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Making Money With Affiliate Programs
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There is a huge selection of Affiliate Programs available to you on the web. Choosing
the right one for you to market is never an easy task. However these features
(described above) are necessary components of a professionally managed affiliate
Remember Affiliate Programs are a “buyers market.” So choose programs which have
these preferred features, and a product or service you believe in.
Make sure you do plenty of research before joining any affiliate program.
Commissions - The Higher the Better
A good way to identify if the management of an affiliate program you’re thinking of
joining is serious about their affiliate program is by the commissions (percentage of
sales) they’re willing to pay you for your effort.
If someone is offering you 10% commission and they are keeping the rest, then you
need to ask yourself this… "Should I really be in this affiliate program?”
An affiliate program I recently joined called ‘E-Book Marketing Explained’ pays out
45% commission to their affiliates and another 10% on the 2nd tier.
That’s 55% of the sale price!
The owners of the program only keep 45% of the sale price, and it’s from this
percentage that they also take out their costs. Now, either they’ve gone completely
mad, or they are very smart.
I suspect they’re very smart.
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