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Making Money With Affiliate Programs
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To be successful with affiliate programs you need to be disciplined and consistent
with your marketing. Set aside a couple of hours each day for the marketing of your
affiliate programs, and I guarantee you that your monthly affiliate check will begin to
You may even become a Super Affiliate one day!
Affiliate Marketing Techniques That Get Results
These are techniques that (when used consistently) bring good results.
Spend time trying to get a higher ranking in the various search engines for your
web sites. Learn as much as you can about search engines and make it a weekly
task to try to improve your rankings in them.
The word "free" and especially when written "FREE" is over used. Use it only
occasionally on your site. For example you could use it to give away a free E-
Book or free article you have written.
Spend 75% of your time marketing your web site and affiliate programs and
25% of your time working on them. Most people spend about 10% to 20%
marketing their web site and affiliate programs. Then again, most people online
do not make any money.
Use text links rather than banners for your affiliate programs. Text links have a
much higher click through ratio. People have trained themselves to ignore
Write you own articles and post them on a separate page on your site. Then
submit them to the following article resource sites:
Check your clicks and sales regularly at your affiliate web site. If you see a
slowdown in clicks and/or sales then alter your marketing tactics. Try
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