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My brethren in beast-hood were making headway in their strenuous pursuit of smashing through the cave’s barrier. That way they could find and eat me. Or, if I changed back into a beast like them they’d shove me into an escape-proof cage and wait until I changed back to the human form; that is Dr. Hyde.

My life’s story is the opposite of the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I was a beast in natural form and a human in my unnatural form. As a child I became very ill, went into seizures, and then began to change into a human and then back to a beast without being able to control myself.

Now, I have become more adept at controlling my transforming my transformations. However, at the moment, extreme stress or apprehension causes me to change into a human.

Apparently, in my last transformation into a human two beasts had seen me. They went back to our village and squealed on me.

Now, I was in a cave with a ruptured jugular vein and killer beasts after me. My original home is a very rough, murderous, and cruel place. Even my own parents would’ve eaten me if they’d seen my transformations. Luckily, my transformations were not manifest as an infant or a toddler. The first ‘attack’ came about when I was entering pubescence.

That’s all history for now. I’d managed to convince a cat name Toby Matheson to run away from the upcoming beastly havoc.
Now, the opening to the cave was about to give in. I pasted one large dab of blood near me in order to delay the beasts’ chase.
Afterwards, I pasted much sand on my wound to stop the bleeding and begin the healing process. Thankfully, my disease or syndrome, whatever you want to call it has a few beneficial side effects; extraordinary healing abilities.
I ran into and through the path on the right as fast as I could. The incredible speed that I was running enabled me to reach a position where I was able to see Toby in front of me. Mind you, I made certain that he didn’t take notice of me. I figured Toby was a special cat who was able to travel long distances or through different dimensions.
As I was running through the path the beasts broke into the cave and fought over the mini-pool of blood that I’d left them. It almost sounded as if they were feasting on flesh.
Thankfully, they didn’t give chase. Apparently, they’d assumed that I’d exited the cave earlier.
I kept a safe distance from Toby. A short while later Toby came across a white could who’s bottom touched the ground. After Toby scanned the area he entered the cloud. Naturally, I followed him, but made certain that he didn’t see me.
As soon as I entered the cloud I paused for a minute. I didn’t want to catch up to Toby. After all, I was now a loner. I had to look out for Mr. Hyde.
After a minute or so of waiting I walked through the cloud only to come across a door. After pondering about my options for a few seconds I decided to enter the door.
As soon as I entered the door I found myself inside a large building ... no ... it appeared to be a Medieval castle; the kind that humans had used on our planet eons ago.
After scanning the area I realized that I was in a hallway of some sort. Perhaps on one of the floors of the Medieval castle.
I placed my right hand on my neck to feel for blood or a wound. Thankfully, I’d completely healed.
I scented food nearby. I was famished! Naturally, like a predator stalking its prey I followed the scent.
It didn’t take me long to come about a kitchen full of food. As a child I’d broken the laws of ‘our land’. Reading, writing, and anything else that was related to ancient knowledge was absolutely forbidden. In fact, the ancient knowledge was more advanced than what my beastly brothers and sisters were using. Their logic was that humans, our ancestors, had plundered and destroyed our planet through the wicked us of technology.
I for one did not agree with that ignorant philosophy. From childhood on I found myself to be the most intelligent person on our planet. I used to sneak to my special hiding place, which by the way was an underground library. Soon, I became a proficient readier.
I remembered reading about kitchens, automobiles, computers, microwaves, ovens, weapons of mass destruction, healthy and junk foods, bottled water, and thousands of other things; some good while others were harmful.
I entered the kitchen and then went straight for to the fridge. After opening the fridge door I removed various meats, breads, soft drinks, milk, fruits, veggies, desserts, bottled water containers, pop, coffee, peanuts and countless other human things.
After all of the food items had been placed on the kitchen table I ate and drank everything in sight. Because I was alone I transformed into my original beastly form. This gave me an edge regarding speed eating and not needing to chew my food as much. Also, in my beastly form I could digest just about anything, even many foods that humans consider rotten.
After having my fill I went to the kitchen sink and washed up. It’s one of those things that I’d learned in my reading.
After washing up I was in the mood for some booze. Yes, even the beasts of my planet drink alcohol. I could detect the scent of hard liquor, beer, wine, and champagne nearby.
I exited the kitchen and then followed the scent trail to a bar. The place was neat and tidy, clean, and even the lighting was beautiful.
As I entered the bar I took notice of a large bar counter perhaps fifty feet long located in front of an incredible selection of booze to drink, also including ice, lemons and limes, cherries, pop, carbonated water, juice, olives, and numerous snacks to choose from. It was party time!
I approached the bar counter with delight climbing over it and then gawking at my image in the large mirror that many bars have behind their counter.
After I’d had enough of gawking at myself I fixed myself a ‘mixed drink’. It was my version of the multi-ingredient drink.
First, I took hold of a large, lidless empty keg a few feet away and then carefully placed it on the bar counter. Afterwards, I began to ‘systematically’ fill the pitcher with whatever I wanted to; one gallon each of Vodka, Gin, Peach Schnapps, and six wine coolers, two bottles of red wine, 24 oz. of orange juice, 2 litres of club soda, 24 oz. Of apple juice, twelve peeled bananas, two bunches of cherries, and twelve slices each of lemon and lime.
After deciding that that was enough mixed drink for me I placed the lid on top of the keg and then pressed it shut. As a final act before consumption I carefully picked up the keg and then shook it forwards and backwards, left and right, and clockwise and counter-clockwise.
After being satisfied that I’d shaken the keg enough I gently placed it on the carpet and then carefully pulled off the lid.
Now it was time to party! I slowly picked up my prized keg and then took it to the nearest table. Mind you, I laid it on the carpet beside me. After taking a deep breath I picked up the keg, pulled it towards my face, and then began to drink up a storm.
Because I was craving for booze I made sure that my first drink was at least a minute long, without any pause or hesitation. I wanted to be buzzed before I took my first breath.
Lo and behold, a minute later I gently placed the keg onto the carpet and then exhaled. As expected I had an incredible buzz. So much so it made me grin. At that brief moment of my ecstasy even the thought of my worst enemy killing me was funny.
After a brief pause I sat down and then continued my drinking spree.
I don’t know how long it took to drink that whole keg but by the time I’d finished I had to go to the bathroom; front and back. Anything’s better than puking.
I stood up and then dropped to my chair. I had an incredible head rush. Not to mention I was now drunk off my rocker.
Beasts like me can drink incredible quantities of booze but will still retain most of their faculties. That doesn’t mean that we can’t get buzzed or drunk.
Believe me I felt like I was on top of this world! No problems, I’d left my dimension. And now I had all the free food and booze that I’d ever wanted.
I waited for several minutes before making an attempt to stand again. Thankfully, this time it was successful. Now, I had to go to the restroom.
I left the bar and then walked down the hall in search of the nearest restroom. Eureka! Within a short period of time I found the restroom. Naturally, I ran inside and then did my thing. It took me three minutes to pee out all of the excess liquid matter in my body. Wow! I had to flush the toilet four times to stop it from overflowing.
I don’t want you to think that ‘the beasts’ in our planet had no brains or technology. We certainly did! It was a matter of being ferocious killers ... not a matter of being dumb.
After I emptied my bladder of several gallons worth of ‘yellow water’ I washed my hands with soap and water and then dried up. I figured that whatever world I entered would be cleaner and less ferocious than mine. Therefore, it was imperative that I fit in by being clean.
I strolled through the hall several times before deciding to go upstairs. I did the same thing on the subsequent three floors before deciding to leave. Naturally, I descended to the level that I originally entered through.
After conducting a thorough search of the area I finally found an exit to what I guessed was some sort of medieval castle. No doubt, much time was spent on building the place. However, I had no time pondering about the history of the castle. I needed to find a decent home to live in. If none were found the castle would always be a backup for me.
I was certain that others had passed through the castle. I couldn’t have been the only person. The castle was too incredible a place and had way too many valuable amenities to be a short transit stop.
I descended to a large door and then stopped as soon as I was within pushing distance. I paused for a moment, scanned the area, and then pushed the door open.
Before my eyes was a pathway engulfed in fog. Thankfully, that wasn’t enough to stop me. I noticed a cement overpass just above me. I walked away from the castle with high hopes.
As soon as I’d taken twenty steps away from the castle I turned around to see its facade. It was truly a magnificent site! The castle was higher than a mountain.
I turned and then resumed my walk through the cloud and away from the castle. It didn’t take long for me to go through the cloud.
I found myself several miles from the downtown core of a large metropolitan area. My natural inclination was to walk towards the core. First, I transformed myself to humanoid form. I could tell by the structure of the homes the people herein were modern, naked-type humanoids. A hairy, powerful, blood thirsty beast would not be welcome here.
It took me a few seconds for me to transform into humanoid form. It’s slow but I froth at the mouth and endure a brief bout of minor convulsions. I’m not a machine!
Thankfully, it was dark. I slowly walked towards the downtown core. But before I could even get close to it I saw a lone gray-haired man, perhaps in his late fifties taking a walk through the neighbourhood.
I transformed myself into a beast and then stalked the gray-haired man. I had to get a feel of how strong these humanoids were. That is, the ones in this particular dimension. In addition, I needed some flesh and blood. All that booze that I drank in the castle intensified my hunger pangs and dried me up inside.
After stalking the gray-haired man for long enough I slowly moved in for the kill. But, being a careful beast I waited until we were both walking through a dark street within sight of but not in the actual downtown core.
After carefully scanning the area I charged my prey and then took him down. Without any hesitation I big him on the neck and then yanked out a large piece of flesh including his jugular vein.
The profuseness of the blood flow only made my hunger that much more ravishing. I ripped off my prey’s clothing and then dragged it to a dark, secluded corner.
Like a super-predator I first disembowelled my prey, at the internal organs first and then finished off the body at my own leisure. Mind you, I’m not a hyena or a vulture. I do leave scraps.
After finishing my meal I scooped up the scraps and then walked over to a dumpster. I noticed that the lid was locked shut. No problem for a very powerful beast like Mr. Hyde. I yanked the lid open, and in the process broke the lock. At the moment I couldn’t have cared less.
After scanning the area again, I tossed the scraps into the dumpster and then closed the lid.
I prowled through the city and then came across a sign reading MONTREAL. Now, I knew exactly where I was. I’d read about this city. But things will not be as I read about because every time an individual travels to another dimension changes to occur.
Anyway, I clearly understood that Montreal was a city of at least a few million. I could hear the people and the traffic just up the hill from my position. I wasn’t going to make it without a powerful ally who could get me some good lodging.
I continued prowling through the area until I came across a very handsome man who was accosting a young, attractive woman. This woman couldn’t have been more than a late teeny bopper.
I enjoyed watching this man because he behaved like a first class professional predator. Besides, his brute strength, which I could feel in my gut, was something of a delight to see.
I was now at the southern end of Atwater Street near a canal.
The handsome man moved in for the kill, or that’s what I thought. Well, he had other things to do first.
The handsome man leaped ten or more feet to pounce on his target. After successfully tackling her and gagging her mouth he managed to convince her to stay quiet while he did his thing. Mind you, in my dimension or world, this kind of thing is normal behaviour. A female beast would spit on and probably curse and attack a wimpy male beast. But from what I knew about humans this kind of behaviour was both abhorrent and illegal. No wonder the handsome man kept scanning the area over and over again. He was afraid of the law.
After the handsome man finished with his business he brilliantly snapped his target’s neck. The excitement of it all caused me to drool at the mouth.
But to my utter surprise after doing his thing the handsome man didn’t eat his target. That’s when I came to the rescue. I had to meet the handsome man in the flesh.
I cautiously approached the handsome man but made certain not to appear like a predator and not to startle him. A startle response can lead to fight or flight response.
“Excuse me do not be alarmed at my beastly appearance. I want to commend you for a well-done job.
This is my original form but I can transform into a humanoid. You took care of that young woman just fine. Too bad I just ate a short while ago. Otherwise, I would’ve joined you. Actually, my copulating instinct has now gone into full drive. Do you mind if I ‘lion’ this young woman?”
“Indeed, but you must understand that she’s not alive. Will that pose any problem?”
“No, it certainly won’t! I’m not a human. Although our distant ancestors were humans my people have evolved into another species.”
I went ahead and ‘lioned’ the young woman. The handsome man took much delight in my growling and bearing of my teeth. Deep down inside, he was a beast of some sort.
After finishing my act I got up and then grinned at the handsome man. I understood that we needed each other. Our relationship would be truly symbiotic.
“I am Mr. Hyde, and what is your name ... if I may ask?”
“I am Jeff. I need a person like you to rely on. Actually, I was hoping for two very powerful allies. You are one of them. Now all we have to do is find our third friend.
It would be much better and safer for you to transform into humanoid form.”
I transformed into human form and then extended my hand as humans so often do. As a child I read that humans ‘do this’ handshaking thing to show the other person/s that they mean them well and that they’re not hiding a weapon in their fighting hand. Anyway, the handshake was first used in Yemen, according to the human history texts that I read as a child.
Jeff and I hit it off really well. We truly had a symbiotic relationship. I needed him and he needed me. Now, we had to find our ‘boss’ or ‘mentor’. We needed to be a threesome. A small crowd, that is. It wouldn’t take long for Jeff and me to realize that our mentor was apparent.
“Mr. Hyde, let’s go to the Pepsi Forum. We can sit down together and have a chat. Don’t worry about your home. No, we better not got to the Pepsi Forum. You have blood on you. That’s a no-no.
Let’s go to my place. I have plenty of extra clothing and more food in the fridge.”
I followed Jeff to his home. I realized that Montreal was a nice and safe city for us. Nobody was going to harm us.
Everything went just fine for the following week. There was only one problem; I needed identification, money, and my own place to live. Because I don’t like to owe people anything, I offered to find Jeff a prime target. He answered in the positive. Was he ever excited!
We decided to prowl the streets of Montreal on a late Sunday night. It would be the best time to stalk and then attack an unsuspecting human. I would soon find out that Jeff was primarily interested in females, although he did enjoy harming a male or two now and then. His two ultimate prizes were Cynthia and Corey.
ON the following Sunday at 11:00 P.M we left Jeff’s apartment and headed due south. We walked to Sherbrooke Blvd. but then Jeff had a change of heart. He decided to circle back to the mountain and find someone there. Therein there were many ‘dark areas’ where a woman could be targeted and then successfully attacked.
Jeff and I strolled through the mountain for roughly an hour before I took notice of a beautiful young woman dressed in a provocative way. This was what Jeff wanted. So, I obliged him by pointing her out.
At the time she was just over a block away and heading towards Decarie Blvd. If she’d made it the kill would be off. Decarie Blvd. is a somewhat open street containing too many witnesses for any kind of attack.
“Jeff, do you mind if I chase her down, drag her into those bushes and then ‘grant’ her to you?”
“I’d be utterly delighted if you did just that!”
I did exactly as I told Jeff I’d do. As soon as I tackled the unsuspecting woman I gagged her mouth and waited for Jeff to come. I dared not kill or maim her before Jeff came. He had first dibs on punishment.
I overpowered the young woman with extreme ease. In fact, for me it was like overpowering a little blind kitten. Jeff and I were lucky to be so strong. Anyway, he had his way with her and then he and I debated about the method of killing. After a short debate Jeff told me to kill her like a real beast. I did just that.
We went home that night as though we’d gone to the movies. We were delighted to be friends. But we still needed a mentor. That’s when Jeff remembered something very important.
He was told by a guy named Buster that a Mr. Bogey could help him acquire more stuff. Who this Mr. Bogey was, we certainly didn’t know.
The following day presented us with an incredible shocker. On the cover of the Montreal Gazette was a major story and warning for the residents of the metropolitan area. The gist of the story pertained to a series of killings and rapes. Now, we had to be more careful. Thanks for the warning from the media to us.
In that case, we were ‘convinced’ to find Mr. Bogey. Jeff and I really needed him.
As the days turned into weeks we continued our killing, and in Jeff’s case ‘mounting spree’. Jeff was unlike the other humans that I’d seen so far. He had a fixation on punishing people, especially females. He did it like a lion; he literally mounted them.
Sooner or later he was bound to ask me the question. And, wouldn’t you know it he did. I joined him in his sexual escapades. And to my utter shock I liked it.
Jeff helped me by getting me set up in a home and was very generous with money, considering he didn’t have to earn it. So, I felt a duty to help him. We became real buddies.
Just a week before we met up with Mr. Bogey I decided to look for a DVD of the movie Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Being an incredibly quick learner I’d already learned how to surf the net. I found the title and synopsis of this incredible movie on the internet.
On a beautiful Saturday afternoon I decided to call up the various video stores in the area in search of the movie. Unfortunately, nobody held it.
However, one helpful employee recommended that I go to the public library near Berri UQAM Metro Station.
I left my apartment on Located near the corner of St. Catherine and Fort Streets and then proceeded to walk towards Atwater Metro. My walk was uneventful except for a beggar who persisted in pursuing me relentlessly. I certainly didn’t like that!
“Hey ... c’mon don’t go! I need money! C’mon ... you look like a rich boy! Give me money! I’m not going away until you give me five dollars! I’m hungry and I won’t let you go! C’mon tight wad, don’t be a freaking miser!”
When I’d had enough of the beggar I scanned the area, scanned the area and then quickly snapped his neck. I’d lived in the area long enough. Without allowing the beggar to drop to the ground I set him down in a position where he looked like he was sleeping off a long night’s drinking spree.
I continued walking until I reached the Pepsi Forum. I scanned the area again, placing much emphasis on the fallen beggar. Still, no one suspected anything. I figured it would be a few hours before anyone even suspected that anything was wrong. By then, I’d be long gone.
After crossing Atwater Street I entered Alexis Nihon Plaza, took the escalators downstairs, and then proceeded to walk to Atwater Metro Station.
Upon reaching the station I swiped my blue card in the thin slot and then entered the station.
As I was walking downstairs I took notice of the countless beautiful women. It was then that I noticed an incredible change in my mental state. I was actually attracted to women without needing to be with Jeff.
I understood that killing someone inside a metro station would cause too much of a stir and there certainly were cameras therein.
I descended the steps until I reached the waiting area for the train. I scanned the area spotting several very attractive women. I tried to be inconspicuous. I wouldn’t know how to react to a friendly female gesture. Although I wasn’t as good looking as Jeff, I was still something to look at.
As soon as the train arrived I entered it then quickly took a seat. I didn’t feel like standing up for the six stations ride.
At each stop some of the passengers disembarked while people waiting for the train entered. None of the men who were in the vicinity were strong by my standards. In my human form I was several times as strong as the average full-grown male Montrealer.
However, in my natural beastly form I was as strong as at least several adult male mountain gorillas.
A short while later I entered the Bibliotheque Nationale near Berri UQAM Metro Station. Thankfully, everyone was very helpful even the security guard at the entrance.
I found Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, brought it home and watched it three times in a row, forgetting about the world and its problems. The main character in the movie was my exact opposite. His original form was human and his transformed form was that of a beast. However, I had an incredible advantage over this character; I could change forms at will. Mind you, a mild shaking and also frothing at the mouth was a normal reaction during the transformation.
After watching my movie for the third time I took hold of my cell phone and punched in Jeff’s phone number. I told him that it was time to find Mr. Bogey. He agreed.
Up until then our search had been lackadaisical and nondirectional. We’d heard about Mr. Bogey through the grapevine. He was our man!

