Make a Million with Your Mailing List HTML version

Got customers?
Increasing job satisfaction of your current sales
force because you’re giving them an easy way to
build stronger relationships with their customers
with no extra effort on their part
Then you’re perfectly positioned to grow your
business with one of the easiest, low-cost, no-risk
marketing strategies available—leveraging your
customer database.
Reducing the cost of unprofitable advertising
If you’ve ever said, “I wish I had 100 more customers
just like X,” then you intuitively understand the principle
of database marketing.
To make a million with your mailing list, several key
ingredients are required. Here are The Database Diva’s
12 steps to get you started.
Think about it:
Your customers listen to you, don’t they?
Prospects start out skeptical.
1. Invest in a true
marketing database,
Customers regard you as an authority; prospects
think you’re “just a salesperson trying to sell
like ACT! Software,
where you enter your “entire world”. This includes
customers, prospects, vendors, friends and family. Make
it easy to find who you need when you need them.
Customers return your phone calls;
prospects...well you get the picture.
Did you know that according to productivity experts,
your IQ drops 10 points with multi-tasking! Worse,
executives waste six weeks per year searching for lost
You’ve heard the truism that it’s 10 times easier to
sell an existing customer than to find a new one. And
you know the Pareto Principle that says 20% of your
clients are responsible for 80% of your sales. Then
doesn’t it make sense to do everything in your power to
sell even more of your products and services to
customers who already trust you, and then leverage their
happiness into word-of-mouth referral business that
doesn’t cost a dime?
With only one database, you instantly simplify your
life because no matter what you want to find out, you’ve
only got one place to look. No more searching in
Outlook folders, desktop piles, digging through your
purse or briefcase or reading Post-It Notes plastered all
over your monitor in order to find relevant customer data
that all staff members need access to. Now, with
everyone in the company putting everything in a single
database, you’ll be able to transfer up-to-date database
info daily to your handheld device, like a Palm Pilot or a
Besides increasing sales, selling more to customers
you already have has other payoffs as well, such as
The opportunity to decrease overhead expenses
by eliminating a low-performing sales rep or
postponing or eliminating a new sales hire (while
still keeping sales up)
Imagine arriving at the office and having your day,
your business, and your life under control…
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