Me and my friend President Obama


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Book Description

Today I decided to write a book, a concise part about my cooperation with The White House and The Central Intelligence Agency and many years of cooperation with Human Rights Watch (HRW) and IFRC (International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies); a few political leaders of England, France, agents of NSA (The National Security Agency of the United States, who didn’t let me to submit any top secret information, before.) and CIA agents and Mossad and Shin Bet (Shabak) and USSS (The United States Secret Service) and Microsoft communicated with me about what am I started to write now? My life is full of espionage and political memories. When I started my political activities and when I started to fight for freedom of people, I was only 14, one of the teenager Iranian boys...


Peiman Ghasemi

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