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Hi, I’m Kamla Regrello, Head Makeup Artist for Sacha Cosmetics.
Since joining Sacha, I have had the opportunity to travel with my
makeup team to several countries to work the international beauty
pageants. I was the head makeup artist for the Miss Universe, Miss USA,
the Miss Jamaica, the Miss Trinidad and Tobago and several other
international pageants.
This is a tremendous experience for me, since I have the opportunity to
work with every possible skin tone and skin type. Imagine, just after
doing the makeover for Miss Japan, the next delegate to plop herself
down on your makeup chair is Miss Nigeria! This is why I love working
with the Sacha brand. No matter what skin tone I am faced with, I’m
Over the years, I have also learnt a lot more about makeup from the
person who actually manufacturers the Sacha brand. This has given me
valuable insight into not only how, but also why some products perform
so well and why others simply don’t cut it.
Makeup Secrets Revealed is therefore far more than a step-by-step
makeup guide. It is a no-nonsense publication crammed with amazing
makeup tips and valuable information straight from the horse’s mouth.
I begin by discussing with you how and why you should look after your
skin, how to select the right foundation, simple techniques on how you
should apply your eye shadow and blush and how to shape your
I will also introduce you to Sacha’s wonderful line of camouflage makeup
which easily conceals all skin blemishes, from acne to stretch marks with
the same natural coverage as their regular foundations.
This is my gift to you. After reading it, if you have any questions, please
drop me a line at and I would be
happy to answer them.
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