Make Your Price Sell - The Master Course HTML version

All of this is critical information to have before you begin to set a price. But
here’s the rub…
For the small business owner, pricing guidance and pricing solutions are
limited on the Net -- unless you have deep pockets and can afford expensive
consultants or software packages.
Until now, that is…
Make Your Price Sell!, The Masters Course is your pricing “beacon of
light.” It provides you with the pricing theory and strategies you need to know in
order to determine the best price for your product – the “perfect price” that
maximizes profit for you… and for your customer.
Sam Pettengill clearly understood the importance of this win-win situation…
The successful producer of an article sells it for
more than it cost him to make, and that’s his profit.
But the customer buys it only because it is worth more
to him than he pays for it, and that’s his profit.
No one can long make a profit producing anything
unless the customer makes a profit using it.
In other words, if you put your need to make money before the needs of your
customers, you’re doomed. Customer satisfaction can make or break you.
The power of customer satisfaction, however, goes beyond the realm of pricing.
So before we continue with the course, let’s zoom out and get a “big picture”
view of your future…
Customer satisfaction is an essential part of your overall online success
Great Product + Perfect Price + Right Process = Satisfied Customer + Success
Achieve the first three, and the other two automatically fall into place!
It’s easy to understand why Great Product is part of the equation. No
explanation is needed! And Sam has nicely helped us to understand how
Perfect Price fits into the picture (of course, after you complete Make Your
Price Sell!, The Masters Course, your understanding will be even
So this brings us to the Right Process
Most online businesses (about 98% or so), die quiet deaths of desperation due
to the wrong process. Many still believe in the offline mantra...