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How It Works – An Overview:
By setting up a Google alert you will be notified by e-mail
whenever a topic of interest is published online. This can include
virtually anything you can imagine. Savvy Internet marketers are
using the Google alert system to target their niches,
Let me give you an example: let's say you've published a book on
dealing with aggressive dogs. You set up several Google alerts
with the keyword aggressive dogs and anytime there is
information published you will be given an e-mail with links to
where this information can be found.
Clever marketers have figured out ways to target specific buyer
keywords for people searching for this information is a form of a
solution to a problem that they have.
So let's say Mary Smith in Houston Texas is having problems with
her dogs fighting with each other and behaving aggressively.
Like most people she spent several hours a day on Facebook and
also search the Internet for entertainment and fun. She decides to
post a question on Yahoo answers and the question is,
"I am having problems with my dogs behaving aggressively. They
are fighting all the time and I'm not sure how to deal with these
aggressive dogs. Does anyone have any suggestions on ways to
deal with this situation?"
I bet you're already thinking and I see the wheels turning!
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