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No News
The Tenth of January
The Day of My Death
"Little Tommy Tucker"
One of the Elect
What Was the Matter?
In the Gray Goth
Kentucky's Ghost
No News.
None at all. Understand that, please, to begin with.
That you will at
once, and distinctly, recall Dr. Sharpe--and his wife, I
make no doubt.
Indeed, it is because the history is a familiar one,
some of the
unfamiliar incidents of which have come into my
possession, that I
undertake to tell it.
My relation to the Doctor, his wife, and their friend,
has been in many
respects peculiar. Without entering into explanations
which I am not at
liberty to make, let me say, that those portions of
their story which
concern our present purpose, whether or not they fell
under my personal
observation, are accurately, and to the best of my
judgment impartially,
Nobody, I think, who was at the wedding, dreamed that