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Ad Swaps, Solo Ads and Gurus
Mailing Lists
Many people have discovered they can build a business selling
ads in the form of mailings if they have a good size list to offer.
At first glance, this seems to be a great way to build traffic; pay a
little money get a guru to do a mailing for you to their list. You can
make money selling your products and even grow your own
mailing list at the same time. Brilliant!
While this is possible, beware:
You will probably see clicks and signups but many of these
scammers build huge lists of freebie seekers (lowest class of
marketing segment) and then resell these “Solo Ads” to people.
They promise many open clicks for your email and usually you
can get some sign ups too. The problem is that the real value is to
a marketer’s BUYER list. It is easy to get freebie seekers to sign
up but many of these tire kickers will not buy anything.
Scam #2 – Low Cost Solo Ads From Over Seas
Be careful with deals from overseas areas. You will get sign ups
to your offer but sometimes they are all from one place! More than
likely the people you just signed up are sitting in “overseas sweat
shops” and are paid a few pennies every time they join a list or do
something related to this. And they are getting cleverer with this
scam with software that rotates their IP’s or multiple proxies.
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