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This guide is not intended to be a full resource on the subject of PLR, but serves as a useful tool, an Overview on how you can profit in PLR material.

We recommend you purchase the Video Guide that works hand in hand with this guide at:

Making money on the Internet is not as hard as it may first seem. And with the development of the Private Label craze, it has become even easier for an entrepreneur such as yourself to grab the market by the horns and make some capital gains.

The approach to selling PLR material is not too dissimilar to creating your own product. And you have a massive head start with a solid base to work from, but only if you get the right products, in the right niches.

So how do you know that you are in the right niche?

In this introductory guide, we will explore researching a niche market and qualifying its profit potential, well before we even begin setting up our own product to sell.

Getting Started – Qualify your Niche

How do you know if a market will make you any money?

Where to carry out your own research, and how to virtually steal business from your competition will all be revealed in the pages below, so get reading :

Let us pretend for our example that we would like to get into the Pet Niche. We know that many people have pets, and love to spend time and MONEY on them. So we already know that our market qualifies as one with expendable income.

But let’s do some basic research to get a feel for our marketplace.

We are going to be specific on our search, as we recently purchased a puppy and went through the hell of house training him.. After talking to other dog lovers online in forums, we realize that this has potential in its own market.


Here are some of the Paid for results that came up in Google.

What I would do now is to track these ads over a period of 10-14 days.

This will show us who is paying for ads consistently, to what site they are directing (affiliate or own site) and will allow us to gather good market data.

A quick look at Google data will then tell us what we could expect to pay for this keyword and the amount of daily clicks we could receive.

This will allow us to test out our market, BEFORE we even set up a PLR Product site :

So How do you do the Acid Test? BEFORE you invest too much into your new PLR Product site?

The ACID Test

Google now provides us with KEY DATA, right on its search box :



By clicking the Traffic Estimator link, it gives us a great idea of cost per click (CPC) and Traffic estimation, and total spend per day.


The writing above is a little small, but if you look closely, you can see that Google estimates that with this keyword phrase, we would potentially see 8-9 clicks per day at around a $1.02 cost per click.

I would investigate this further, and also look for suggested search terms that would be cheaper and more productive, but even on a CPC this high we can still test our market.
A quick zip over to reveals a similar story on our Niche Market.

00006.jpgThey do not estimate as many clicks per day as Google, but they also have a very wide range in CPC from $0.49 to $1.38.

Remember, that our market is not like searching on a very broad term. We are closing our market clicks down to those that will only want specific information.

If we run an adwords campaign to test our market and ensure that our advert attracts potential buyers only, then we can have a good acid test of our marketplace.

NOTE: In our test phase, we are only looking to qualify our market, not to actually drive heavy traffic at this point. In our video series, we cover more about ways in which you can do this.

By clicking on advertisers in SpyFu, we can see what they are estimated to be spending, how many clicks they are getting and use this research to set up our own campaign.


If you were to visit this site above, you would see that they have a product they are selling for $39.95. A DIRECT sales page from a Google Adwords spend.

So you can see by the time that have been online, and by doing our 10-14 day analysis that these guys have been around for a while.

This tells me that there is a market to be played in here : But before you go diving into your Private Label Rights product, you can do some more tests to see how effective your potential product could be.. AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, how you could IMPROVE upon what is already in the marketplace.

“Speculate to accumulate”

With reasonable planning, and good business sense, we can now move onto phase II of our Acid Test of qualifying our market BEFORE we create our full blown product AND furthermore we can use this money we are about to invest in advertising for a 2 pronged approach.

I would set aside at this point $200 for an advertising campaign on Google.

Here is how I would use that money to ensure I am in a good potential marketplace, and then explode my income via my PLR product.

.... Are you ready for this?


In step 1 above, we are setting up our ad campaign in Google to start collecting names for our list.

