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Making Money With Affiliate Programs
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I strongly recommend that you only use a professional auto-responder system.
Different auto-responder systems have different features, and prices. Compare their
features before choose the system that’s right for you.
As there are so many auto-responder systems available on the web, any list I could
provide here would not be comprehensive, so I choose not to do this. However, as a
starting point choose a system that doesn’t limit the number of messages that you
send. You’ll be able to get a robust auto-responder system for under $25.00 a month.
Web Design Tips for Affiliate Web Sites
For affiliates running their own web site, or those thinking of starting their own web
site, the following web design tips should help convert more visitors into sales.
1. Your main goal as an affiliate is to get people to click
your affiliate links, so make it very easy for visitors to do so. You have to actually tell
them to click the link. Have a ‘click here’ for every affiliate link on your site.
2. Content. Content. Content. Give visitors what they want. They want good quality
content and lots of it. Articles, tips, newsletter archives and details of each product or
service on your site.
3. The fewer pictures the better. Lots of graphics slow sites down, and as you are an
affiliate you want the visitor to click your affiliate link. If your web site takes a long
time to load your visitor may just leave and not even get a chance to click the affiliate
4. Use a simple layout with a prominent, easy to find link to each major page on your
site. Complicated sites with lots of graphics and the latest design features are great in
theory, but the keep-it-simple strategy works best for affiliates.
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