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Are You Using Classified Ads in Ezines?
If not, then you should be. They are much more effective than traditional online
classifieds. This is mainly because they’re more targeted.
How many ezines do you think there are on the Internet.
No one really knows. However there are some estimates of between 160,000 -
And, guess what? Most of these ezines have a subscriber base of fewer than 2,000
subscribers. Few people target these low subscriber base ezines. The big boys just
target the large subscriber base ezines.
So, there’s a huge overlooked market here that can get your targeted ezine ad in front
of tens of thousands of people. Don’t overlook the smaller ezines.
These are three ways you can negotiate deals with ezine publishers for mutual
Ezine Ad Swaps.
You can swap ezine ads with other ezine editors. The cost to you – ZERO! You just
approach another ezine editor and ask them to swap 6 ads in their next 6 issues. And
you will feature their ezine ad in your next 6 issues.
Paid Ezine Ads
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