I demand that everyone address me by my inherently honourable name of Mr. Bogey. I’m the most incredible and powerful person, well ... man ... in Montreal. Believe me, someday I shall become the emperor of Montreal, and then slowly but surely, the Emperor of the world!

My three greatest heroes are ‘Emperor Caesar’, ‘Emperor Nero’, and especially ‘Emperor Caligula’.
I know exactly how to get what I want and where I want. I now have control of much of city government and their long tentacles. But, I’m not satisfied! I must be the emperor and absolute ruler of Montreal! I will not tolerate any person, place, or thing to stand in my way or to fight or reject me.
I have numerous mansions scattered throughout Canada. My favourite city is Montreal. I have chosen this multi-cultural (I don’t like this aspect of it) city as my main headquarters as a first step in ruling the world.
I’ve been in the animal fighting, sex, alcohol, wagering and gambling, smuggling to and fro, and drug enterprises for much of my life. Today, I control much of the trafficking that emanates, goes through, or enters Montreal.
I have bodyguards, associates, and many admirers in this city. I’ve found that bribery, fear, intimidation, and an outwardly appearance of brute strength and flamboyant confidence has helped me. I like to spend and I especially love money and power.
I am presently training and guiding a prize dog fighter named Louis Angelo Doggera. As of now, he has 22 straight knockouts and still has not reached his prime.
My champion dog is a first of its kind. He is a Canadian Pitt Bull Terrier and small traces of Rottweiler, German shepherd dog, Doberman pinscher, Tosa, Alapaha Blue Bull Dog, Bull Mastiff, and for size St. Bernard.
My associates and I have spent numerous years trying to find the best mix for a champion fighting dog. We finally found it, a Canadian dog not some foreign mutt that was imported from somewhere far off on the horizon. This is a home grown champion!


I awakened from bed at 9:45 A.M. on a beautiful Friday morning in a very energetic mood. Louis, our soon to be champion dog is due for another day of strenuous training. He has a fight scheduled for Monday evening on the east side of town. Naturally, this will be his last training day before the fight. I want Louis to be well-rested before the fight.

Dog fighting training is not like boxing or martial arts. A well-conditioned dog can rest for a couple of days before a long, strenuous fight. Mind you, I do recommend that a fighting dog be taken for a short walk before a scheduled fight. It helps loosen him up, both mentally and physically.

I walked over to the kitchen and then fixed myself a nice wholesome breakfast. Although I do have persons who serve me, including my meals, often times I enjoy fixing my own meals. Mr. Bogey is the kind of guy who likes to accomplish things. Besides, I know very well that I have enemies who’d love to see me die or better yet, disappear.

I ended up eating eight fried eggs (sunny side up), two large pancakes (with much margarine and syrup), French fries, fruit cocktail, milk, juice, coffee, pop, and salad. Although my eating pattern is not quite orthodox, I’ve always felt comfortable with it.

I have several ‘head associates’ who are like overseers of various departments. One of my favourite overseers is Joey Zabora.

I’ve known Joey since he was a kid. He’s from the north side of town. I’m like his uncle. You see, I was the one who first taught him how to steal, intimidate, fight, and be part of the system; our system that is.

