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I’m going to start out by showing you how you can earn your first $100 on the Internet today. In fact I’ll show you some screen shots of exactly what I did, to earn that much in just 37 minutes. The system I’m going to show you is very very simple, and you can always use it to pick up some extra cash, but it is NOT the best way to build a recurring income.

In some ways I feel I need to make a disclaimer. I feel that way because I don’t want you to feel “tricked” or hoodwinked in any way. This first exercise is designed to do two things.

 To get your first $100 or more from the Internet today..

 More importantly to show you that there are MILLIONS of people on the net every minute of every day looking for things that YOU can provide for them.

Then we’ll move on from there to explore some possible ways you can leverage that into a potentially HUGE ongoing income.

So now with that disclaimer out of the way… let’s see how to make a hundred bucks TODAY, and how I did it in 37 minutes.

The secret???? (Drum Roll Please…………………………………)

It’s no secret at all. I want you to look around the house and find something you really don’t need any more, and sell it on Craig’s list.

OK…. I told you it was simple, and once again I want to remind you that there’s a purpose to this simple exercise.


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If I can help you do that, then I can also help you to go on to create an ongoing income of whatever size you want. So work with me here OK? There’s a purpose here, and that is to demonstrate in a very tangible way that there are MILLIONS of people who are looking for something that YOU can offer each and every second of every day.

If you decide to move forward, there are many other ways to make money on the net, and I’m going to show you one of the easiest and cheapest ways to do it, but that first $100 is a huge milestone.

So I wanted to come up with an example that I could show you….

I did exactly what I’m recommending to you. I looked around, and found an old laptop computer. I had bought it at one time to carry with me in the car all the time, so at any time, using my wireless card I could log into some of the servers I was managing if they had any kind of a problem. But the problem for me was that the screen was so darned small it was hard for me to read it, so it basically just sat on the shelf hardly used at all.

So here’s the basic ad that I ran on Craigslist:

“This laptop works perfectly. I wanted something small and lightweight to carry on trips, but my old eyes are just too weak and I need a bigger screen.

It's a steal at $100. Carrying case included. 533 XXXX”

That’s all there was to it. I included a photo of the computer and posted it on my local Craigslist. Almost immediately I had a phone call from a lady who was very excited.

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She was close to me, but didn’t have transportation, so I took it over to her, and within 37 minutes I had a hundred dollar bill in my pocket that I’d received for an item I wasn’t Using. It was just taking up space.

Now it’s your turn.

I want you to do the same thing. Look around the house for something you don’t need anymore and put it onto Craig’s list.

I’ve sold items like computer parts, cameras, old computers, a fishing boat ALL within a day of the time that I put up the ads. We’ll be exploring other potentials too, but before you go there, please let’s get that first $100 or more in your pocket.

 Step 1: go to

 Step 2: Select your city from the list on the right hand side of the screen.

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 Step 3: Click on the “post to classifieds” link in the upper left hand side.

Next you’ll be led to a screen where you select the category…. Since we’re selling an item here, we’ll select “for sale”.

We have other categories too like, “job offered, resume/job wanted, housing offered, housing wanted, item wanted, gig offered, service offered, personal/romance, community, or event.”

After we’ve selected the “for sale” link we’re given lots of options….. in my case I chose

“computers and tech.”

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Always add an image when you’re selling on Craigslist…. It’s powerful and easy. When you click on the Add/Edit images, you’ll be able to browse your computer for the image you want to add…..

Then just click on continue and follow directions…. That’s ALL you need to do to collect at least $100 off the internet today!

But please do this…. And at the risk of repeating myself again, I wanted to take you through this first for two reasons.

 I want to show you how many people are searching the net at any given time for something that YOU can sell to them.

 Making that FIRST sale on the Internet is important. Now you can move on and create a self generating real income on the Internet.

Now let’s move on!

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How To Make a Very Good Living by


Ok… I hope you didn’t skip over that first exercise to generate your first $100 from the Internet. From here on I’m going to show you a very simple system you can use to make a continuing, ONGOING income whether you’re working on your next project, sleeping, or traveling around the world enjoying life.

My goal for you is that I can help you to stop depending on somebody else for your income. It’s just too risky!

I want to help YOU to get out of the Rat Race that I was in. I want to help you to build some simple reproducible things that can generate ongoing income for you, whether you work or not.

I will show you how you can create your own little branded ebooks which can be branded, downloaded and ready to go in less than 5 minutes. They will then go forth and create an automatic and recurring income for you for years to come. Don’t worry if you don’t understand what a branded ebook is, I’ll be showing you that a little later.


