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Download this FREE e-Book, and learn some great math calculating tricks that will amaze your family and friends. Download it today!

Anne Hart

Very clearly written and tricks all had everyday uses.

Cathy Solomon

It tells you tricks that you can use no matter what problem you are working on. I am bad at math, but I love math. This book has helps me cope with it. It give anyone the help they need. It helped me.

Megan Groenewald

Very informative and well-written.

Ample Green

This book holds some interesting concepts


very interesting book


Maths has never been so easy


In the adding time topic, you have not specified the condition that once the times have been added, you have to check if the last 2 digits form a number greater than 60. Only then you have to add 40. Otherwise you shouldn't. Excellent tricks though...


Very good tricks best download yet

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