“Hey Joey, come here! I finished eating breakfast! Wake up and get here fast!”
“Okay Mr. Bogey. Sorry for taking so long. I was sleeping.”
“Who were you sleeping with?”
“Actually, I was sleeping with Tiffany, Candy, and Wendy. I got what I wanted from them overnight. Don’t worry, I told them to go home as soon as I heard you calling out to me. No doubt they’ll be crying. But, I’m done with them!”
“Joey ... that’s exactly what I want to hear! You’re growing up to be like your uncle. BUT DON’T YOU DARE TRY ANY KIND OF A REVOLUTION OR SUBTERFUGE AGAINST ME! I’LL KILL YOU WHERE YOU STAND, IF YOU DO!
“No way Mr. Bogey, I’d never be stupid enough to do anything like that! You are my hero, mentor, protector, advisor, idol, guide, champion, boss, and uncle. I love to work under you. Besides, you’re extremely generous. I never complain about you or about the way you treat me. As far as I’m concerned, you are the best person in the whole world!”
“Joey, flattery will get you my favours and friendship. As long as it’s meant in true earnest and not in a deceitful manner in order to topple me. That, I will never tolerate!
“Don’t worry, Mr. Bogey, I’ll never do that.”
“Okay, Joey, now I’ll be waiting for you outside. Eat your hearty breakfast, wash up and then we shall have a tough workout session. Louis shall have no more workouts until the upcoming fight.
I exited my mansion and then walked over to Louis’s doghouse. Apparently, he’d been crying his brains out throughout the night. I couldn’t have cared less. As far as I was concerned, he was a money-making, fleshy machine. When he is no longer needed, he’ll get three bullets in the head.
“Louis, what are you crying about?”
“I’m just sick and tired of fighting. Mr. Bogey, I don’t want to beat up any more other dogs. Furthermore, I’m afraid that someday I will be squared off in front of an opponent who’s much stronger than me.”
“Louis, you are going to become the champion of the world; the ultimate dog fighter, ever! I think that you’ll even break Rocky Doggiano’s incredible fighting record.”
“Mr. Bogey, I heard that after Rocky lost his last fight his owner beat him senseless and then sold him off to a junkyard owner. In fact, Rockies’ owner beat him senseless. He was also bitched him out before selling him off.
Mr. Bogey, will you do that to me if I ever lose a fight?”
“Louis, no way ... I’ll never do that to you, even if you get knocked out and never win a fight ... ever.”
“Mr. Bogey, I love you!”
“Now, that’s the kind of talk that I like! What’s better is action to prove that talk, like continuing your fighting career.”
Louis and I conversed with each other for twenty five minute before Joey exited my mansion.
“Mr. Bogey, let’s begin our workout!”
I began by ordering Louis to run around my yard beyond the level of exhaustion; as this is what it takes to be a champion dog fighter. There’s absolutely no mercy on a dog in the pit and the fight generally keeps going until one or both of the participants is incapacitated, dies, or some other incredible reason.
“C’mon Louis do not let-up! Do not tire out! Do not slow down! Do not cry! Do not complain! Do not bitch! Do not collapse! Do not get sick! Do not stop!”
“Please, Mr. Bogey I can’t run anymore! My muscles are aching, my bones are hurting, and I feel like collapsing!”
I rejected all three of Louis’s pathetic excuses to stop running. Anyhow, for punishment I made him run around longer than usual.
Afterwards, Louis was ordered to scale a tree a total of twenty times. This would ensure optimum flexibility and agility in the pit. Louis had to be in prime shape. In addition, for this particular workout I made certain that Louis was hungry and thirsty.
After the scaling of the tree I ordered Louis to get on the treadmill for a half an hour. I made certain to set the speed at High-Medium to guarantee good performance.
After Louis did his treadmill work I ordered him to fight the dummy non-stop for thirty minutes before allowing him to destroy a Dachshund that we ‘snatched’ from the east side of town. We figured that MPD wouldn’t search the entire metropolitan area for a little nobody; a Dachshund.
Finally I ordered Louis to complete the obstacle course three separate times. After the work was done I ordered Joey to bring out a full course meal consisting of steak, fries, salad, pie, milk, juice, pop, and a doggy bone. I did this because I wanted a strong and well-fed champion fighter, not because I loved Louis.
“Louis, help your-self! Do you see how much Joey and I love you?”
“Yes, Mr. Bogey! I know for a fact that you love me! And, I shall defeat my opponent on Monday night. I shall come out with a 23-0 record and continue on my path towards being a world champion. I shall break Rocky Doggiano’s record, but I shall do it without any defeats whatsoever.”
“Joey, do you see how incredible my fighter is? I’m certain that he’s going to be an incredible champion! Hey ... am I talking to my shadow, or am I talking to myself?! I expect an answer from you on the spot!”
“Oh, Mr. Bogey, I’m so sorry! I just spaced out for a second or two. Yes, whatever you say goes, without any exceptions or modifications whatsoever.”
“Okay, Louis, as soon as you finish your meal place all of the utensils on the wooden bench. As for leftovers, toss them into the garbage.”
Joey and I went back into my mansion for some important business.
I motioned Joey to follow me into the conference room. As soon as we entered the room I walked to ‘the emperor’s chair’ and then sat down. That was Joey’s cue to sit down too.
“Joey, I’ve got a quarter of a million dollars on Louis. They tell me that his opponent, a tough fighter named ‘Two Ton Killer’ is a real tough cookie. He’s got a 200-0 record with many knockouts.
Look, I’m sure that Louis can defeat this tub of lard. I’ve seen pictures of him. Mind you, he’s very big and tough looking. He’s a ‘southern fighting dog’; an Alapaha Blue Bull Dog. He’s very ferocious, but after Louis knocks him out I’ll get two million in cash, tax free!
It seems like nobody except us, thinks that Louis has any chance of winning.”
Joey and I discussed business for an hour before parting ways. Joey went home and I went out to fetch Louis.
I decided to take Louis for a nice long walk in order to loosen up his muscles.
After our long walk I chained Louis to my favourite backyard tree and then left him there until Monday afternoon. I wanted him to be pissed off and fiery for fight day.
I prepared a large meal for Louis and plenty of water. The last thing that I wanted was a starving and dehydrated dog on fight day.
After placing Louis’s food on the ground near him I approached him straight on like a predator ready to attack its prey; without smiling or even making normal contact with him. I wanted Louis to be emotionally deprived the day of the fight. I couldn’t get all lovey-dovey with him. I needed Louis to be tough and killer-like.
After Louis finished his meal I returned to the dog house and gave Louis a slap on the face. Afterwards, I gave him a serious word or two.
“Louis, I want you to kill your opponent! Mercy is not a word in our vocabulary! If you win I will love you, if you lose I will be extremely disappointed in you!”
“Indeed, Mr. Bogey, I just want you to love me. I want to be your friend.”
As soon as I was satisfied that Louis would do anything for me, even to kill his opponent I walked away in high spirits.
At 3:00 P.M. I received a call from Rex, the fight promoter. Apparently, there was a change of plans regarding fight night. The MPD were going to raid the ‘fighting arena’ at midnight. Because we were dumbfounded by the sudden news it was decided that we fight earlier.
There were several other dog fights scheduled for the day. The first one had already begun.
“Hey, Rex, how the heck are you?”
“I’m all right, Mr. Bogey. Listen up ... the MPD is planning a big raid right here at the fighting arena. My contacts tell me that it’ll be at midnight. Our first fight just began. We need to schedule Louis at 4:30 P.M. Are you game?”
“I sure as hell am! The three of us will leave soon. Now, what about our opponent? Will there be a change?”
“Actually, there will be a change. Your opponent is an American fighter named ‘Southern Pride’. Both he and his owner/trainer are from the Deep South. These guys are die hard ‘southerners’. They enjoy beating us ‘northerners’ in dog fighting.
Listen, their dog is a Pitt Bull Terrier, Bull Mastiff, Rottweiler mix. Mr. Bogey, Southern Pride is built like a grizzly bear. He looks like some kind of a freak of nature. He has 200 wins and no losses. None of his wins were controversial. If you want to back out or change opponents it’ll be okay. I mean, I know that you’ve ‘invested’ much money in this fight.”
“What are the odds against Louis?”
“They’re two hundred to one. If you want to bet some money on your fighter you need no speak to Mickey. I’ll bet you on the phone. It’ll be between you and me. You know that my word is stronger than steel and I have the funds to back any loss, even in the millions. Besides, I don’t want to lose my reputation or make enemies. Enemies like ‘Mr. Bogey’ are extremely formidable.”
“Okay, Rex, transfer my one hundred thousand dollar bet to this particular dog fight. The best is between you and me. You’ve got my money already so in that regard my honesty and integrity is guaranteed.
But, are you sure that the MPD will not raid the fighting arena until midnight?”
“Yes, Mr. Bogey. Don’t worry about that. As you know, I’ve got friends in very high places.”
After ending my conversation with Rex I called Joey up and then ordered him to come by with the dark van.
“Hello, who am I speaking to?”
“Joey, listen up! There’s been a sudden change of plans! Our fight is scheduled to be at 4:30 P.M. Tell Candy or whoever’s in bed with you that there’s an emergency situation and you must leave immediately. As always, drive the dark van, and bring along two shovels and several large garbage bags. Oh, and bring a ‘piece’ with you. I’ve got my .45 calibre with me. And remember to bring many extra shells. We don’t want to take any chances.
“Okay, Mr. Bogey. Consider it done!”
“Wait, take a shower first! Nobody who represents Mr. Bogey should smell bad or have dishevelled hair. Make it a ‘quickie shower’. Besides, I don’t want you coming to the fight smelling like semen and vaginal fluid. And make sure to wear fresh clothing. That means everything you wore today gets tossed into the dirty laundry basket.”
“Okay, Mr. Bogey. I’ll be in front of your mansion by quarter till four. I’ll honk the horn five times then I’ll wait for ten seconds and then I’ll honk the horn another five times.”
After ending my conversation with Joey I went out to tell Louis the news. As I approached him I noticed that he had a tear in his right eye. Naturally, I couldn’t tolerate any crying.
“Louis, don’t be a cry baby! I want you to be very tough!”
“I’m sorry, but I just don’t think that I’m up to it anymore. I don’t want to harm anyone else. I just want to be loved by you and Joey. And ... I want all three of us to live happily ever after.”
I slapped Louis across the face, glared at him, and then pointed to my peripheral wall. He got the message.
Louis stood still while I removed his collar. As soon as the job was finished Louis ran to the peripheral wall in anticipation of Joey. He’d been through this procedure twenty two times before. Hopefully, he’d get another victory thereby aggrandizing his fighting record to 23-0.
I waited patiently for Joey until I heard the first five honks a ten seconds pause and then the second five honks.
Joey and I used this ‘code system’ because we had many envious enemies; not to mention the law.
“Louis, it’s time to go! I want you to be in high spirits!”
“Anything you say, Mr. Bogey!”
I took Louis out to the van, I scanned the area, and then we entered the van.
“Joey, you know where the fighting arena is; let’s get going!”
“Okay Mr. Bogey, anything you say!”
Joey put the van into DRIVE and then we were off. The fighting arena was on the east side of town. Under good conditions we’d get there within twenty five or thirty minutes.
Joey drove to Sherbrooke Avenue and then took a right turn due east. Thankfully, Sherbrooke Avenue extended for many miles, thereby making our ride easier.
Everything seemed to be going smoothly until we passed St. Denis Street. That’s when I first took notice of a patrol car on our tail. At first, I wasn’t sure, but after Joey drove another fifteen blocks eastward I became very apprehensive.
It was then that I saw the flashing lights. It was like the officer was making a big bust. Naturally, Joey pulled over into the curb thinking that the police wanted to pass us. I wasn’t that optimistic.
As soon as Joey pulled over into the curb the policeman did likewise with his patrol car but kept the flashing lights running. That appeared to be a bad omen.
The policeman, a tall, chubby fellow with chipmunk cheeks exited his patrol car grinning at us. I wasn’t sure what to make of it. I ordered Louis and Joey not to freak out or lose their tempers.
“Okay, sir, I need to see your driver’s license. But make sure to take it out of your wallet. And I don’t want you to forget those other ‘green papers’. You know something, I’m very hungry. My shift ends at midnight. Midnight is late. People who break the law, especially at midnight may be shocked. Raids are often performed at midnight. I know of a raid tonight.”
I got the message. This guy was on the payroll. He was one of our insiders.
“Joey, here, take these ‘two identification bills’ and give them to Mr. Policeman. I think that everything will be straightened out soon.”
“Okay, Joey, here’s your driver’s license and don’t forget to obey all traffic laws.”
That was a close one. But, I’m not complaining about having an inside man. In fact, we need many more like him.
As soon as the policeman drove off I ordered Joey to continue on our way to the fighting arena.
We continued on Sherbrooke Avenue for another fifteen minutes before taking a left turn for an additional ten minutes.
“Joey, drive around the block while Louis and I scan the area for any hostiles. We need to ensure that we’re not being led into a trap. You never know.”
Joey did as I ordered him to do. Meanwhile, Louis and I were scanning the entire neighbourhood. Thankfully, we didn’t detect any enemies.
After Joey drove around the block he parked in my ‘reserved spot’ and then turned off the ignition.
We exited the van, scanned the area a second time, and then proceeded to walk to the fighting arena, which was located underneath a building.
I buzzed the buzzer and then waited for Rex to respond.
“Hey, Mr. Bogey, you’re looking good. Joey and Louis also look good. Come on in!”
As soon as we heard the buzzer Joey opened the door for us and then I went in, then Joey, and then Louis. Under no circumstances should a fighting do ever enter or leave an establishment first. In addition, he should never ‘lead’ in a walk. The human, especially the dogfighter trainer should indicate that he/she is the ‘alpha person’ all of the time without any exception whatsoever.
As soon as we entered the building leading to the arena we were escorted to the secret passage by two giant, intimidating men.
We walked down a long, dark hallway containing pictures of many former champion dog fighters including the most awesome champ of them all, Rocky Doggiano. I was hoping that Louis’s picture and credits would be posted on one of the walls leading to the secret passage.
As soon as we were within spitting distance of the secret passage one of the two men asked us to stop. Afterwards, he made a call to Rex. Rex in turn gave the okay.
A man behind iron-gate turned a giant knob from the other side of the door in order to let us in.
We entered through the opening of the iron-gate and then descended down a long aisle leading to the pit.
This fighting arena is unlike any other in North America, or perhaps in the whole world. It is much cleaner with wall-towall carpeting except on the peripheral of the pit, has better and more numerous services and security. This fighting arena has the look of a mini Madison Square Garden. The people who enter this place are a select few. People off the streets or any junkies or thugs aren’t allowed in here. Herein you can find a snack bar, mini-dining hall, a game room, and women for your joy.
A fight was in progress. The fighters included two hasbeens who never had a chance of ever becoming anything. We call these fights ‘loser fights’ because both combatants are just that ... utter losers with no chance of improvement. Instead of betting on a winner people bet on the loser and how fast he’ll go down and how hurt he’ll get. Some people bet on deaths. They actually want the loser to die. This way they can make much money.
Mr. Bogey isn’t like that! Mr. Bogey only best on winners! Under no circumstances would Mr. Bogey descend to that level. It would be utterly humiliating!
We descended towards the pit and then Joey and I sat in our reserved seats. Louis went to a corner with some other fighting dogs. The rules pertaining to this kind of situation are very strict. No dog can fight, pick a fight, intimidate, or otherwise make any other dog in the waiting area feel uncomfortable. Thankfully, there’s never been a problem. The dogs understand that all of the fighting must be reserved for the pit.
“Mr. Bogey, Louis is next. Do you or Joey want anything to eat or drink?”
Yes, I’d like a burger with everything on it, super-sized fries, super-sized high caffeinated pop, and a big piece of chocolate cake.”
“And what would you like to eat, Joey?”
“Make my order exactly like Mr. Bogey’s.”
“Okay, as you guys are well aware, being special guests all of your food and drinks are absolutely free. Absolutely no tipping is permitted.”
The hostess walked away with our order slips. I eyed her to make sure that she went straight to the kitchen. Any deviation would call for a direct and immediate complaint to Rex.
The waitress entered the kitchen. I had a keen eye on her. She was well-built and very beautiful. Considering I’d wagered on hundred big ones, I inherently had a right to her.
As soon as she was out of sight a waiter exited the kitchen with a large tray carrying four plates of food and that many drinks. Boy did that make me hungry.
The fight at hand was so crummy it was almost funny. A Dachshund was pitted against a poodle. Neither of the two fighters could’ve ever been a champion. In fact, I’m dead certain that they were both stolen; perhaps a day or two before the fight.
The fight went on for another fifteen minutes. As soon as it ended the waitress returned with our order. I glanced at Louis. He looked hungry. No way was I going to allow him to eat right before an important fight. He had to be mean and willing to fight to the death; not satiated and content with life.
“Mr. Bogey, here are your orders! Would you like anything else?”
“Yes, honey, I want you for the night. Specifically tonight! Give me your phone number and email. We’ll meet at my place at 8:00 P.M. I WILL NOT ACCEPT A ‘NO’ FOR AN ANSWER! I AM MR. BOGEY AND NOBODY SAYS NO TO MR. BOGEY!”
After the waitress placed our food plates and drinks in their respective places she gave me a blunt answer.
“Mr. Bogey, I have a boyfriend whom I love very much. Soon, we will be getting married, I hope.”
“Listen, honey, tonight you are my girlfriend! Never mind your chump boyfriend. Got it?”
“I’m sorry Mr. Bogey but I just can’t!”
“Joey, give me your cell phone right now!”
“Okay Mr. Bogey, here you go.”
I called Rex and then waited patiently for him to answer his cell phone. After seven rings he finally answered.
“Hello, who am I speaking to?”
“This is your good friend Mr. Bogey. Listen up ... I’ve got a big problem with one of your fighting arena waitresses. I told her that I wanted her for the night and she responded by telling me that she has a boyfriend. I thought that I was supposed to always get first class service in this place.
Rex, I’ve got one hundred big ones on Louis. Besides, you and I go back some time. I WANT THAT WAITRESS FOR THE FREAKING NIGHT AND I WON’T TAKE ‘NO’ FOR A MAYBE FOR AN ANSWER!”
“Okay, Mr. Bogey. Just look at her name tag and tell me what it says.”
“Her name is Brenda Kane. She’s got jet black hair is freckled faced and has a snotty attitude. She looks like she’s around twenty years-old. She’s young enough to be my daughter and good enough to be mine for the night.”
“Mr. Bogey, consider her yours. Because she gave you the brush off I’ll triple your rewards to three days and three nights with Brenda. Please give her the cell phone.”
“Honey, Rex wants you to speak with him.”
“Hello, Rex, how may I help you?”
“Listen up! You belong to Mr. Bogey for three days and three nights! If you say no you’re out of a job and I promise you ... you’ll have a million other problems. Got it?”
“Yes, Rex. But I’m a young woman. Please don’t turn me into a concubine! He’s old enough to be my father!”
After a back-and-forth arguing match Brenda finally capitulated. I was in ecstasy!
Brenda left our table with tears in her eyes. Personally, I couldn’t have cared less. When she said ‘no’ to me in her own way, I took it as an insult to my personal ego. That called for a ‘lioning’ of Brenda.
Thankfully, there was a one hour break between until the next fight. There’d been several bloody fights before we arrived. A special cleanup crew is assigned to remove any visual or olfactory sign of a fight having taken place. The place is kept clean for the select audience.
Besides, even hard-working fighting arena workers need a break. That was good for us. Joey and I enjoyed our tremendous meal.
Naturally, Joey and I had first class front row seats. All seats are comfortable but ours more so. Furthermore, a retractable food tray is attached to every seat in the house but ours are bigger and better.
After we finished our meal the announcer signalled us to bring in our fighter.
After scanning the area I waved Brenda over to our table and then told her to take everything back. For the second time I made it clear to her that she and I were going to make love ‘tonight’ and that I would reject any kind of negative response. Thankfully, she got the message.
After our trays were cleared I stood up and then waved Louis over to our corner. Joey stood up as soon as I did. The three of us met in our corner. As part of a ‘special fee’ that every participant pays we get our own bucket, towels, and two assistants. These guys are loyal to Rex and wouldn’t dare double cross any of the dogs’ owners.
Now there were five of us waiting in our corner. Southern Pride and his entourage hadn’t arrived yet. But I was certain that it would only be a matter of seconds before we saw them.
Southern Pride and his entourage were already in an assigned locker room. So their entry would be from a set of double doors underneath the giant digital clock.
After a short while three men and a woman entered through the double doors and behind them was Southern Pride. I could barely make him out. No ... they were walking in front of a bear I thought. The animal behind them was way too gigantic to be a dog. Or was it?
