Mango Mouth HTML version

“Good Morning Daddy”, she replies as she hugs him tight with her eyes squeezed
“Come now child let go of your daddy so he can prepare to do his work”, her
mother says with a serious tone in her voice.
Mango mouth hugs him even tighter knowing her mother is only teasing her.
“Anything yet?” her father asks.
“Just something slight” she replies still hugging him very tight, “Very slight”.
“The season coming late this year.” her mother says.
“Last year this time Annie was covered in juice from head to toe.” her father
Mango Mouth laughs out loud while still hugging her father and says, “I even got
“Yes and talking about fat, OH my back!” groans her father.
“Daddy!” she says, loosening the hug so she can look him in the face.
“You are getting heavy!” he replies still smiling.
“Daddy!” she says again feigning hurt.
Simon could not hold his laughter any longer; it burst out filling the entire house.
The other children laugh as they hear it. If there is one thing they all miss when
they are away from home, it is the sound of their father’s laughter every morning.
They pray it will last forever.
“Daddy!” continues Mango Mouth between her own laughter and tears of joy.
“O.K., O.K., you are as light as a feather.” he says between his laughs.
“Time to let your daddy go Annie.” her mother finally says.