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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks

Mars on Earth

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Published: 3 years ago

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The world's energy is running out and we need to know if man can send others into space, asleep and know that they will awaken once they end their journey. Two people, friends a man and a woman are willing to take that chance and sleep, then awaken in 6 months. But when they do awaken they find out that all they knew is gone, their friends, family and the world as they know it, are no more. Why, what happened? They travel on a world that is no longer alive, to find out what happened, why are all the people gone? And more importantly how will they survive on a world dead as Mars.

Logan Kline

I really want to know what happens next, is there a sequel of some sort?

Kevin Lewis

Overall I really liked the story line and found it very interesting. Reads kind of like a play but all together I liked it.


Very bad characters and simple story line

Roland Kee

It appeared to be well written, but the storyline just suddenly stopped with them thinking that they were the only ones alive, and the whispering left you confused.

J Rs

I got it free as a PDF file; the price was right. The text shoes up as two different sixes, making it annoying to read. Not as annoying, however as it being written in the present tense: "She says..." I gave it up after five pages or so. It was just a waste of time.

Clarence Woodcock

Ecck ..... This is more a storyboard than a book. Premise is good, story OK but the author very much needs an editor. cw

Rex Hales

I like the theme of the book, science fiction (not fantasy fiction) and doomesday type of book


The description of the book was very intriguing, unlike the story itself - it needs editing, as the grammar is poor and I'm sorry to say but it feels like I'm reading my child's homework. The person written the story would need to go to University to master grammar and story writing.

Vishal Sharma

Feels like it has been written by a grade-school kid... needs a complete rewrite....the sentences are incoherent and the treatment given to it by the Author has destroyed what could have been an interesting short story..... the cliffhanger is again pretty confusing..... in all, not worth wasting time..... life's too short ;-)


Clayton Fehr

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