Man's Search For Spirituality: A Chronological Presentatin HTML version

Man‘s Search for Spirituality: by E. Christopher Reyes, Dimiao, Bohol, 6305
This book is dedicated to those brave individuals who refuse to be led blindly through life,
And seek enlightenment in order to listen to God‘s advice.
And to all those who have suffered at the hands of those who proclaim
To be the instruments of the God whose name
Is our Lord. In his infinite wisdom, may He look down upon us
And forgive those who profane and discuss
His name by using it to make man to suffer.
In our quest for knowledge we seek a God to buffer
Us from the everyday pain and prejudices to make life softer.
We need not agree on each and every one
Of the many aspects of the Scriptures of when life began,
Suffice it to say the intention of God is to lessen the errors
And sufferings of the begotten creatures for our character;
Not to inundate us with pedantic rhetoric from the pulpits;
Nor the lies of the priests for their benefits.
Man, in all his inquisitiveness is abundantly obsessed by a pit
Of damnation and less on the spiritual world that is righteous
And fair in its treatment of all of God‘s creatures thus.
May this abundance of righteousness some day spread to all of us
In this material world that we may also treat our brother illustrious
As equals and in fairness, in justness and in fairness.
The evils we do, we do not in God‘s name, but our own.
To Pope Pius XII, -I like your Christ, but I do not like your Christians. | ~Mahatma Gandhi