Maniac Traffic Crazy Buyers HTML version

Chapter 1: Introduction
This ebook aims to teach you how to start making a real income
online and what parts are needed before you can do so successfully.
Over 7 years of my experience has been placed into this e-book and
will show you the common costly mistakes people make when
building an income online.
It is a fact that over 97% of you are already failing, losing more
money each day as you buy more advertising for your business. Take
this ebook in fully and understand the inner workings of it. Read it
over a few times and start taking action right away. This proven
method has earned me a steady income which keeps increasing
each month!
I know you are more then likely promoting some type of web
site that is not your own. A site where you are given a basic referral
link which includes your username or ID number. Think to yourself
how many others are doing this very same thing you are doing right
this moment. While you may be drawing in a referral here and there
the numbers are just not adding up with the time you spend
promoting it. Your downlines never stay active and never seem to
grow at a steady rate. The effort you are putting into the promotion of