Marketing Guru's Lies Exposed! HTML version

Everything you need to know about
making money online is here . . .
The gurus want to highly complicate
things, make extended courses that
you have to buy for big money and
keep you hooked for years paying
them a fortune.
Below is honestly all you need to know
and DO to be wildly successful and the
blueprint below has made millionaires
over and over:
1. Your offer needs to be to people that want to hear it and
have a true interest in the problem you will solve them. Do
NOT force the market to want your product, instead find a
problem in a niche and solve it with your product.
2. You need HIGH quality BUYING traffic (free traffic is almost
worthless here except for traffic from the search engines)
that drives interested people into a marketing funnel (mailing
list) that educates them into desiring how effective the
problem you will solve is
3. Your offer must be interesting, powerful and compelling
and prove to people that you can help them
(called written copy)
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