To our utter shock as soon as the entourage was close enough to us we saw Southern Pride. This dog was a giant, over three times Louis’ size.
Instantly, Louis went pooped on the floor. Then he urinated. I could tell by the expression on his face defecation was barely evaded.
I motioned to one of the cleaners to come by and do her job. She ran to our corner, cleaned up the mess and then left. The cleaner was a cute teeny bopper. If I hadn’t been so preoccupied with the upcoming fight she would’ve been my second girl for the night.
Just then Hank Hager the announcer entered the pit. Hager was the best fighting arena announcer in the world. Although we were waiting for him to begin his introductions our corner-men, including myself, had to cheer up Louis. He had an incredible fight to win. Money and reputation would be guaranteed us if Louis came out with a big win. Defeating Southern Pride would certainly give us a shot at one of the top dog fighters in the world. Louis had to win! He just had to at any cost!
Louis and Southern Pride entered the pit through their respective door. Both fighters were much larger than the average dog fighter but Louis paled in comparison to Southern Pride. In fact, I sensed that he was terrified of the whole situation.
“Ladies and gentlemen ... may I have your undivided attention ... please! This is our ‘special fight’ of the day!
In this corner on my right weighing in at 550 lbs and hailing from Birmingham, Alabama is Southern Pride the largest fighting dog in the world! He has an incredible record of two hundred wins, no losses, and no draws!”
There were roughly fifty individuals seated for this particular fight. As soon as Southern Pride’s introduction had finished they all stood up and began to cheer ‘Southern Pride’ over and over again. Judging from their accents they were from the Deep South. They’d come a long way to watch their champion. I felt that there was something horrible on the horizon. Like there I was being left out of something devastating. And that I was soon to find out. Oh ... if I’d only known.
It was then that I felt a sharp needle-like pain in my gut. Although it only lasted for a few seconds it was a correct indicator of things to come. Hager continued with his introductions.
“Ladies and gentlemen ... and now ... in this corner on my left weighing in at 170 lbs and hailing from Montreal, Quebec is Louis Angelo Doggera a dog with a record of twenty two wins, no losses, and no draws!”
Not a single ‘seated fan’ clapped his/her hands or showed any respect for Louis. Something was up. At that particular moment I heard one of Southern Pride’s supporters say that when he destroys Louis, as was guaranteed by Rex Southern Pride will have a shot at the title. In other words, he’ll fight the champion of the world! But what dug deep into my gut was Rex’s double crossing me. He must’ve had a gargantuan bet; a first round knockout of Louis.
But for the time being I had an immediate problem at hand; my one hundred thousand ‘investment’. Personally, I couldn’t have cared less if Louis died in the pit so long as he scored me a victory.
Announcer Hager stepped out of the pit and then Referee Don Bellows entered the pit. He gave both fighters a tough talk about the rules of the fight.
“All right dogs get ready for a serious fight! No running away! No crying! No mercy! No compassion! No forgiveness! No pulling back! No sleeping! No horsing around! No friendship with your opponent! No love! No understanding! No liking! And most important of all: ABSOLUTELY NO CRYING!
As you two know this is a brutal fight, sometimes one of the opponent, and in rare occasions both opponents die during or after the fight from complications.
Now go back to your corners and stay there until you hear the bell. The pit announcer is now seated at the announcer’s booth located above the clock. Remember, fight hard and don’t be afraid of your opponent. Now, go back to your corners!”
“Ladies and gentlemen I am announcer Hank Hager and I welcome you to the best fighting arena in the world! We have a good fight up ahead and I’m sure there’ll be much pain, agony, and blood in this fight. What you get is what you paid for!”
“Louis, fight very hard! Keep biting and don’t let-up regardless of how intimidating Southern Pride looks. He’s just a tub of stupidity. Joey and I have trained you very hard for this big day! I know you can make it!”
“Okay, Mr. Bogey! I’ll keep fighting until I can no longer go at it.”
“Southern Comfort, destroy the tiny enemy! Have no mercy on your opponent! Kill him fast! Do not allow him to bite you, even once! If you win I’ll give you steak for one hundred nights in a row!”
“Okay, Pretty Boy (Southern Pride’s coach). I’ll kill him really fast!”
“All right dogs ... wait for the bell to ring and then go at it!” DING! DING!
“Ladies and gentlemen the fight has now officially begun. Southern Comfort (SC) has decided to charge Louis without any delay!
SC has now taken hold of Louis’ ear. He’s pulling and shaking left and right. Louis cannot even defend himself. SC is too big and powerful.
Ladies and gentlemen I see a blood oozing out of Louis’ ear ... or what’s left of it. A slab of flesh is now on the pit floor.
Both fighters have now split up. Louis leaps unto SC and tries to bite him between the ears. No ... he can’t do that! SC has tossed Louis away with a simple head motion.
I can tell that SC is no longer in the mood to play! He has now charged Louis for the second time. SC has taken a hold of Louis’s other ear ... in this case his left one and has literally ripped it off. Now Louis has not external ears.
Louis has taken three steps backwards and he’s just glanced over at his corner for instructions ... or affirmation.
“Louis, don’t be a chicken shit! Fight your opponent and don’t let-up!”
“Yes Mr. Bogey, I’ll launch a super offensive against SC!”
Louis is attempting a second charge and leap. No ... SC has caught Louis in mid-air.
SC has Louis is a horrible neck hold. He’s not going to let-up. This is SC’s most formidable weapon. No opponent has ever released himself from this vice-like bite.
SC has literally neutralized Louis. Louis appears gaunt and weak. He’s lost much blood from his ripped ears injuries.
Louis’s legs are now buckling. If he goes down it’ll only be a matter of time before the fight ends. No wonder, nobody was stupid enough to be on Louis.”
That was a personal insult to me. I was so pissed off at the way the fight was going I didn’t even have it in me to bitch out Louis for his pathetic performance. However, I did have ‘justice’ and ‘vengeance’ on my mind.
“Joey, I want you to make an important phone call right now. Listen to me carefully: Announcer Hager needs to be beaten mercilessly. We know where he lives. I want this job to look like a mugging/robbery. I want our men to dress like thugs and to wear masks. I don’t want this job to be traced. Got it?!”
“Okay, I’ll make the call right now!”
“Is that all, Mr. Bogey?”
“No, I want you to set up a big job after this so-called fight ends. I mean ... it must be done correctly without any mistakes.
Listen, in addition to Hager’s beating I want Pretty Boy killed; shot three times in the forehead, chopped up and I want his body parts to be weighted down with bricks. Toss everything into the St. Laurence River at night. Make absolutely certain that there are no witnesses in the area. I want you to take extra ordinary precautions. Use night vision goggles. No witnesses!
Finally, I want you to snatch SC without anyone seeing you. Look, I want you to take him to Tony Maggaro’s home. He’ll have our SC shipped to Vancouver.
‘The procedure’ entails ten semen samples to be extracted from SC for breeding purposes. Normally we’d keep ‘the dog’ and use him for other underground fights. I mean ... Vancouver is a million miles from Toronto. Unfortunately, SC is a very high profile dog. No one in SC’s entourage will go to the police or the papers. Our fighting enterprise is illegal. However, they may seek revenge. I don’t want that! If that happens then we will have to respond.
Tonight I’ll be busy with Brenda. I don’t want to be disturbed at all. Now, I want you to leave this building without being noticed. Get on the job immediately!”
“Yes Mr. Bogey I’ll get on it right away.”
“Ladies and gentlemen this has been a one-sided fight from the very beginning.
SC is has now decided to take hold of Louis’s left foreleg. Louis is so bloodied and weak he can’t defend himself. The referee has signalled Mr. Bogey for a ‘capitulation wave’. No ... Mr. Bogey has refused. He wants his fighter to continue.
SC has now decided to chomp down on Louis’s right foreleg. I think it’s obvious where this is going. Louis looks like a pathetic loser. He can’t even run away even if he wanted to.”
The fight continued until Louis collapsed and then lost consciousness. In that case SC automatically wins. I was so pissed off at Louis I could’ve strangled him right there on the spot. No ... I had other plans for him.
I’ve had plenty of other dog fighters in my career. Normally, I’d bitch my fighter out during the fight. But this time I chose to stay quiet. As far as I was concerned both fighters were soon to disappear. I had a problem with SC. Unlike the other dog fighters I’ve seen he got personal with me. It’s like Pretty Boy, his owner, had instructed him to rub it in.
Every time SC inflicted ‘new harm’ on Louis he’d glance over at me and then give me a condescending grin. It was as though he was mocking me. Nobody does that to Mr. Bogey and gets away with it! One day I shall be the Emperor of Montreal, and afterwards I shall eventually become the Emperor of Earth!
“Hager descended from the announcer’s booth and then briskly walked to the pit. As soon as he entered the pit he took hold of the microphone and began to speak.
“Ladies and gentlemen may I have your attention! The winner by a knockout in six minutes and fourteen seconds and still undefeated with a record of 56-0 I present to you Southern Comfort!”
SC’s entourage went berserk with their joy. They laughed up a storm. Now I knew what it felt like when my fighter beat the living daylights out of his opponent; I didn’t like the feeling.
The pit was scattered with Louis’s blood, saliva, and bodily fluid. In addition there were tiny pieces of ear and other flesh in several spots; obviously belonging to Louis.
The two assigned assistants and I waited until everything quieted down and the big crowd of people left the fighting arena. I was lucky it was the last scheduled fight of the day. However, I only had fifteen minutes before the special cleaning crew arrived. In this tough business there’s no room or time to wallow in self-pity.
The fighting arena is cleaned after each fight. But at the end of the day there’d be a special cleaning. All traces of a fight including blood, saliva, the pit, tickets, and whatever else had to be dismantled and/or made to disappear in case there was a raid. Even the announcer’s booth had to be cleaned out of any records of dog fighting.
After the cleanup the fighting arena looks like a conference hall. Immediate ‘contracts’ are drawn out for snitches. Snitches end up at the bottom of the St. Laurence River as frozen scuba divers.
Even the two assigned workers at my corner had slithered away in shame. Aside from the special cleaning crew Louis and I were the only ones around.
I grabbed a large towel and then entered the pit to remove my ‘loser dog’. By then he’d come to and had his glassy eyes half-fixed upon me.
“Louis, you are a freaking loser! Do you know that?! I lost a hundred thousand big ones tonight! Not to mention the utter humiliation I’d had to endure!”
I gave Louis several kicks to the side and then slipped the large towel underneath his body. Afterwards, I heaved him up over my shoulders and carried him out of the fighting arena the out of the building into the parking lot.
I knew that I could always count on Joey. Although I’d forgotten to tell him to leave me some transportation he didn’t forget. Another one of my dark vans was parked nearby. But I had to make sure that it actually was mine and not someone else’s.
I continued to walk towards the van and as soon as I was facing the windshield I spotted the small red card tagged unto the steering wheel. That was a code that I used with my associates and low-level workers signifying that the vehicle is one of ours.
Thankfully, I had an all-purpose set of keys with me. I had them specially done to enable me to enter any automobile, home, or business. The locksmith was on the payroll for several other big names in Montreal. Naturally, we were very careful. Any locksmith caught duplicating a safety key goes to jail.
As soon as I dropped Louis onto the gravel I heard a loud thud. I was happy! I wanted him to suffer a bit more. But what I had in store for him was even worse. I just had to be patient.
I walked around to the back of the dark van and then opened the double doors. Afterwards, I hoisted Louis unto my shoulder and then tossed him inside the dark van. I made certain to lock the double doors. The last thing I needed was a dog falling from my van while driving. This would cause too much attention; something that I didn’t need.
I exited the parking lot with beads of sweat running down my temples. I glanced at my pocket watch and then got the shock of my life. Time had flown! It was almost 6 P.M. I took out my cell phone and then called Rebecca.
“Hello, who am I speaking to?”
“This is Mr. Bogey! I want to delay our date. I want you to come by my mansion at 10:00 P.M. You better come alone and not be late ... or else!”
After giving the address of my Westmount mansion I told her exactly what kind of clothing to wear. She got the message.
“Louis ... you’re a pathetic excuse for a dog!”
“Mr. Bogey ... I love you! Please don’t hurt my feelings like that.”
At this point Louis was no longer speaking. He was mumbling and slurring. Soon he wouldn’t be able to speak anymore. Without food, water, and veterinary medical care he’d surely have died. I didn’t want that! My punishment had to be inflicted upon him at all costs!
I continued driving to my mansion with nothing but ‘punishment’ and ‘vengeance’ on my mind.
A short while later, I pulled into my parkway and then opened my garage door by remote control.
As soon as I parked my van into my garage I turned off the ignition and then exited the van. Don’t worry I didn’t forget to close the garage door.
“Louis, maybe I should leave you here with the engine running and the windows rolled down ... and the van doors wide open! You and I know that you very well deserve it! All of the time, effort, money, and hope down the drain! How could you do this to me? After all that I’ve done for you!”
“I’m sorry ... Mr. Bogey ... I’m a bad doggy. I deserve to be severely punished. I’ve let ... you ... down.”
I pulled Louis out of the van and then carried him to yard. Luckily, there’s a high wall on the peripheral of my yard. In this posh neighbourhood that’s a normal thing.
I’ve always loved being rich. Being rich means that you can buy whatever you want and some ... actually ... much more. It means that you can eat the best foods and live in the best homes. Women ... even gorgeous ones, will love you, if you’re a man that is.
Money equals power! I love power! Mr. Bogey will someday be an emperor.
I dropped Louis onto the grass beside his dog house and then entered my mansion. I prepared Louis some food and plenty of water. In addition, I put a doggy bone in my pocket. Mind you, I was trying to make sure that Louis would be alive when I punished him. I wasn’t being lovey-dovey by nourishing him.
After placing the food, water, and doggy bone beside Louis I turned and then walked back to my mansion.
I didn’t feel like sitting in the patio. I was too pissed off at Louis. Just looking at Louis made me think about getting my .45 Calibre and shooting him; better yet a .357 Magnum.
As soon as I entered my mansion I went to the kitchen and prepared myself an old-time meal; burger, fries, and a shake.
I decided not to ponder about the defeat while I was eating my all-Canadian meal. Thankfully, Mr. Bogey has always been a good chef. I’m not trying to be conceited, but honesty is due.
After finishing my meal I placed the plates and utensils into the dishwasher and then turned it on. Afterwards, I brushed, flossed and cleaned up.
I looked at the clock and noticed that it was 7:30 P.M. I decided to take a nap right there in the kitchen. Thankfully, I actually fell asleep until 9:15 P.M.
As soon as I awakened I took a shower, dried up, and then put on some fresh clothing. I was ready for Brenda.
Then I remembered ... I needed to get some condoms from my bedroom closet. So I hustled into my bedroom and opened my chest drawer to ‘retrieve’ what turned out to be a handful of condoms. I was ready to go !
I was so pumped up I actually felt like a young man again. I knew for certain that deep down inside there was a lion in me just waiting to get out. I had to manifest this lion or else I’d burst open at the seams.
A short while later I forced myself to sit down in the living room. I was too pumped up and wasting too much energy scurrying around in my mansion.
Then, the buzz that I’d been waiting for occurred! I had five security monitors in my mansion; one in the living room, main restroom, kitchen, study room, and bedroom.
I looked into the monitor and then zoomed into sector in front of the main entrance. There I saw Brenda dressed in conservative dress. I buzzed her in and then waited patiently for her to knock on my door.
I told her to dress conservatively in order to evade my neighbour’s suspicion. Some of them were so straight they made rulers look crooked.
Knock! Knock! Knock!
“Brenda, come on in! I’ve been waiting for you. Do you want to have a few drinks with me?”
“I guess so. But what do you have?”
“Honey, I’ve got it all!”
“Okay, I want a screw driver, gin and tonic, and a big glass of peach Schnapps.”
“No problem. Listen, the only person in this mansion other than us is my cute little niece, Stephanie ‘Anderson’ Bogey. Don’t mind her. She knows that I’m ‘a free man’ and that I like to enjoy the good things in life especially a young gorgeous woman like you.”
“Gosh Mr. Bogey thanks for saying that to me!”
I figured a good one liner would be enough to begin the delicate process of lowering her defences.
“Come with me. Let’s go to the living room. I’ve got an incredible bar there. Every drink that you could ever imagine can be made therein. I’ve got it all!”
Brenda followed me to the bar like my own shadow. I fixed her the three drinks that she asked for and then filled two tall glasses with draft beer; those drinks were for me.
Brenda and I drank for a good hour before I determined that it was time for her to give it up. By then, I’d drunk seven or eight ‘tall boys’. I was very buzzed and excited at the prospect of having a good time with Brenda.
“Brenda, it’s time to go to my bedroom. Let’s go right now ... just follow me. Don’t worry ... ‘daddy’ won’t hurt you.”
“That’s gross!” interrupted Stephanie, my niece.
“Stephanie ... what are you doing? You’re spying on us! I told you not to do that!”
“Uncle Frank, that girl’s around my age. How could you talk to her in that manner? You’ve got the ‘lion look’ on your face. Also, she looks like she’s plastered.”
“Stephanie ... I’m your uncle! You mustn’t talk to me in that way! Anyway, Brenda and I are just playing. She likes it when I talk dirty to her.”
“Brenda, is that true? Do you like it when guys talk dirty to you?”
“Honey, please leave us alone! I have to do this or else!”
“Stephanie, I order you to go back to your room until I’m done with Brenda!”
After Stephanie left us I told Brenda to stay put. I needed another beer after that gross exchange with Stephanie. She had some learning to do; no respectable young woman would ever speak to her uncle in that manner.
I went to the bar and then poured myself a draft into a tall boy. I drank it like a camel. Then I put the tall boy on the bar counter and went back to my bedroom.
As soon as I opened the door leading into my bedroom I saw Brenda in the nude and on her knees. Her knees were cushioned by a soft pillow placed underneath them. No doubt, she’d been through this process many times. So I really wasn’t harming her. She liked it.
“Honey ... Brenda ... I’m ready. What about you?”
“Mr. Bogey, just wait a minute please! Before you lion me I want to tell you something very important. There are two very tough guys desperately trying to find you. They want to be your associates. And from what I hear they’re very tough guys. And like ... umm ... there’s something else. But for this piece of information I want a thousand dollars in cash. Mr. Bogey I trust you with handing out money for good information. You’ve got a good reputation for that.”
“Okay, honey, speak up.”
“SC was in on it too; in fact he was the major play in all of this. I’m sure you know who the other players in this hustle are. But it was Louis’s opponent who arranged to take him out in the six minutes range. Your enemies made a bundle off of that. From what I hear ... several million Canadian dollars.
Mr. Bogey, imagine them laughing at you behind your back. I even saw them do that before the fight. At the time you were pre-occupied with your own fighter to take notice of anyone else’s laughter.
Now, does that have any bearing on what you’re going to do with me ... or to me?”
“All right baby! I promise not to be too rough with you. Roughness is inherent in my personality, though. I won’t ‘f’ you, do you, mount you or lion you. I shall make love to you. But one way or another you and I are going to do it. I’m way too excited and anxious to start. Although you have no word in this I’m not really forcing you to do anything. I’m certain that you’ll leave my mansion with a big smile on your face. I mean ... many women, young and old do that after I’m done with them.”
Brenda and I went at it for three hours; on-and-off again with brief periods of lying in bed and taking a breather or two. Before she left my mansion I told her to wait in bed for me. I crept out of my bedroom and then walked to the study room. I locked the door behind me and then walked over to a secluded corner where my ‘secret safe’ was located. It was securely placed behind what appeared to be part of the wall.
I pounded on the wall in four different spots then the block of wall opened wide. Behind it was my safe. This was a special safe as it contained two combination knobs and a keyhole. In effect, I memorized two different combination numbers and had access to a special key that opened the safe. I had too much money and important documents in my safe to take any chances.
After turning the knobs I opened one of my drawers to my desk and pulled out a key that was hidden underneath many papers. No thief would ever look for a special key there.
I opened the safe, removed one thousand dollars in twenty dollar denominations and then closed the safe, turned the knobs, removed the key and then pushed back the piece of wall to make it look like there was nothing behind it.
