Marketing Guru's Lies Exposed! HTML version

First let’s have a look at the top scams so you will NEVER fall
victim to these again…
The TOP All Time Traffic Scams
Traffic Exchanges . . . One of the biggest wastes of time
If you ever wanted to be a hamster
on a wheel then fell free to join one
of the many traffic exchanges that
exist online.
I know people love traffic
exchanges as they are flashy,
colorful and there always looks like
there is a whole lot going on.
Some of the top exchanges even
have incorporated a social aspect
into them making them enjoyable.
The truth is that these services are only great if YOU own them.
Yet 99% of traffic exchanges are being used by newbies for traffic
which means most of the people who see your ads or pages on
the traffic exchanges are simply other desperate newbie
marketers exchanging equally frustrating failures to one another.
The other 1% are the savvy “vultures” who prey on the 99% by
telling the 99% how stupid they are for clicking and failing when
they have the answers they need and to come join THEM.
8 Bought To You By Michael Kelley