Mary's Contractions HTML version

I would like to dedicate this story to several people but primarily
my prison buddy “Turtle”.
I only wish I could remember his real name but we all knew him as
“Turtle”. Before I met him I was only
capable of writing 50 or 60 page short stories but his wisdom put
me where I’m at today and he
believes I may be the next Stephen King. Also I’d like to dedicate
this story to another author I met in
prison my man “Unique” and I’d like to thank him for steering me
in the right direction when it comes
to publishing. I would also like to dedicate this story to my beloved
sister Dana and her husband Sam for providing me with a peaceful
environment to write my stories. I would also like to throw out one
last dedication to my mother because any jailbird will tell you
there’s no other love out there like the love
we have for Mom. Any dedications that are left I would like to
devote to my readers because I know
if you dedicate the time to finish reading this story you will not
have any regrets.