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Making Money With Affiliate Programs
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A way around this problem is to take the links to the affiliate programs OFF your
home page. Put them on your subsidiary pages instead.
This way a visitor has to click through a few pages on your site to get to these affiliate
links. And, while they’re doing this they’re getting to know you better.
They might find out that you offer a newsletter at your site, or that you have some
great articles that you or others have written.
They may like what they see, and when they do they’re more likely to return to your
site again at a later date. You see what’s happened here by making this small change?
Your visitor got to learn a bit more about you and your web site, and they’re much
more likely to return again.
Now, they’ll still end up getting to the affiliate link that they wanted to get to. It just
took them a little bit more time. And in the meantime, you’ve left some sort of
positive impression on your visitor in the process
There are just so many web sites out there and so many people promoting affiliate
links. You have just one opportunity to develop a relationship with your visitor. By
placing affiliate links on your sites’ subsidiary pages you’ll have a better chance of
doing this.
The Secrets of a higher "Conversion Ratio"
As an affiliate promoting programs, you need to know the conversion ratio of each
program to which you belong.
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