In Step 2, we would give them a free report on their niche. So in our example, it would be on house training your dog. This is only a short 10-18 page report to be of use to them:

I would then announce that if they enter their details in the box on the page, I will send them our full house training guide for free once it is completed as a thank you for their time.

(Limit this to the first 50 who give you good feedback, around half of your budgeted spend).
Ask each person to give you one question that they would most like answered about their problem, reason for searching the site etc.

Collate this information, as it will be invaluable content for your actual PLR Product. Please remember, that while some PLR products are very professional and good, others need a lot of TLC to make a quality product.

Even those that are good in the first instance, it is better to add value and content to them to make yours stand out from your competition.

By gathering a list, you can then continue to build rapport and even suggest affiliate products at this point as a thank you.


i.e Many thanks [First_name] for filling out our brief questionnaire at our site –

I look forward to sending you a free full product copy once it is completed to our satisfaction. We are even including a video guide which I know you will love about “How to teach your Puppy to alert you”.

In the meantime, on my research, I came across this excellent book which went some way to helping me get started with Alfred, my pet Springer Spaniel. The book is informative enough to get started and was in part the inspiration for my own product I will be sending to you in due course.
You can take a closer look here:

(Please note the example domain is not real, if it is, then good for them if they get more traffic lol).

The thing here is that you will see some affiliate sales this way, and it will help offset your own advertising costs, and in some cases it will even result in a profit for you : Great, more to invest in our own product!

Now you are in a strong position.


You have qualified your market by seeing what results you get (very quickly) using Adwords to your advantage.


Your visitors have then contributed to ideas and content for your new product.

You may have made sales of related affiliate products (which providing you follow up with your new list and word it correctly, you should do.) This is a good indicator of people willing to spend money too.

Now you can make that all important choice of investing in that PLR product in detail and drawing up your added extras and benefits that will then allow you to take some of the clicks away from your competitor and onto your own product. Of course, the sneaky thing you could do at this point is this...

“Sorry.. this is way to valuable information to share in this free report. Read on to find out how you can get this awesome little Gem of Information ...”

I hope that you got a great bunch of light bulbs going off in your head as you read our free little report?

The point here is to be creative with your PLR research and your product, and you really can begin to make money in virtually any niche market if you qualify it in the first place.

Imagine for one moment you did this and began making just $100 profit per week from your new product. This is not hard to achieve. Let us take an ebook selling at $37 where you are keeping all the profit (remember, once you have a good product, you too can recruit affiliates). The awesome part then, is others are paying to advertise for YOU!

Each 50 visits, brings you a sale. Each visit costs you $0.50cents. With your keyword research, you start to achieve just 100 visits to your site per day (highly targeted people looking for information to help them).

100 * 0.50cents = $50. Plus each book costs you $4 in fees to the company running your offer (say you used Clickbank). From the above calculation, you make just 2 sales. This equals $74 in revenue.

Your costs are $58 for your advertising and your fees, leaving you a profit per day of only $16 or $112 per week.


Then, over a 6 month period, you released just one product per month in this way.

After just 6 months, you could have an income of $672 per week from just 6 Niche Product sites. That is an annual income of $34,944.00 per year, for not a lot of work. It would not take long to replicate this, especially once you grasp being a project manager and outsourcing the bulk of your projects.

Of course, as you add more products to your range, you will still see profits coming from your first ventures, so your income begins to compound month on month.

We have a recipe book that is still selling to this day. Well over 18 months after it was very first released. How many products could you have on the market in 18 months :

This guide only serves to wet your appetite for the true potential the Internet offers you right now. We would highly recommend you now continue your study to learn the full process in detail.
Now that you’re ready to watch over 2 hours 30 minutes of pure content on Making Money with Private Label Rights, head over to our site at:

Included in the pack is a resource report that gives you the resources we use to build our income with Private Label Rights, but it also includes our sneaky trick to building a MASSIVE list of people to sell your product for you in double fast time! (The little Sneaky Gem I mentioned earlier).

To your Success,


Mark Ziegler and ZigPro Media:


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