Manifesto: Canada Cat HTML version

I finally found my opportunity! That little creepy cat Toby
Matheson was my ‘passageway’ out of the stinking ISLE OF HELL!
I’d spent GOD knows how long surrounded by molten lava, unable
to plan any king of an escape, even an imaginary one in my
beautiful head. Mind you, I’m not exaggerating. My head really
is beautiful. Many a girls have said that.
Many drop dead gorgeous women were lucky enough to be my
‘special ladies’ for the night. Of those countless women a good
proportion of them were married. That made ‘our escapade’ even
more enjoyable. But some, even after I’d made it clear to them
that it was only a ‘passing act’ fell in love with me. I didn’t
like that at all! Here they are married and all, having an
affair with an incredible guy like ‘Jeff’ and they expected me
to somehow forget all those other women and marry them. Mind
you, I never had any pity for them or their foolish husbands.