Mango Mouth HTML version

By Victor Peter-George ©22-7-2010
Chapter One
A gentle morning breeze crawls down the lush green hills and tenderly strokes the
leaves of the trees, as it cools the quiet country village of Toco, a farming
community peacefully resting in a valley under the protecting embrace of the
Pariah Hills. The lazy Guapo River runs through Toco quenching its thirst
whenever the need arises.
Toco is known island wide for the many crops its fertile land produces so
effortlessly. However the sweetness of its numerous varieties of mangoes is
almost legendary. So tempting is the taste of these mangoes that all of its
inhabitants eagerly await the mango season. When they can sink their teeth into
the juicy flesh of a mango and savour the taste as nectar runs down chin, fingers
and arms.
One little girl living in Toco named Annie, is known by the villagers to have a huge
appetite for the mangoes. Annie who is just 9 years old seems to know before
anyone else in the village, which tree will bear the first mango and which will ripe
first. Every mango season since her fifth birthday, Annie is always the first person
in the village to be seen eating a mango. She also knows where the largest
mangoes can be found. Therefore it came as no surprise to anyone living in Toco
that Annie got the name ‘Mango Mouth’. No one can recall who gave her the
name or at what age she acquired it, Annie just became ‘Mango Mouth’.
Mango mouth lives in one of the larger houses in Toco, with her parents, two
brothers and two sisters. Her house is situated alongside the winding narrow road
which runs through the center of Toco, dividing the village into two equal parts.
The northern section slopes directly from the first Pariah hill until it meets the
road. The southern section slopes from the road down to the Guapo River,
crosses it and ascends the other Pariah hill. Mango mouth lives in the Southern
section with the window to her room facing the river, looking down upon her