Massacre at Paris HTML version

The Massacre at Paris. With the Death of the Duke of Guise.
[Scene i]
Enter Charles the French King, [Catherine] the Queene Mother,
the King of Navarre, the Prince of Condye, the Lord high
Admirall, and [Margaret] the Queene of Navarre, with others.
CHARLES. Prince of Navarre my honourable brother,
Prince Condy, and my good Lord Admirall,
wishe this union and religious league,
Knit in these hands, thus joyn'd in nuptiall rites,
May not desolve, till death desolve our lives,
And that the native sparkes of princely love,
That kindled first this motion in our hearts,
May still be feweld in our progenye.
NAVARRE. The many favours which your grace has showne,
From time to time, but specially in this,
Shall binde me ever to your highnes will,
In what Queen Mother or your grace commands.
QUEENE MOTHER. Thanks sonne Navarre, you see we love you well,
That linke you in mariage with our daughter heer:
And as you know, our difference in Religion
Might be a meanes to crosse you in your love.
CHARLES. Well Madam, let that rest:
And now my Lords the mariage rites perfourm'd,
We think it good to goe and consumate
The rest, with hearing of an holy Masse:
Sister, I think your selfe will beare us company.
QUEENE MARGARET. I will my good Lord.
CHARLES. The rest that will not goe (my Lords) may stay:
Come Mother,
Let us goe to honor this solemnitie.
QUEENE MOTHER. Which Ile desolve with bloud and crueltie.
Exit [Charles] the King, Queene Mother, and [Margaret]
the Queene of Navar [with others], and manet Navar,
the Prince of Condy, and the Lord high Admirall.