As soon as I returned to my bedroom I gave Brenda her one thousand dollars and then told her that I’d her help in the future. She thanked me for the money. However, she left my mansion with tears streaming down her cheeks. No doubt it was a case of allergies.
Although I was flabbergasted knowing that two tough guys were trying to become my associates I wasn’t certain of their intentions. Besides, they had to prove first.
I took hold of my cell phone and then punched in Joey’s phone number. I told him to cancel the semen collection. I wanted SC to be tortured for as long as possible, to be told why he was being tortured, and then to be shot in the head five times before being chopped up and tossed into the sewer. Also, I made it clear to Joey that there could be no mercy or compassion on SC. Finally, I told Joey that the other operations were to take place as soon and as quickly as possible except that everyone, including Rex had to be killed.
Joey was a very well-trusted associate. Although I appreciated his effective work he did know too much about me. Also, he had a soft spot for women. He was too kind to them and sometimes told them more than he should about me. My solution would come after Joey had completed his ‘jobs’.
The next three days were anxiety-filled for me. I waited day and night for Joey’s telephone call. Then at 9:30 P.M. while I was eating pizza and watching a macabre movie I received the good news from Joey.
After hearing my cell phone vibrate twice I answered the phone.
“Hello, who do you want to speak to?”
“Mr. Bogey, it’s me ... Joey! Look, I got the jobs done! You’ll never have to worry about ‘those hustlers’ again!”
“Beautiful, now I want to see you in my mansion on Monday at noon. Come alone and don’t tell anyone. It’s imperative!”
“Okay, Mr. Bogey, thanks a lot!”
After our conversation I dialled Brenda’s number. She answered her phone after four rings.
“Hello, who am I speaking to?”
“This is Mr. Bogey speaking. I need you to do a job for me.
Are you game? It pays five hundred dollars in cash.”
“Gosh ... Mr. Bogey ... what do I have to do?”
“I want you to get a hold of the two men who would like to
become my associates. I need them to contact me and be at
my mansion by Sunday noon. A minute later, and the deal’s
off! Do you understand me?”
“Yes Mr. Bogey I certainly do!”
After our conversation I decided to take a long walk
on the mountain and then return home and crash out. Nothing special happened until Saturday evening at
8:00 P.M. That’s when I received a phone call from Jeff. He
told me that Mr. Hyde was standing beside him and that both
men were ready to work for me immediately.
I was flabbergasted! So much so I asked them to come
over immediately.
After the conversation I took a long hot shower, ate a
large snack, cleaned up and then removed three large stacks
of twenty dollar bills from my secret safe.
I walked back to the living room and then waited
anxiously for my possible new recruits. I was hoping that
they were the right two fellows because I needed fresh
faces. Joey had been with me for too long. In addition, he
knew of many of my secrets. In other words, if he ever got
caught he’d turn into a giant snitch. Besides, I knew for a
fact that Joey had been skimming money from me for the past
two years. Sometimes up to a thousand dollars a week. I certainly had to eliminate Joey. Being a very tough
guy he had to be taken off guard. I had a fool-proof plan
in my head.
At 9:30 P.M. I looked into my monitor and noticed two
men approaching my gated door. I buzzed them in and then
opened the mansion door.
Both men looked confident and alert. I could feel their physical prowess and strength. This was important but I had to converse with them to make sure. I had an assignment for Monday, an important killing.
“Come on in guys! I need to talk to you first before deciding if I want to hire you.
Now, which one of you is Jeff and which one is Mr. Hyde?”
“I’m Jeff and this is my best friend in the whole world Mr. Hyde.”
“All right guys, have a seat. My living room is the envy of many. I love to live like a millionaire. You too can live nice if you’re hired by me. You’d like that wouldn’t you?”
“Yes we would! Jeff and I are anxious. We want you to begin your interview so we can finish earlier.”
“What kind of work can you guys do?”
“Mr. Hyde and I can work together or separately. We can kill, terrorize, intimidate, and lion any woman you order us to.”
“All right, I want you to follow me to the exercise room; it has the best exercise equipment you’ll ever see.”
Jeff and Mr. Hyde followed me to my exercise room anxious to see what was therein. As associates they’d need to be in top shape and well-formed. I never allow fatsos as associates. It’s bad for my image.
Although I have a slight potbelly I still do work out. I’m a tough guy. If need be I can get into a rumble for extended periods of time.
As soon as I opened the door to my exercise room I noticed that Jeff and Mr. Hyde were in a state of awe.
“As you can see I have wall-to-wall carpeting, a fridge full of liquid and solid nutrition also including bottled water. Herein are stacks of free weights and resistance and aerobic machines of your choosing. Mirrors are strewn across each wall. The shower room and sauna is right there next to the drinking fountain. I had a drinking fountain placed here for convenience. Sometimes I don’t feel like snatching a bottle of water from the fridge.
And over there is the lounge with a large screen television and a stereo. But I demand that nobody sit there unless he/she is clean. No sweaty persons, and that certainly includes me, is allowed to stink up the area.
All right guys come on in and use the machines to get a feel of things.
Mr. Hyde walked over to one of the bench press machines inserted the pin in the thin slot of the bottom plate and then added another 200 lbs. Jeff and I were watching him with keen eyes.
Lo and behold ... Mr. Hyde benched the entire stack and the extra 200 lbs. He performed a dozen reps with hardly a sweat. I could tell that Jeff felt the need to prove his manhood. He walked over to a barbell and stacked over 1000 lbs onto it.
Lo and behold ... Jeff hoisted the barbell over his head without shedding a drop of sweat.
I was flabbergasted at their brute strength but I wanted to know if they could punch.
“Guys, come over here to the heavy bag. I want you to punch it as hard as you can. I want Mr. Hyde to punch it first.”
I held the big bag while Mr. Hyde got ready to punch. I told him to punch as soon as I winked at him with my left eye. After giving Mr. Hyde a wink he punched the bag. Apparently, he’d punched it so hard I was knocked backwards several feet. I was delighted!
Now it was Jeff’s turn. We went through the same procedure and he too knocked me backwards with his powerful punch. Now I knew for certain that these two guys were incredibly strong. But, they had to prove themselves to me.
After the exercise room tour I asked Jeff and Mr. Hyde to follow me into the study room. But first I had to make certain that they weren’t hungry. I’d always been a good host and hunger can sometimes cloud judgement.
“Guys, are either of you hungry?”
“No ... Mr. Bogey ... Mr. Hyde and I had a steak dinner and drinks right before we came here.”
“I’ve always liked a drinker, but not a habitual drinker who can’t control his booze, a wino, or an alcoholic. Drinking is fun but you must always be in control of your habit. Your habit should not be in control of you.”
Jeff and Mr. Hyde followed me into the study room and sat down as soon as I pointed at two select chairs next to my study desk.
“Guys, I won’t hire you unless I’m certain that you’re up to it and that you’re capable of obeying my orders.
I have a job for the two of you. If you do it I’ll give you five thousand dollars apiece. Some of my other jobs pay a lot more, while others pay less.
But because this is your ‘trial job’ I must accompany you to see how well you operate together. Are you game?”
“Yes Mr. Bogey, Jeff and I understand quite well what you’re saying. Please continue we heard a lot about you. We’d be more than flattered to work for you.”
“Okay, Joey, my associate has been skimming much money off me, conspiring to overtake my enterprise, and to kill me. After all that I’ve given him!”
Naturally, much of what I told them was untrue. The only real problem that I had with Joey is that he knew way too much for his own good. I had to delete him from existence. Someday I’d probably have to delete the two interviewees, if they ever got to that point.
“Okay guys, I want you to kill Joey this Monday, I mean ... in two days time.
I’m going to tell him that you guys are newbie’s and that I want the four of us to take a short breather at the Ille St. Helene.
In case you don’t know that due south of Berri UQAM Metro Station across the bridge and over the St. Laurence River. Initially I opted for an afternoon trip but I changed my mind. It must be in the evening. You see ... I want you guys to kill Joey in a special manner. I want to see your talents. But first I must know what you can do in regards to killing.
Jeff, what’s your specialty?”
“Mr. Bogey I can do it all, but I love to snap peoples’ necks.”
“And you, Mr. Hyde, what’s your specialty?”
“I’m a beast in my natural form. If allowed, I can eat my target.”
“Beautiful! Jeff, you snap Joey’s neck and Mr. Hyde can eat whatever he can of Joey. Then we’ll place the remains inside a black garbage bag that has holes in it. This will allow the bag to sink after it’s tossed into the St. Laurence River. How’s that sound to you?”
“Mr. Bogey, you’re a wonderful person! Is there anything else?”
“No congratulations for becoming my new associates! I’ll escort you to your car. Wait ... Jeff take this envelope containing five hundred dollars and give it to Brenda. Tell her that I’m proud of her!”
After I handed Jeff the envelope I escorted my two newbie associates to their car.
I was ecstatic! Now all I had to do was call Joey and have him come to my mansion on Monday. I knew exactly what to say to him.
I took it easy on the following day sleeping like a baby. I inherently knew that my two associates would delete my throbbing problem; Joey.
I awakened at 9:00 A.M. on Monday morning. After eating a wholesome breakfast I called Joey up and told him to come by at 8:00 P.M. I told him that we were going to initiate two new recruits. Naturally, he was delighted. If Joey had only known what was in store for him.
I took a long hot shower and then took a nice walk on the mountain and then descended to Sherbrooke Street and went eastward to Alexis Nihon Plaza. Naturally, there were many people walking in all directions, not to mention the heavy traffic and the cyclists on their path.
I entered Alexis Nihon Plaza from Maisonneuve Street near Atwater Street. Instantly, I felt a difference in lighting and the cool rush from the air conditioning. Before my eyes was a good-sized Pharmaprix. As I continued to walk I took notice of IGA and the countless other stores in the plaza.
I wasn’t hungry quite yet. Otherwise, I would’ve taken the escalators upstairs to the food court. Not a very big food court but adequate for Mr. Bogey. They’d done a good touch-up of the area. In addition, it’s located in an ideal place; the third floor of a busy plaza in a business district. Money is a sure thing in this area. Customers, from teens to the elderly enjoy their meals and shopping here; as is the case with most other malls in the metropolitan area.
I strolled through the ground floor of the plaza and then got a sudden urge to drink coffee. I decided to get some coffee from McDonald’s it was the closest place in sight.
I turned back and then proceeded to walk to McDonald’s. On my way there I saw many beautiful sites; teeny boppers and older. I felt like a lion in disguise. Anyway, I entered McDonald’s and then stood in line for my coffee.
A short while later, I gave my order, paid up and then waited the usual thirty seconds or so for my hot drink.
While waiting in line I took notice of two teeny boppers eyeing me. In a calculated move I casually pulled out my wallet and made sure that both teeny boppers saw my thick wad of green bills. I had over five thousand dollars on my person.
After getting my order I gave each teeny bopper a big smile and then exited McDonald’s. I took several steps and then sat down on a bench. I wanted to see if they’d follow me for a conversation and much more.
Both teeny boppers exited McDonald’s carrying a large swirly. They looked right at me and then smiled. I guess they were waiting for my response, so I gestured them to sit by me.
As soon as they were seated next to me I began my charm routine. In reality, I was a lion who only had one thing on his mind. Never mind the age difference or anything else for that matter. Frank Bogey always gets what he wants!
“You two kittens are way too beautiful to be walking around all alone. Where are you husbands?”
“Gosh ... sir, we’re only in CEGEP. We’re too young to be married.”
“I could’ve been fooled! Gosh you girls look so incredibly beautiful and mature; like models or even actresses. I think you girls could make it in Hollywood.
In fact, I’ve got powerful friends in Hollywood who could set you up with good acting jobs. Would you like that?”
“Sir, we’d love that! Just tell us what we have to do?”
“Why don’t we go over to your place, but first I want to purchase some alcohol. It’ll be on me. Are you game?”
“Yes, let’s party! Look, we live nearby on Lincoln Avenue and most of our friends are gone for the weekend. Why don’t you come over and we’ll have some fun.”
“Yes, I’d like that. But first ... I want to know your names. A gentleman can’t party with two dolls without first knowing their names.”
“I’m Cassandra and this is my best friend in the whole world Wendy.”
Cassandra was 5 feet 9 inches tall, red-haired, hazel coloured eyes, smooth white skin, freckles scattered throughout her beautiful body, and weighed around 125 lbs. She was dressed provocatively; too much so for a lion like Frank Bogey.
Wendy was 6 feet tall, with jet black hair, cat eyed, pale-skinned and had an incredibly beautiful nose. She weighed around 140 lbs.
“Oh, sir, and what’s your name?”
I knew very well that this was a one-time affair. They were too young for me to hand out with and I couldn’t have two airheads in my life. I had bigger problems at hand.
“My ... name ... uh ... is ... John ... Smith. Yes, it’s John Smith and I just moved to Montreal. I live on ... Rene’ Levesque Blvd.”
“Girls, just wait here. I’m going to get the bottles of alcohol. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”
I briskly walked to an SAQ (Quebec Liquor Store) nearby, entered the store and then purchased a one litre bottle of the following: Peppermint Schnapps, Smirnoff Vodka, Gin, also a large bottle of red wine.
After paying the cashier for my bottles of alcohol I returned to the teeny boppers and explained to them our situation.
“Girls, I need to get some more stuff to complement our drinks. Follow me to IGA. But I want you to carry these bags.” The teeny boppers followed me into IGA where I purchased pop, orange juice, two bags of chips, dip, and caramel flavoured peanuts.
After paying for my groceries we left IGA and then walked over to the nearest bench. We sat down for a few minutes of rest and then we took off as soon as I was certain they’d be an easy target.
We proceeded to walk to Lincoln Avenue. First exiting Alexis Nihon Plaza and then crossing Atwater Street into Lincoln Avenue. Thankfully, they lived nearby. I was excited about the prospect of having a threesome. This was a story that I had to tell my new associates.
As soon as we entered Lincoln Avenue Cassandra pointed to the building that they lived in. It was a nice building, but they were nicer.
Just a few minutes later, we were inside the apartment building and waiting for the elevator. I made certain to smile at them regularly and to give both of them constant compliments about their appearance and friendly demeanour. It looked like it was enough to lower their guard.
“Girls, help your selves! I need a large pitcher, a large bowl, and three tall glasses. Do you have these things?” “Yes we do!” said Cassandra.
A short while later we began to party. It was nice. I made certain that Cassandra and Wendy drank at a much faster pace than I did. I was practically licking my drinks like a cat. Those two beauties were causing a lion’s roar inside of me. My hormones were kicking in and I felt a strong urge to mount both of them.
“Girls, you’re sitting at least ten feet away from me. I won’t bite you.”
“That’s all right. We have a heavy week coming up. Two midterms a piece, a term paper a piece, and a trip to Toronto next weekend. You’ve been very kind to us.
By the way ... do you love us?!”
“Wendy ... of course I love you and Cassandra.”
“Then if you really do love us from the bottom of your heart and you’re not trying to take advantage of us we’ll give you our cell phone numbers after we’re done partying and then we can go out together.”
I knew right then and there that these two wenches weren’t going to give it up. I had to go to plan B. Every lion has a plan B.
“Girls, listen up! I notice that your glasses are almost empty. I’ve got this super-drink that I used to make when I was at Carleton University. However, I must tell you that the formula is a secret. Unfortunately, I don’t have all of the ‘ingredients’ at hand. However, I can make an abbreviated version of it right here and now.
I must ask you to go into your bedroom and not come out until I tell you so. Can you do that?”
“Wendy, are you game?”
“Yes Cassandra I certainly am!”
I now had them where I wanted them. Both teeny boppers entered their bedroom and then like a predator on a hunt I got to work in full earnest.
I fixed up a quick drink for both teeny boppers and then I pulled out my wallet. I lifted the flap on an internal pocket and then removed two CD-1000 tablets (Capitulation Drug 1000 mg).
Although the maximum dosage of the CD-1000 is generally 500 mg I was irritated by my tormentors’ behaviour. Besides, Mr. Bogey never takes any unnecessary chances.
I dropped a tablet in each drink and then called out to Wendy and Cassandra.
They came out of their bedroom in very skimpy clothing. I couldn’t understand what was going on so I just gave them a smile and offered them a drink.
“Girls, here you go! I hope you like my special drink?”
Wendy and Cassandra guzzled their drinks like camels and then they kindly asked me to leave their apartment.
“Thanks for the good time! But Cassandra and I must take a nap. We’re very sleepy.”
That was very good news for me. They were groggy even before having their drinks. The CD-1000 is fast acting. I needed to delay my exit a few minutes. Considering how much alcohol they drank the drug would be magnified in potency.
“Indeed girls! I shall leave your apartment after I wash up. Is that fine with you?”
“Go ahead, that’s the least we can do for you. I mean ... you spent a lot of money on Cassandra and me.”
I dragged my feet to the restroom, locked the door behind me, and then shoved my ear against the door. I could hear everything that Wendy and Cassandra were saying.
A couple of minutes later both girls’ voices began to slur. This is what I wanted. And shortly afterwards they laid down on a sofa each and then began to breath like those who are asleep.
I waited patiently for another 5 minutes before slowly and cautiously exiting the restroom.
I approached both girls, gave each a gentle shake and then determined that they were out cold.
Thankfully, I had much protection in my wallet. I had my way with both girls for an hour or so. I did everything imaginable with them except kill them or beat them. Afterwards, I brushed off my fingerprints with a towel I got from the restroom.
After finishing everything I grabbed the bottles that still had booze in them and put them in the shopping bags. As for the empty ones I put them in a plastic bag and then carried them out to the garbage shoot. I tossed the plastic bag down the garbage shoot and then wiped the handle of the lid clean. Afterwards, I exited the garbage room and then wiped the door handle clean on both sides.
I briskly walked to the teeny boppers’ apartment and then locked the door behind me.
After pondering about what to do I decided to carry both girls to their beds and then tuck them in. However, I made certain to cloth them in their night gowns. That way when they awakened they’d think that they’d had a long night.
The ‘good news’ regarding CD-1000 is that it often causes partial or full amnesia and mixed and contradictory memories (false memories) for the ‘user’ thereby confusing the person who has used it. No testimony in a court of law!
I was getting ready to leave before I got a hunger pang. Well, I was already in their apartment so why shouldn’t I take some of their food with me.
I gently set down my bags and then walked over to the fridge. As soon as I opened the fridge I got the shock of my life! There were ‘prepared sandwiches’ and other goodie snacks therein. I took every single thing that I could eat and then slowly put them into my bags. I made sure to wipe the fridge handle off any traces of fingerprints.
I slowly opened the apartment door and then scanned the hallway with my eyes and ears. The last thing that I needed was a witness to my presence in the teeny boppers’ apartment.
Thankfully, everything went just fine. Not a living soul noticed my presence in the apartment building or throughout my walk back home. I felt like a young man again.
I went back home and then put all of the sandwiches and other snacks in the fridge. Afterwards, I put what was left of the booze inside the fridge.
As soon as that was done I went to my bedroom, disrobed, and then hit the sack for many hours. I was awakened by a phone call from a salesperson. I thought I’d blocked all of those creeps from my phone number. I totally went ballistic on this particular saleswoman.
“Listen you little wench! I don’t want you to ever call me again! I’ve got friends in high places who’ll hurt you really badly when you’re not expecting it! Got it?!”
“Yes sir, I apologize for the inconvenience.”
“No apologies accepted! I was freaking sleeping before you called me! How would you like it if I awakened you for something stupid like a new lotion for women?! I’m a freaking lion! I don’t need women’s lotions!”
The young woman on the phone started crying. It was so funny I punched in the ‘OFF’ button on my cell phone.
On Monday at 7:30 P.M. Jeff and Mr. Hyde came by. I was now waiting for Joey the ‘new target’.
Guys, do you want anything to eat or drink? My fridge is full of food, especially sandwiches and goodies.”
“No thanks, Mr. Bogey. We must be on the alert when Joey comes. Otherwise, we’ll make mistakes during our job.”
“Jeff, you’re something else! Do you know that?”
“Yes Mr. Bogey, I’m the real McCoy!”
I escorted my associates to the study room. Upon entering it we sat down and began to review our actions for the job. After 15 minutes of reviewing we were interrupted by the sound of the doorbell.

