Medieval Mysticism of India HTML version

Listen, () brother man,
The Truth of Man is the highest of truths,
There is no other truth above it.
Text books of Indian History, which we
read, deal mostly with its external aspect.
And in such a history foreigners play the most
important part. They have fought battles,
conquered the country and ruled it. We have
accepted this pressure from the outside, though
at. times efforts were made to shake it off and
have met with occasional success. But on the
whole this aspect of India's history reveals to
our eyes, in its successive chapters, the fail-
ures of her people.
But it will have to be admitted that the
Indian sadhana does not identify itself with
politics. True it is that great kings and
:mperors arose in our country; but their
greatness has been quite their own. This sort
of greatness owes nothing to the people who
neither crea-te it or participate in it with any
pleasure. It developed along with one's indi-
vidual power and dwindled with the same.
But India has a sadhana of her own and
it belongs to her innermost heart. Through-
out all her political vicissitudes its stream has