Matisse, Picasso and Getrude Stein HTML version

When they are very little just only a baby you can never
tell which
one is to be a lady.
There are some when they feel it inside them that it has
been with them
that there was once so very little of them, that they
were a baby,
helpless and no conscious feeling in them, that they
knew nothing then
when they were kissed and dandled and fixed by others
who knew them when
they could know nothing inside them or around them, some
get from all
this that once surely happened to them to that which was
then every bit
that was then them, there are some when they feel it
later inside them
that they were such once and that was all that there was
then of them,
there are some who have from such a knowing an uncertain
curious kind of
feeling in them that their having been so little once
and knowing
nothing makes it all a broken world for them that they
have inside them,
kills for them the everlasting feeling; and they spend
their life in
many ways, and always they are trying to make for
themselves a new
everlasting feeling.
One way perhaps of winning is to make a little one to
come through them,
little like the baby that once was all them and lost
them their
everlasting feeling. Some can win from just the feeling,
the little one
need not come, to give it to them.
And so always there is beginning and to some then a
losing of the
everlasting feeling. Then they make a baby to make for
themselves a new
beginning and so win for themselves a new everlasting