin chittering sound that sounded
strangely like laughter as he disappeared around the corner and down the hall.My wife and our eight
year old came flying from the kitchen to see what all the commotion was about and the little one
jumped into Mama's loving arms.I snatched up my boot and took off after Spidersaurus Rex.I hit the
hallway just as he turned the corner into the bedroom on the end. I looked for him for over an hour
but he had chosen his hiding spot well. By supper time I was bushed and Spidey was the last thing
on my mind as I headed for the shower. I opened the shower curtain to start my water and he leaped
past me! I chased him down the hall popping my towel at him,connecting once but it only stunned
him for a minute and knocked him further away from me into the kitchen.I thought I had him but right
before I swung he dove into a hole under the dishwasher. Cursing and muttering I went back to the
shower and took my frustration out on a large water bug that probably would have been Spidey's
supper.I finished my shower and brushed my teethMy wife was already in bed and I slid in beside
her exhausted. I woke up to a thin chittering noise that sounded strangely like laughter and
something moving in my hair. I swatted but too late as the fangs sank into my skull and molten fire
poured through my....................
Bobby W. Lee
The Werewolf in the Zoo
I awoke naked and cold,my arm hanging out of the thick steel bars. The crowd oohing and
aahing at what had taken place just before I had awakened. I was miserable. It's no fun to be in a
cage and be gawked at when you're helpless and especially naked. I got up and trotted into the
cement cave and found my new sweats the attendant had left for me and my breakfast on a tray.
Crap! Oatmeal again! That's three days this week! And they call us inhuman! My chest and back
was scratched and scraped and I had fleas in my underarms and pubic area. That damn attendant
better be getting me some more flea shampoo! His lazy ass didn't care about me no way,all he
cared about was the female were they kept on the far end well away from me! Hell, he was probably
giving all the stuff I was supposed to get to her! I sulked a little bit,staring at the door the attendant
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