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Making Money With Affiliate Programs
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This would be a site with only two pages. On the first page place the link to the
product itself. On the second page include a description of the affiliate program, and
place the link to the affiliate program sign up page.
Your main goal is to actually direct visitors to the second page where they can sign up
for the affiliate program.
You’ll get more commissions from signing up affiliates in your 2nd tier than from
visitors directly buying the product through your affiliate link. This is because more
people will be interested in the affiliate program rather than the product. However,
when they join the affiliate program, many of them will actually buy the product or
In summary, think about using your site as an affiliate program site AND a sales site.
It gives you two bites at the cherry, and having 2nd tier affiliates means you can be
earning commissions for many years to come.
Fewer Links = More Profits
Have you got too many links on your site?
I saw a site today that had only four visible links on its home page. Three of those
links were text links and linked to other pages within the same web site. Therefore
there was actually only one link to a different site.
Is this site operating profitably?
I’m really not sure but the information on the site was very good, and this got me
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