I looked at the monitor only to see Joey. Naturally, I enthusiastically let him in.
“Joey, how the hell are you?”
“I’m all right Mr. Bogey.”
“Come on in ... follow me to the study room. You’ve got a couple of new friends therein.
Joey, this is Jeff and that’s Mr. Hyde. These two fellows are like you; incredible associates.
Joey, I’ve planned a short trip to Isle St. Helene ... you know, the place on the yellow metro line. I want you to join us. This way we’ll have a foursome.
You know what we’ll do ... we’ll eat there. Don’t worry about money it’ll be my special treat.”
“Mr. Bogey, you’re the best boss in the whole world! Yes, I’m game! When do we go?”
“Guys, let’s go right now!”
The four of us left my mansion and then headed for one of my dark vans. I wanted to make sure that we’d be able to ‘transport’ a corpse if we weren’t able to dispose of it.
I asked Mr. Hyde to drive us to Isle St. Helene. Thankfully, it was a smooth ride without any problems. Meanwhile, I couldn’t get my mind off the job. It had to be done perfectly. Any witnesses would have to be deleted, even a cop/s.
Twenty five minutes later we crossed the bridge over the St. Laurence River and then continued driving to Ile St. Helene. When we got there I made certain that Mr. Hyde park my van in a secluded area.
Afterwards, I gave my two associates a hand sign indicating that the job was still on and they should get ready to ‘delete’ Joey.
“Guys, let’s walk over there in that wooded area.”
“Mr. Bogey, what’ll we do over there?”
“I want us to see ‘beautiful nature’. I mean, it’s not that big of a wooded area but ... I’m sure it’ll reduce our levels of stress. Living in a concrete jungle 24/7 can sometimes be overly stressful.”
We entered the wooded area and followed a treaded path. After scanning the area I motioned my two associates to slow down. We made certain that Joey was at least ten feet ahead of us. Then I gave Jeff the ‘three fingers signal’; three bullets to the head. If the target is facing us he/she gets the slugs in the forehead, if his back is to us he gets three slugs to the back of the head.
Joey went down really hard. Unfortunately, he was still moving. Now, it was okay to give a verbal command as Joey was incapacitated.
“Jeff, give Joey two more slugs to the head. Don’t worry about where the slugs go Joey can’t endure five slugs.”
“How’s that Mr. Bogey?”
“Jeff, you’re something else!”
“Now, you and Mr. Hyde carry Joey to the place that I’m going to.”
My two associates followed me like obedient puppies until I reached a secluded corner of the wooded area. After ordering my associates to drop Joey’s body I ordered Mr. Hyde to eat him.
Mr. Hyde transformed back to his original state and then feasted on Joey’s flesh. It was an incredibly new experience for me.
After Mr. Hyde had finished off much of the corpse, I told him to pull apart the bones and rip through any flesh attached therein.
After he was done I gave him a large black garbage bag that had pre-made holes in it.
Mr. Hyde and Jeff put the Joey’s remains inside the black garbage bag and then followed me to a nearby bridge overlooking the St. Laurence River. After giving me a grin Mr. Hyde tossed ‘the evidence’ into the river.
I was proud of my two associates. So much so I gave each a smile and a handshake. The job was done.
“Guys, I’m so thankful to have two incredible associates like you. Now, Jeff ... the five hundred dollars goes to Rebecca. It’s imperative that you give this money to her. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Mr. Bogey. I understand what you’re saying to me. I’ll give her the money when we’re all alone in case anyone is looking at us.”
Afterwards, we walked back to the dark van. This time I drove the van. It was a very pleasant ride.
As soon as we got back to the mansion I let out my associates so they could go back home in their own car. Then I parked my van in its usual place.
I entered my mansion in a state of euphoria not caring about any of the problems of life.
I took a long whiff and was about to sit down when I remembered that the Montreal Gazette was still folded in my mailbox. I decided to get the paper and then call it a night.
I opened my door and then walked to the gated door. I grabbed the newspaper and then walked back to the mansion. After closing the door behind me I took several steps into my mansion and then sat down on one of my couches.
The front page of the Montreal Gazette contained a headline that shocked me!

