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Free Viral Traffic Scams
Most are unworkable or just feed your emails to a list that
someone will try to sell you crap – and of course you will be stuck
promoting other people’s product(s) first before you see any real
traffic or forced to “upgrade” to the paid version to make it work.
I have seen this variation in all kinds of marketing. In general you
are told your URL will go viral and you add your website to a list of
say 5 other people who have done the same. No go somewhere
and send this to some people and they will do the same causing
your ad / url to be seen by millions . . .
This seems probable and the math makes sense; but the real
issue here is human nature – the focus of this tool is supposed to
be to get people to look at your site. The problem is just like the
traffic exchange issue; NOBODY cares about you or your
business unless you give them a really good reason to do so and
they only care about their success, thus there is no motivation to
seriously consider visiting your site and using your offer!
So again this fails miserably as people are only concerned with
themselves and do not care about your success.
The best viral traffic offers that seem to have some promise
always include a what’s in it for me aspect but it is the
ORIGINATOR of this program that gets the real traffic benefit not
the people who add their link and push this to other people.
Again you need to be the CREATOR of a viral traffic idea and
make part of this page dedicated to something you know these
people can benefit immediately from or this will not work.
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