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Number Two:
Savvy Internet marketers have learned that Flippa is the place to
buy exclusive packages of pre-created websites including
graphics packages, blogs, pre-done affiliate websites, mailing
lists, buyers mailing lists, affiliate marketing mailing lists all in one
nice neat little package.
If you consider the typical Internet marketer spends thousands
and thousands of dollars simply to study their craft imagine the
hassle and time you could've saved by simply buying a pre-
created money producing website!
Perhaps one of the most important things that you need to
consider about Flippa is the mailing lists that people have
One of the best ways for immediate traffic to any website is
acquire an existing mailing list through a domain and website that
people have already subscribed to and push these people to your
site (just make sure it somehow is related).
I'm sure that you know the importance of building a mailing list. I
am here to tell you that simply acquiring an active mailing list that
people are already subscribed to is one of the best ways to get in
the game.
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