Gosh how the hell did that story get in the paper so fast? I was forced to read the entire story. The gist of this story was that two teeny boppers were ‘lioned’ by a crazed rapist. Apparently, they went to the Montreal General Hospital and had an emergency blood test. It was too fast and too shocking. The teeny boppers remembered that the man was middle-aged, not very good looking, partially bald, chubby, rich, confident, and couldn’t get a girl in the normal way.

Now the latter statement hit me below the belt, if you know what I mean.
I knew where the teeny boppers lived; I knew their first names and I had a picture of each one of them in front of me. I felt a very strong urge to lion them again; when their guards were down. Better yet, I’d order my associates to do the job for me.
I picked up my home phone and then called Jeff. He answered his cell phone after four rings.
“Jeff, do you guys want to have fun with a couple of teeny boppers? And then afterwards delete them?”
“You mean the ones on the cover of every newspaper in the metropolitan area?”
“Yes that’s right! I have a job for you and Mr. Hyde. I won’t get into specifics on the phone but I’m ordering an ‘operation lion’ on the two teeny boppers.
I want you and/or Mr. Hyde to come over tomorrow between one and two in the afternoon. I’ll give you instructions on what to do.”
“Okay, Mr. Bogey, consider it done!”
I was certain I could count on my associates. They were very energetic, strong, and obedient. Like guard dogs. I wouldn’t ever say that to their faces though.
Nothing unusual happened from the time of the phone call until the countdown to the meeting.
The following day Jeff pressed the buzzer at the gated door. Naturally I let him in. In fact, I gave him a very warm welcome.
“Jeff, come on in! Just follow me to the study room. I’ll explain the details to you there.”
Jeff did as I ordered him to and then took a seat across on the opposite side of my study desk. Now we were face to face.
“Jeff, those teeny boppers and I made love. Now they’re trying to call it some kind of a rape or maybe worse a brutal rape. I am telling you the truth ... they liked every second of it! In fact, those two young nymphs were smiling the whole way through; every single sex act.
Jeff, I even bought all of the booze and snacks. I had to ‘mount them’ in their apartment because I didn’t feel like going back to my mansion.
Jeff, I think they want my money. Naturally, they’re playing the ‘he drugged us with CD-1000! Isn’t that shameful?”
“Mr. Bogey I’ve been through this too! Let me tell you my story!
After Jeff told me his entire story concerning a Cynthia Corbett and a Corey Jameson I felt a special bond with my associate. He knew exactly how I felt. We were being falsely blamed for a heinous act!
“Jeff, although I’m pissed off as hell at what happened to you, I’m also relieved that someone out there knows how I feel. You and I are innocent men who were just having fun with what we knew and totally perceived as women who really wanted it. In this regard ‘IT’ means us and what we did for them. Not to them. These women come out better off and in a higher status because we actually took the time to mount them.
Now, Jeff ... you told me that Cynthia and Corey are right here in the greater metropolitan area. Is that true?”
“Yes, Mr. Bogey! I’m freaking certain that I saw those two creeps walking on Sherbrooke Avenue recently. I need my own game plan to make Cynthia love me; to force her to confess about her lies and I want to destroy Corey Jameson!!!
Corey is the slime ball who viciously attacked me while my buddies and I were ‘making love’ to Cynthia at our fraternity house. Also, I think he put dirty thoughts and false memories into Cynthia’s mind.
Mr. Bogey, there’s one more thing; as appreciation for your honourable appointments’ I hereby give you my counterfeiting machine. It’s easy to use ... and like I said it’s yours!”
“Jeff, this is one of the most incredible presents that I’ve ever been given! This calls for a Russian-style embrace!”
After I embraced Jeff I re-affirmed what I wanted him and Mr. Hyde to do. He was all ears and looked like he was in good spirits. But I made it quite clear that ‘the job’ had to proceed as planned.
“Jeff, regardless of how much money we have doing jobs should be a part of our lives unless some extraordinary event causes us to take a low profile. You see ... I’m trying to inch my way to becoming the ‘Emperor of Earth’. That’s my ultimate goal. People must fear me! They must understand beyond any doubt whatsoever that if they cross me I’ll destroy them!
“Listen, this coming Wednesday I want you and Mr. Hyde to take one of my dark vans to the Berri UQAM area. Then, I want you to park the van, but it must be in a dark side street with little or no traffic. Be there at 10:00 P.M.
At 10:00 P.M. sharp I want you to go to the park just southwest of the Bibliotheque Nationale. I know that you and Mr. Hyde know what I’m talking about.
Now at exactly 10:15 P.M. ... a Slavic man will enter the park carrying a small black suitcase full of gold bullion bars and valuable documents.
The Slavic man is anticipating a meeting with ‘a buyer’ supposedly carrying ten million dollars in cash. Now listen up! This is very important!
I’ve already arranged to sell the buyer ‘the valuables’ for five million dollars. That way everyone will be happy except the dead Slavic man.
I want you and Mr. Hyde to patiently wait for the Slavic man. Position yourselves so you can see him but he cannot see you.
The Slavic man will be wearing a gray hat with a tiny, inconspicuous red feather on it. Now, you must see the red feather on a gray hat before you make any move. Furthermore, the small black suitcase will be cuffed to his left wrist. YOU MUST SEE EVERYTHING THEREIN BEFORE MAKING ANY MOVE. Otherwise, it’ll be a trap or the wrong person.
Jeff, you are a good neck snapper. Do it! Mr. Hide will rip the handcuff apart and then he’ll put the little black suitcase in a large duffle bag. This is the duffle bag! Jeff, here ... take it.
I don’t want you to waste any time doing anything else during this job. DO NOT DISPOSE OF THE BODY! It’ll look like an everyday robber. Get out of there but DO NOT RUN! Walk to your car and drive away; no peeling out or breaking of any traffic laws and that includes the place where you park the dark van!”
Jeff, after you get into the dark van I want you to go due north for ten miles then drive to my mansion. Never mind my logic. I know what I’m doing.
Remember, next Wednesday! I’ll expect you here no later than midnight. But I want you to call me up as soon as you are driving away from the scene and then every fifteen minutes thereafter until you get here.
Jeff, do you understand my instructions?”
“Yes, Mr. Bogey, loud and clear!”
“Jeff, if you successfully complete this job without any problems I’ll help you find Cynthia and Corey. Not to mention, delete Corey and making Cynthia love you.”
“Mr. Bogey you are the best boss in the whole world! When you become emperor will we still be your associates?”
“Of course, you and Mr. Hyde are irreplaceable.”
Jeff left my mansion with a big smile on his face. I watched him through my monitor. If I ever had two sons they’d be exactly like my associates.
It was life as usual until Thursday at 8:00 A.M. that’s when I received a call from Mr. Hyde. He sounded ecstatic!
“Mr. Bogey, this is Mr. Hyde! I can’t say much on the phone except that the job was completed without any problems whatsoever!
Mr. Bogey, I’m a few blocks away from your mansion. I’m in the dark van alone. Jeff’s prowling the downtown area for women. He wants to break three hearts today. Now isn’t that funny?”
“You guys have an incredible sense of humour! Anyway, keep on driving! I’ll meet you at the gated door.”
I quickly put on waking clothes and then briskly went to the living, opened the door and then went to the gated door. It wasn’t long before Mr. Hyde arrived. I opened the gated door and allowed him to take the van to the garage.
Mr. Hyde exited the van with the same duffel bag in his hand with sheer confidence and joy.
I ordered Mr. Hyde to follow me into my mansion and then to the study room. Once there, I debriefed him on what took place.
“Mr. Bogey ... we followed your instructions to the letter. You really know how to plan a good job. Anyway, here’s the duffle bag. Please open it up and take out all of the articles, one at a time.”
After I scrutinized every single article in the duffle bag I gave Mr. Hyde a Russian-style embrace and a big kiss on each of his cheeks. I could see on his face that he was blushing. I’d be too if ‘Mr. Bogey’ kissed me on the cheeks.
I gave Mr. Hyde two hundred thousand dollars; half for him and the other half for Jeff. He promptly thanked me and then I walked him to the gated garage.
I opened the garage door with my remote and then waited for Mr. Hyde to slowly drive off.
But as soon as Mr. Hyde had exited my perimeter fence I called out to him.
“Mr. Hyde, don’t forget to Jeff that I’ll help both of you with your ‘capture’ of Cynthia and Corey!”
I felt like I had it all! Now it was time to begin the directed takeover of the city of Montreal. I’d already planned for Mayor La Pointe’s immediate resignation. That’s when I’d step in to take his place.
I had much incriminating evidence on the mayor. In addition, my other associates have been intimidating and assaulting people in important places. All of their actions were under my command and foresight, of course.
I went back to my bedroom, disrobed, and then put on my pyjamas. Afterwards, I went to my study room and collected all of the valuable merchandise and put it all into the duffle bag.
I went to my secret safe, opened it, and then promptly put the valuable merchandise into the safe. After I was done, I closed the safe turned both combination knobs and then returned the fake piece of wall to its rightful place.
As soon as I was certain that my two associates were fit for my final takeover I would tell them about my secret command center fifty feet underneath my mansion. As soon as I was in firm control of Montreal, the world would be at my mercy. That is, if phase two worked. In a two-phased action, I would surely become Emperor Frank Bogey. I couldn’t wait!

