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Making Money With Affiliate Programs
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something different. Do not continue using the same techniques if they’re are
not working.
Use Newsgroups, but do this in a clever way. Stand out from the crowd. Use
Newsgroups to announce new articles that you’ve written. However, make sure
that you read the rules of each newsgroup before you post to it, and never, ever
Do not use graphics that will slow down the loading of your web page. If your
selling or pre-selling information is predominantly text, your site will load
much faster. My site has one graphic on it. That’s right, just ONE.
Subscribe to a number of newsletters, which are related to the theme of your
web site. You can always get a lot of valuable affiliate tips from good
Post articles that other webmasters have written on your site, but ask them first.
You can even do your own review of other people’s articles.
Find out whether any affiliate programs you belong to have articles on their
site, and find out if you can post them on your site. Then include your affiliate
link back to the affiliate site at the end of the each article.
Be an Affiliate Site AND a Sales Site
Are you just a sales site reselling affiliate products and services?
You’ve probably seen sites that sell a product or service and noticed that they also
have an affiliate program, which you can join. There is often a link at the top left or at
the bottom of the site, which says “Affiliate Program”.
Not only can you buy the product or service, but you can also sell it and earn a
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