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Number Three:
Time is money as a marketer. If you're going to be selling your
products and services you must be able to do this quickly.
Acquiring an existing domain or pre-generated website content
that has a proven track record, that is making money monthly
could be the single best investment that you ever make online.
Think of all the money that you spent the thousands of dollars (if
you are an avid marketer) buying useless marketing materials,
trying to figure out how to be successful online, when simply
purchasing an existing moneymaking domain on Flippa could put
you in that position overnight.
Will this cost you more money? I guess that depends on how you
equate your investment versus time. Let me give you an example.
I spent many months developing testing tweaking and finally
launching a website. When I was done six months of my life were
gone, and it took another six months to develop a reasonable
traffic flow and another year to build up a good mailing list. My
total investment on this one site (NOT including my time energy
money investment) was over $15,000.
I simply could've bought someone else's work that was closely
related to my niche and expertise. I recently saw on Flippa a
similar website that was getting close to 5000 visitors a day, with
an existing mailing list of over 50,000 people selling for $8000.00.
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