Memories of Fanny Hill HTML version

The Memories of Fanny Hill are some of the most loved naughty
stories of the Victorian Age. In these pages you find an honest
recollection, or what is deemed an honest recollection of naughty women
from that period of repression of women’s rights. The format is one of a
letter given to a good friend.
It was an age when women were almost as restricted as they are now
in Muslim Nations. It was also an age of discovery and education where
some women circumvented their station in life as the fairer sex to indulge
in their own carnal pleasures, and not only because a man allowed them
to. We are finding more stories which parallel this historical fiction
account of the Madam Fanny Hill.
Please read this book for the historical picture it paints. Without books
like this one, we would never have the literary freedoms we enjoy today.
In the day that this book was written, photos were unknown, so the
power of the word was much more subtle. Most writer tried to paint a big
picture for the reader, they also wanted to allow the reader to take his/her
time to enjoy the book so used much more metaphors than we use today.
I hope you enjoy this book as it is a true classic.