Maniac Traffic Crazy Buyers HTML version

this site is just not paying off like it should be.
This is where the power of “The List” comes in. You may or
may not have heard of “The money is in the list”. While this is true
what it really comes down to is the people on your list who can open
their pockets and buy what you have to offer them right now. Building
YOU first before your business is key to building those huge down
lines you hear about.
The method you will be using is simple.
1. Get the best auto responder and mailer out there AWeber
2. Build a squeeze page and offer something of value on it that
has to do with what you will be promoting to this list.
3. Drive unlimited traffic to this new squeeze page
4. Effectively email your new list and get them to take action
5. Keeping your list active so they buy off you more then one time