Medicines By Design HTML version

What Is NIGMS?
The National Institute of General Medical Sciences
(NIGMS) supports basic biomedical research on
genes, proteins, and cells. It also funds studies on
fundamental processes such as how cells commu­
nicate, how our bodies use energy, and how we
respond to medicines. The results of this research
increase our understanding of life and lay the
foundation for advances in the diagnosis, treatment,
and prevention of disease. The Institute’s research
training programs produce the next generation of
biomedical scientists, and NIGMS has programs to
encourage minorities underrepresented in biomedical
and behavioral science to pursue research careers.
NIGMS supported the research of most of the
scientists mentioned in this booklet.
Trade names have been used throughout this
booklet to illustrate concepts about medicines
that are familiar to readers. The mention of
speci?c products is not an endorsement of their
use or effectiveness.