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First Action Step To Unlimited Abundance
Hold the thought of absolute abundance and that feeling of gratitude while you give this book to one
person. Go ahead, it’s an Ebook. All you have to do is email it, print it out, make copies or whatever you
have to do, just do it. There is not really much physical labor involved. It doesn’t matter who you give it to,
just give it away to someone, anyone, do it now.
Please take this simple step. Take this small step and give this book to someone right now. Act on faith
and on trust, while you hold onto the thought and feeling of complete abundance and gratitude. Most
likely someone gave you this book and they took action. Take the first step to living a richer more
prosperous, healther and fuller life. The more people you give this book to now, the better it is for you.
Did you do it? Did you take the action that will change your life right now? If you did then I would like to
congratulate you on becoming wealthier. You have taken the first step, and you have continued the
spread of true wealth. You have made the commitment, the seal of the covenant that will insure you are
well on your way to being wealthy or are already wealthy.