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The Path to REAL Workable Traffic
I'm sure the you are aware or have at least heard that some of the
top traffic strategies like: article marketing, article writing, article
submissions, pay per click advertising, media buys, blogging and
of course social media.
I do agree that many of these
techniques can be properly
used and marketing funnels
set up to make them very
effective. In fact you should
focus on these as they are
The problem is that in order
to really make any of these
techniques to work well for you, you MUST become an expert in
that specific kind of traffic generation technique; something FEW
people want to do or have the time to invest doing.
Each has pitfalls, can cost you either gobs of time or countless
hours often with crappy results initially because many people do
not understand that these “traffic” methods are actually an
investment in time versus eventual payout.
You must specialize, practice, fail repeatedly and in the case of
pay per click spend a fortune before you finally reduce the
learning curve sufficiently so that you can begin to have proper
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