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Blast It Ads, Sell Your Ad to MILLIONS –
This scam has been around forever. You are told for a fee (or
your email) you can blast an ad to MILLIONS of websites or safe
What you are NOT told is that these free for all sites simply place
your ad on some buried website by a bot and that your ad is
never seen by ANY human eyes except perhaps yours.
The same is true for website owners who are trying to get their
site either additional exposure or backlinks. (Avoid these, Google
HATES these kinds of places and they can even hurt your
Sure your ad will be either sent to or posted to millions of these
kinds of sites – yet if almost no human ever sees these ads . . .
what good are they?
In the case of safe-lists many people have dummy email accounts
and never see your ad either and have their email accounts set
up to delete ads that arrive in them over time.
This means 99% of ads in safe-lists will get deleted, totally
unread. Safe-lists make money by attaching their (the owner of
the safe-list) promotions to everybody’s E-mailings.
They know their safe-list members will look at their blast emails
(even if no one else is this captive audience scam works wonders
as everybody who blasts an ad will check it to ensure it went out)
thus the safe-list people know you will occasionally buy
upgrades, products and services believing this will work.
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