I can’t believe this! I’ve been screwed again! What do you mean my marriage is void?!”
“Cynthia, you’re from an unrecognized dimension. I’m sorry that we went through the motions only to tell you that you’re not married to Robert. I just remembered this important fact. You see ... I was all caught up in the marriage I lost my logical and legal mind.”
“Judge Gallagher, what about Robert? You mean we can never get married?”
“Cynthia, I’m sorry but the residents of Peaceville must first identify your original dimension, then and only then, is a vote cast on the matter.”
“Judge Gallagher, exactly what do you mean by a vote? Who votes?”
“Cynthia, excuse me for budding in to the conversation but what Judge Gallagher is saying is that vote regarding the legality of our marriage is cast by all the residents of Peaceville who are eighteen years of age or older. There can’t be a single ‘NO VOTE’. Otherwise, our marriage can never occur. Peaceville is a nice place except for the horrible envy. Most votes come back in the negative. That’s why our population is still low.
Cynthia, I will always love you!”
I gave that creep three slaps across the face. He and his dummy father should’ve told me about this stupid vote. I never would’ve entered Peaceville. I’m looking for a good husband!
“Toby, what do you want to do?”
“It appears that my marriage is valid. This rule only applies to humanoids. Cynthia, I wish you the best of luck. I can’t leave Peaceville. The wife of my dreams is here.
Cynthia, if you want to find a good husband you should probably leave this dimension altogether. You are a very beautiful, intelligent woman. Not to mention, you are young and good-natured.”
I hoisted Toby and then gave him a hug and a kiss. Then I told him that I love him. He returned the favour. Finally, I gently set him on the ground.
I left Peaceville with the intent of finding the cloud and re-entering the castle.
As I was walking away from Peaceville I began to ponder about my life. One after another I keep losing friends and anyone who gets close to me. I’ve been gang-raped and practically blamed for it by a ‘frozen criminal justice system’. The word ‘cold’ does not describe the system enough. It’s frozen! I can’t see my parents. Jody and Corey are nowhere to be seen. Not to mention my beloved friend Toby who I can never see again. I don’t blame him for staying behind. He found the wife of his dreams and I wish him the best of luck forever!
A short while later I took notice of the white cloud. I got a temporary kick. Now there was some semblance of normality. Maybe in one of the subsequent dimensions ‘Mr. Right’ will come to me. He’d have to be an extra-ordinary man. He’s a man who’s multi-talented, a genius in his own way, and good with cats and children. Above all else, he must be an incredibly good husband. I never cared much for looks however, he can’t be ugly. An average looking man is the best man for me. Studs are too good looking. They draw too much attention from women. I’m not the jealous type, really!
As I got to within a few feet of the white cloud I glanced back at the present dimension, and then scanned it for any good. Because there was no good in sight for me I went ahead and entered the cloud. Thereafter, I entered a doorway leading into the medieval castle.
Upon entering the doorway I found myself situated in a long hallway. I took a deep breath and then a deep sniff. Thankfully, I caught the scent of food on my right.
I followed the scent of food like a determined Bloodhound. There were rooms scattered on the left and right and down the hallway in both directions. The doorways on my right seemed to go on forever. At least I had many choices to choose from.
Finally, I found it, the kitchen! Mysteriously, there was a full-course meal on the lone kitchen table. Even the drinks had already been poured in large glasses. I wasn’t complaining!
I entered the kitchen and sat down to feast on my food. Since I assumed that there was nobody there, it had become my food.
No, I forgot something. I had to wash my hands and face with soap and water, dry up, and then begin to eat.
As soon as I stood up I heard a treading sound. I froze in fear for a few seconds and then cropped up my ears and scanned the area with my eyes.
Lo and behold! As the treading became louder I became more and more anxious. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I snatch two butcher’s knives from the kitchen counter.
I was ready to kill if necessary! No way was anyone ever going to rape or harm me! I held the butcher’s knives menacingly; a knife in each hand.
As soon as he ‘treading person’ entered the kitchen I reflexively dropped both butcher’s knives. What I saw before my eyes was a beautiful cat. But it took a few more seconds to overcome my shock. This was no ordinary cat. This was the most incredible cat in the whole world! It was Corey Jameson.
“Corey, I love you so much! I missed you! Please, leap into my arms!”
“Cynthia, I can’t believe it’s you! I love you!”
Corey took several steps in my direction and then leaped unto my chest like old times.
Corey and I each gave each other a big hug and a big kiss. Afterwards, Corey licked my face, pawed my face, and then rubbed the side of his face against mine.
I was utterly delighted! This was the good news that I’d been waiting for!
“Corey, please don’t leave me! I’ve been dumped by too many friends.”
“Cynthia, can we stay together forever?! I don’t want to live in any dimension without you! We have incredible memories together. But we have an enemy who’s determined to destroy us. Do you know the whereabouts of Jeff?”
“Jeff was sentenced to a long term behind bars. But there was no solid proof that he actually died. You see, there was no record of Jeff making it up to Baffin Island Special Purposes Penitentiary.
“Cynthia, do you mean that Jeff’s still out there? He’s alive and free? He can rape, or gang-rape more women; over and over again?”
“Corey, it’s better to think that Jeff’s dead. I have terrible nightmares and sometimes even night terrors about the gang-rape. Also, I dream that Jeff captures me again. If he’s alive, which I hope is not the case he’ll definitely come after both of us.
Corey, you bravely tried to fight off Jeff and his buddies. Although you deserve the highest award for heroism, even higher than any military award, Jeff definitely hates your guts! And don’t you dare forget that if you ever meet him again!”
“Cynthia, we’ve got an incredible assortment of food on the kitchen table; even drinks. Why don’t we enjoy our meal?”
“Corey, were you the one who set up the food?”
“Yes, but I didn’t eat it immediately because I felt a sudden need to stretch my legs a bit. Also, I was hoping to enjoy my meal with another person. I’m so happy that I saw you!”
Corey and I began to eat our super-sized brunch. Every bite and gulp that entered our bodies was very tasty. Besides, Corey’s always been good company. Corey, Jody, and Toby are my best friends in the whole world! I love them more than my blood kin. Most humans can never compare to these three incredible cats. Sure, we’ve had our differences in the past, but we usually make up afterwards.
“Corey, do you want more syrup and margarine on your waffles?”
“Yes, and can you pour some more milk into my bowl. It’s normal to enjoy milk with your waffles.”
Corey and I ate our meal with grins on our faces the whole time. We were very delighted to eat together.
After our meal I convinced Corey to stroll through the castle to digest our meal and to see if there was something interesting or valuable to us therein.
“Corey, how about we stroll through the interior of the castle?”
“Cynthia, let’s walk for as long as we want to and maybe we’ll find something/s of great value.”
Corey and I exited the kitchen and then took and then took a left. Going right would’ve caused us to walk side by side with the endless line of doorways.
We strolled through the hallway passing by one room after another until we saw what appeared to be a large picture hanging on the wall. This got our attention immediately!
What we saw was mind-boggling. It was a picture of the main players in our lives; the good and the bad, also including Jeff.
When and why this picture was taken was a puzzle. So we decided to enter what appeared to be a large study room with tons of books aligned on numerous shelves.
Corey and I approached the picture cautiously. But that didn’t make any difference. The picture was taken in a giant room located in what appeared to be in a lobby located in the castle.
Apparently, there was something unusual going on. How, why, and when was this picture taken? Furthermore, the picture quality was superior to any image from any computer or photo store in my original dimension.
It was then that Corey and I noticed another picture nearby. We were so engulfed in the first picture everything else was blocked off.
We took several steps towards the second picture before noticing something very peculiar.
This picture was taken in what appeared to be a baseball field. Not all of the main players were pictured, but there was an addition. A short and stocky middle aged bearded man was holding Corey in his hands. Surprisingly, Corey was wearing a little league uniform. The team’s name clearly pasted on the front of his uniform; it was the LIONS.
What did this mean, we had no idea. Corey and I were both flabbergasted and shocked. But let me backtrack to the man holding Corey.
The man had bulging eyes, and I could’ve almost sworn that he was from ‘another place’; a far off place that no Earthling had ever been to. This man may have been a ‘parallel human’ or almost a complete Homo sapiens with a partial genetic mix of some other species.
Furthermore, the man was holding Corey the way a human holds his/her son. But I was certain that he couldn’t have been a blood kin. Humans and animals cannot be blood kin!
“Cynthia, look, there are more pictures over there on the wall to our right! Let’s take a closer look at them!”
Corey and I admired one picture after another. It was only after the twentieth picture did we see something familiar. It was a clear image of Corey limping away from the fraternity house after he’d taken on Jeff and his buddies
Corey and I now had our suspicions that the pictures before our eyes were from events that either happened or were going to happen. But ... the baseball field picture seemed too out of the ordinary. C’mon, a cat playing ball, no way!
“Corey, let’s go to the restroom so we can shower and dry up. I think that we should keep the location of this castle a secret. We can use it as an emergency hideout or to enter another dimension. We have a two-fold safety net here.”
Corey and I walked up two whole floors and then prowled the area for a restroom. Thankfully, it didn’t take long to find what we were looking for.
We entered the restroom and then I Corey and I each used our own shower stall. There was a digital control panel in each shower stall and at three height levels; short, medium, and tall. I pressed the tall level controls while Corey obviously pressed the short level controls. Thankfully both of us were able to take long hot showers.
After we showered Corey ran to the bathroom closet and brought back two towels. I took one and he kept the other.
After we dried up it became evident that we had to leave the castle as soon as possible. However, there was one more thing that I almost forgot to do; find an income or a money source. Either there was a treasure or cash in the castle.
“Corey, we must leave this castle but only after we find out income source. Although I’ve always been wealthy in Montreal I don’t want to take any chances.”
“Cynthia, let me sniff around. Maybe I’ll find something of value. How does that sound?”
“Corey, we must stay on this floor! Do not go up or down under any circumstances! If you find anything of worth just give me a holler. I’ll do the same if I find anything of value.”
Corey and I split up and went our ways. I walked down the hallway, critiquing every single room in my path.
After an hour’s worth of working I picked up the scent of money. Canadian money!
“Cynthia, I picked up a scent. Come here immediately!”
I could hear Cynthia’s pounding feet on the hallway carpet. If she were any heavier I would’ve thought she was a lioness chasing prey.
It didn’t take long for Cynthia to arrive. She was panting like a thirsty dog, but all else appeared normal.
“Cynthia, I’ve picked up the scent of Canadian dollars nearby. We need to find out where the money or gadget that makes money is located.”
“That’s right! Corey, now I ‘smell it too! It’s coming from over there ... from behind the wall! Let’s go for it!”
Corey and I ran to the wall, looked for a way behind the wall, and then took several steps back.
“Cynthia, do you see the aligned cracks-outline shaped like a square?”
“Yes I do, Corey leap into my arms and then reach for the cracks. As soon as you can pull back the area around the crack, like you’re opening a safe.”
“Okay Cynthia, but you’ve got to catch me! DO NOT DROP ME!”
Thankfully, I caught Corey while he was in midair. Afterwards I got as close as I could to the aligned cracks.
Corey ended up doing an incredible job! He pulled the piece of wall open and then placed his right ear on the safe just beside the combination knob.
Corey slowly turned the combination knob left, then right, and finally left. The combination was 13-28-19.
As soon as Corey opened the safe we stuck our heads inside it. Therein were stacks of twenty dollar bills, all in Canadian currency. Naturally, we took everything in sight; even an unusual looking machine.
“Corey, please don’t stick your paw in your mouth! You look like a baby when you do that!”
“Cynthia you were doing the same thing! Do you want me to get into specifics?”
“Corey, you don’t love me!”
Cynthia, of course I love you !”
We put everything on a round table a few feet away. Afterwards, we searched the area for a bag of sort.
After sifting through the room diligently we found a brand new duffel bag inside a desk drawer. It was blue and was just big enough to put everything in.
Corey and I got down to business, putting everything inside the duffel bag except the unusual looking machine.
“Wait ... Cynthia, I think this is our saviour! This is a counterfeit machine! We’re never going to have any money problems again!”
“Corey, you’re absolutely right! This is better than finding Mr. Right! I mean ... I’m not like those other girls who worship money. Those little wenches love money more than life. They’ll pull apart their thighs for a buck or two. No ... I’m not like those girls at all!”
“Cynthia, didn’t you just say that ‘this’ is better than finding Mr. Right?”
“Corey, you don’t love me!”
“Okay, honey, I do love you more than the whole world. And please, take your thumb out of your mouth.”
Corey and I fiddled and dawdled with the counterfeit machine until we figured out how it worked.
Corey and I agreed upon withdrawing one hundred thousand dollars and then forcefully stuffing it into the duffel bag. We didn’t want to chug along a million dollars plus what we’d already had in the duffel bag.
“Corey, I think it’s time for us to leave.”
Corey and I took our belongings and then exited the room. We walked down to the ground floor, scanned the area, and then began our exit of the castle.
“Cynthia, I have this gut feeling that we’re being trailed. Actually, I’ve had this feeling for some time now. I don’t know what it is! I just feel like someone is trying to catch up to me. Furthermore, I feel a close/special connection to him. Yes, I’ve dreamt about this person and it’s always a ‘HE’ in my dream.”
I comforted Corey with kind words and reassurance. Thankfully, for the time being it worked.
Corey and I followed a treaded trail through a foggy area. Although it was exciting we didn’t know what was on the other side. We didn’t even know what dimension we were in.
We continued following the treaded trail until we saw the peripheral of our new home. We briskly walked into it. It didn’t take long for Cynthia to indicate that she knew what city we were in.
“Corey, do you know what City we’re in?”
“No, I have absolutely no idea where we are!”
“Corey, we’re back in Montreal! I understand what happens now. Whenever we enter a doorway there’s no telling where we’ll end up; we enter a new dimension where everything is different to the point of being bizarre. However, whenever we leave from the castle door we end up in Montreal. Therefore, logic has it that the castle is in Montreal. But for some unknown reason it’s not seen by any except a select few. Who, when, or why it was built is a big mystery.
Corey, Montreal will suit us just fine. I wouldn’t be surprised if my fat ‘bank account’ was still in the bank. Anyhow, we must get ourselves settled down. Afterwards, we can look for Mr. Right. But under no circumstances whatsoever will I ever settle for a fleshy android. I want someone in the flesh who’s also a real person. Besides, this fleshy android venture is a pain.
Corey, you will help me find Mr. Right, won’t you?”
“Cynthia, listen, please, I think the man in the picture should be your husband. I have this gut feeling that you and I should be with him. I know that he’s a special person. There’s something about him that I can’t explain.
Anyway, let’s keep walking. Wait, why don’t you call up your bank? Give them your account number and name and the rest is a breeze.”
“Corey, you’re a genius cat! I love you!”
“Thanks Cynthia, I’ve always enjoyed flattery.”
I removed my cell phone from my shoulder bag then called the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). I was hoping that it was open. We had no way of knowing what day of the week it was. It looked like a typical Sunday late morning, slow and empty.
I let the phone ring seven times before hearing an automated answer. The bank was closed and would re-open on Monday. I was right! It was Sunday.
“Cynthia, why don’t you get into your account from your cell phone?”
“Corey, I’ll give you the URL and my account number. You’re better at this than I am.”
“Okay, hand me your cell phone.”
I gave Corey the URL for the RBC, my account number, and my secret password.
Lo and behold, Corey got me in. I had 2.45 million dollars in my checking account and investments. Not bad.
“Corey, now ... here ... take back my phone. I want you to find out where we live.”
Cynthia, look inside your shoulder bag. I think you’ll find the proper papers. Remember last time? We had a nice home and plenty of money.”
I found a one year lease, pre-paid for an apartment in the downtown core; the juncture at Maisonneuve Street and Guy Street. Also, I had an apartment on Sherbrooke Avenue near Westmount Park.
“Corey, do you want to go to our downtown core apartment or to the suburb apartment in Westmount?”
“Cynthia, normally I wouldn’t want to draw too much attention to ourselves at this early stage. We don’t know who’s who and we haven’t proven to ourselves that we can fit. I think we should tour the city to get a feel of it. If we don’t like it we can re-enter the castle and return for another sweep.”
“Corey that sounds nice. But I caution against lowering our guards. We may have formidable enemies in this city. I mean ... we don’t know how many others are like us.”
Corey and I scanned the area just in case there was trouble nearby. After noticing nothing out of the ordinary we began our walk to the downtown core. We were near Lionel Groulx Metro Station.
There was a ballpark nearby. But this ballpark looked familiar. Why so? I asked Corey about it.
“Corey, does that ballpark look familiar to you?”
“Gosh it’s the same ballpark in the picture! It’s the same ballpark we saw in the castle picture!”
There were kids playing ball at the park. We could almost smell their happiness. Kids should enjoy their youth before they become old. Childhood only comes by once and it’s always finite and too short.
“Cynthia, let’s watch the ball game! I’ve always loved baseball! No, I want more! I want to play ball!”
“Corey, we can go there later. For now we have pressing business. We have to settle down and know what were up against. Life’s often rough and full of challenges. As such, we must be prepared to take it on head first.”
I could see the love of baseball on Corey’s face. Unfortunately, no cat had ever played ball on my Earth because they were forbidden to do so. Only humans are allowed to play ball in any league. That’s a shame because Corey’s always been a super athlete, and a brave one at that.
We continued our walk towards the downtown core scanning the area as we walked. We made sure to remember as many street names as possible. These same streets were to be used as a reference point in case we had to return to the castle. As soon as we got to Atwater Street Corey and I decided to bypass Alexis Nihon Plaza and the Pepsi Forum. All this inter-dimensional travelling zapped much of our energy reserves. Besides, Corey and I were overdue for a ‘thumbsucking’.
“Cynthia, let’s walk on Tupper Street. The shady side’s relatively quiet.”
“Okay Corey. Let’s go to Tupper Street. Thereafter, we can walk due west. Our apartment is nearby. Taking a longer route won’t kill us. I mean, you and I can sleep it off when we get home.”
Corey and I walked to Tupper Street and then went due east until reaching St. Mathieu Street. We took a left, crossed St. Catherine Street and then continued on home.
As soon as we reached the juncture between Guy Street and Maisonneuve Street Corey and I looked at our apartment building for a full minute. This was to be one of our beloved homes.
We entered our apartment building in full earnest. Thankfully, I had a scanning card, house key, and mailbox key in my shoulder bag. Corey and I were set!
We walked to the elevators, pressed nine and then waited patiently for one of the doors to open.
A short while later the door for elevator #3 opened. We entered the elevator and then waited patiently for our ‘important entry’.
“Corey, I want you to brace yourself before we enter our apartment. There’s no telling what’s therein.”
“Okay, but don’t worry. I’ll always be here for you.”
As soon as we entered our apartment we were rushed with a feeling of relief and euphoria. The apartment was beautiful! The furniture was beautiful! The apartment smelled beautiful! We had nothing to worry about.
I closed the door behind me then instructed Corey to ‘scrutinize’ the entire apartment before hitting the sack.
After thirty minutes of ‘scrutinizing’ we were satisfied that everything was just right. It was now time to hit the sack.
“Corey, we have two bedrooms in this apartment. Would you like to sleep in my room or in your bedroom tonight? Or what if I make you a temporary sleeping area in living room?”
“No, let me sleep with you until we’re settled down and know our place in this city. I’m not scared to sleep alone ... really!”
“Corey, I know you’re not. I had to know where you wanted to sleep. Sleeping arrangements are very important.”
Deep down inside I knew that Corey was afraid to sleep alone that first night. It would take him at least a week to become accustomed to sleeping alone. Mind you, I wasn’t afraid to sleep alone. I wanted Corey to sleep with me because I loved him, not because I was afraid that a creepy monster was going to slither up into my bed AND GANG-RAPE ME LIKE JEFF AND HIS WICKED FRIENDS! See, I’m a normal woman, not like those poor victims who can’t think straight.
The following three months went by smoothly. We had money, two apartments, and all of the identification cards that we needed. The Metro stations and city buses were within walking distance. Restaurants, movie theatres, supermarkets, malls, and a generally friendly and laid back atmosphere were in the air. The downtown core and the suburbs are nice to see and walk in. The city in general isn’t riddled with many high crime areas; certainly not while I’m walking with my bodyguard Corey Jameson.
However, there was one strange incident that occurred while Corey and I were walking on Sherbrooke Street. We were heading east and as soon as we crossed the Sherbrooke Street and Greene Avenue juncture I got a creepy feeling. Goose bumps, coldness inside me, and high anxiety hit me like a ton of bricks. I felt like an evil entity was following us; evil like Jeff!
Anyhow, as we continued our walk eastwards the feeling slowly faded away. I mean ... there was no way in hell that Jeff could ever find us in Montreal in this particular dimension, right?

I’m an inter-dimensional traveller from a place I shall refer to as Planet X. You cannot pronounce the real name of my home planet and I also choose to keep it a secret.