Make a Million with Your Mailing List HTML version

Your computer displays a list of your calls and
to-dos scheduled for the day
With another click, you print out driving
directions to your client’s office for this afternoon’s
With a simple mouse click, you instantly see
detailed information and notes about your first
customer meeting and then…the computer dials
the number for you!
At the end of the month, you easily produce an
activity report that shows exactly how you spent your
time and the dollar amount of all your sales.
While you’re on the phone, you make notes about
your conversation and delegate a follow-up “to do”
for your assistant. You’re confident it will be done
(and you have a way to verify that it has been).
Finding information you need, when you need it, is
just one of the signs of a successful sales organization. A
longer-term indicator of sales accomplishment is the
ability to build personal relationships with your
customers so you can leverage referrals.
Next you click on a single icon and create a pre-
written confirmation letter to the customer you just
spoke with. Two more clicks, and you’ve faxed (or e-
mailed) a letter to her, directly from your computer. (By
the way, a record of your conversation has been
automatically inserted in the client’s record.)
Let’s move to Step 2 where we’ll start incorporating
a method for segmenting your database to begin shifting
your business from a “one-to-one selling paradigm” to a
2. Add 3 critical data fields to
Your customer is amazed at how much you
remembered about her (and her problem) from the last
call, not to mention how impressed she is by how
quickly you have followed up with her request.
your marketing database:
Referred By/Source - To track successful
advertising/networking strategies and identify
how each contact got into your database
Next you send a personalized mail-merged email
message to 15 new prospects and a separate V.I.P. pre-
sale announcement to your top 10 customers.
ID/Status - To categorize contacts into marketing
Your first call has been made, you've scheduled your
next action, sent out a confirmation letter and emailed
15 prospects—and your first cup of coffee isn’t even
cold yet. Now, that’s profiting from your database!
Last Results - To track the date each contact was
talked to last. Now you
have a way to query
the database so no
contact is ever lost in
your follow-up plan.
At 9:25, an alarm pops up on your screen to
remind you about a scheduled phone call for 9:30. The
call-back was scheduled for you by a co-worker who
took the call while you were out. With one click she
pulled up your quote and answered basic questions. Then
she scheduled a follow-up call for you for this morning
to negotiate the price changes they were looking for.
3. Clean it up!
You’ve imported “your world” from all your “list
sources,” such as your website inquiries, Outlook
- 3 -