Mango Mouth HTML version

family’s land. The land is populated with many varieties of fruit trees- mangoes
included as if I needed to say, vegetable plants and livestock. This is the norm in
Toco, regardless of which section you live in. The land owned by those on the
northern section extends up the mountain. Those owned by those on the
southern section normally covers both sides of the river. Narrow wooden bridges
link both sides of the river since a few villagers live across the river and have to
cross daily. A few use river boats to make the crossing, especially to deliver their
produce to the trucks and vans which transports it to the markets and factories
across the island. Mango mouth can open her window and view all of these
activities as she stands on her bed looking out every morning.
Most mornings, whether it is school or vacation time, she will forget everything as
she closely observes the daily activities of the farmers including her parents.
However this morning is different, mango season is approaching. So she is looking
and smelling for something special, the first sign of growing, ripening fruit. Where
she got this gift or how is a mystery even to her. All she knows is that she can
sense when the fruit is around even if it is on one of the trees over the river.
School is on vacation so there is no hurry to move from her observation point at
her window.
“Good Morning Annie”, her mother Indra says as she enters the bedroom, giving
her the usual tight hug and a long wet kiss on the cheek. Mango Mouth bursts
into laughter instantly. She just reacts this way every morning to her mother’s hug
and kiss.
“Good Morning mommy” she says as she hugs and kisses her mother.
“What is this I hear, laughter before I have arrived?” her father says as he enters
the bedroom with his usual wide smile.
“Yes Daddy, just warming up for you!” Mango Mouth says between laughs as she
is warmed by a hug and wet kiss from her father.
“Good Morning Annie.”