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She was old, older than time it self... for you see, she was one of the First. She and her
sisters came out of the 'Great Nothing' together, and circled in joy amid the 'Beginning'.
Their task was simple; to give life - to begin. Looking about her she felt no ties, no pull to
bond with something; nothing appealed to her. She was looking for something different,
something more. Her brothers and sisters searched the available universes and one by one
settled in the different galaxies. But not her, no, she knew there was something more
waiting for her; and she would not settle for less.
For a time, one of her sisters joined her. They traveled together through the vast void of
the Beginning until they came to a new young sun. Curious, her sister insisted they stay
awhile and observe as ten planets began to take shape. They watched as the planets began
to spin and take their place in the elliptical trek about the strong young upstart. A rogue
asteroid, the size of a small planet itself, took out the tenth planet. The tremor of its
passing was felt by all. Then, not long after and quite unexpectedly, the third planet began
to turn a beautiful shade of blue. An atmosphere was forming and life was ready to begin.
Her sister asked if she could hear and feel what was emanating from the young world.
That was when she knew that her sister was being called. She bid her joy and contentment
and left that galaxy, continuing on alone. She would greatly miss Gaia.
She traveled for eons searching the vastness of space; universe after universe; and the
many galaxies within them. She found many planets appealing, but none that called to her.
She continued on with her search for centuries, and in time began to tire of ever finding
what she yearned for. Then, just when she was about to give up, give up and let herself be
absorbed by the ether, she found what she was searching for. A new world at the end of
the tenth universe, far from the mainstream, was calling out to her.
Its sun was young and strong; its atmosphere forming, with rich oxygen, nitrogen, and
carbon dioxide molecules. The fourth planet from this sun was a marvel, a delight, and
everything that she had been searching for. She settled herself within and was at
Centuries later an ancient race landed on her. At first she was angry at the interlopers;
how dare they presume to settle without her permission? But ever mindful not to judge,
she studied the people carefully and soon learned that they were like her. Travelers thru
space, seeking a world where they could live in peace, and have no contact with others.
She allowed them to stay and began to watch over them like a mother kitten with her brood.
In time she found one of the people was still restless and wanted to leave to continue to
travel in space. His brothers disagreed but he was adamant. She felt she could not stop
him as he was searching the same as she had; so she let him go.
She knew in time his spirit would return.