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Another BIG Concern . . .
After the recent Google panda updates, the effectiveness of
article marketing and anything related to mass article marketing
has greatly deteriorated or has tanked and caused real havoc for
I know there will be people who will argue that point with me and
have built entire businesses simply on writing articles;
I would agree that article marketing is still highly effective but the
content now needs to be 100% original AND for the volume of
work necessary in order to achieve even a small steady flow of
targeted traffic, you are looking at months of work.
Still you need to consider that proper marketing is always a good
investment of time. Article marketing, search engine optimization,
social media, paid media buys and of course affiliate marketing
are 100% legitimate IF you understand how to do these.
Yes you can be successful at this IF you devote a systematic
approach to generating quality articles and all of your traffic
getting activities.
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