The real secret is not JUST to work for yourself, but it’s to be able to build individual sources of income that work for you whether you’re working at Page 12

your desk, or on a cruise like I am right now. I travel a lot, and almost always come back from a vacation, a cruise, or a business conference with more money in the bank than there was when I left.

Here’s a basic concept that you fully need to understand…..

As long as you are being paid directly from your efforts you’ll never get rich.

It doesn’t make any difference if you’re a brick layer, a doctor, attorney or whatever…. You are limited by the amount of TIME that you can sell in a day. We call it “trading hours for dollars”.

All wealthy people have made their money through multiplication. That is that they hired a lot of employees, they created investments, perhaps real estate, books, or SOMETHING else that generates income for them whether they work or not. That is a very basic concept that you MUST


That’s PASSIVE income, and that’s what we’re going to explain in this book. I’m going to teach you how to build passive money making robots that work for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

That is freedom.

That’s what life was meant to be!

My hope for you is that by following the steps in this book you’ll be able to Page 13


build a solid residual income. I want to see you build the kind of security that allows you to travel when and where you want, to live in the house of your dreams, and to just plain enjoy life.

Throughout this book, you’ll see this icon.

When you do, it is a reminder that this particular subject or idea is of MAJOR importance.

Please be sure that you understand it thoroughly.

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Make money by giving away ebooks!

Did you know that you can make money online, by simply giving away ebooks? That doesn't make sense, does it? But many people have made a lot of money in this way.

I met a young home-school mom who first introduced me to this concept.

She was making a VERY good income, by giving away ebooks. When I say a VERY good income, I mean just that! More than most doctors or lawyers… and she was doing it from her home office, while home -

schooling her children.

In the first part of this manual, I’m going to be showing you mainly how you can generate income by giving away THIS ebook. In the second part of the manual, we’ll show you how to create your OWN ebook to market almost any product you want.

It's called viral marketing….

Viral Marketing you say? What in the world

is Viral Marketing?

Well viral marketing is certainly nothing new…

It’s the OLDEST form of advertising ever devised.

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No… you don’t sell germs!

You may know it as word-of-mouth advertising. It’s the most effective form of marketing that you can ever use, and it’s FREE.

You do this all the time, maybe without even thinking about it.

I’m reminded about an incident, where I was in an airport shuttle telling some people about the GREAT breakfast I’d had that morning at Dave’s Diner and Brew just on the south edge of the Seattle Tacoma Airport. (It really IS great). I didn’t tell them that it’s owned by my brother!

Let’s say you decide to try Dave’s restaurant, and you find that the food is something right out of heaven. The service makes you feel like a VIP.

You'll tell your friends about it, won't you? If they like it, they'll tell other people about it, and they'll tell others, and so on.

Word about the restaurant spreads simply from people telling others about it.

Here’s another example:

What do you do after you’ve just seen a movie that you absolutely love?

What do you do when you go to work the next morning? You can’t wait to Page 16

tell your friends and co-workers about it. It’s human nature to share things that they like.

That’s all there is to Viral Marketing…. It’s just passing on the message, or in our case an ebook, from one person to another.

Selling products through viral ebooks is a powerful technique that can make you a LOT of money. I’m going to teach you how to “help” the process along.

Here’s the whole process, step by step.

How do you get started in Viral Ebook Marketing? Later we’ll talk about various ways you can (and SHOULD) use your OWN ebooks, and I’ll give you sources to get some pre-made ones that you can easily modify.

Step 1 You change THIS ebook around slightly so that YOU can make money every time somebody buys one of the recommended products. You use a very simple online software program to make this happen. I’ll show you exactly how to do that in just a little bit.

To start out with, you register with various merchants as an “affiliate”.

When you do that, they give you a special link called an “affiliate link”. Any time somebody clicks on that special link to go to the merchant’s site, you get paid a commission. You don’t have to deliver the product… they do all Page 17

of that. All you do is send people to their site, and you get paid. Pretty slick right? No inventory to handle, virtually NO expenses, just collect money.

I’ll take you to a special form online where you can sign up as an affiliate for the products recommended in this ebook, and then insert your affiliate links.

It’s all done online and it’s very simple.

The software inserts your special hyperlinks throughout the book. Whenever someone goes to that link and buys the product you’re recommending, you will receive a commission!


Inserting your own links into the ebook is called “branding” the ebook.

Relax, I’ll show you exactly how to do that… so don’t worry about it. If you can use a word processor you can do this. You won’t need to install any software, it’s all done online. If you can fill in a simple online form you can do this.

Step 2 You give the ebook to everyone you can. Call up your friends and relatives…. Give it out to everyone you know.

Later in the book I’ll show you ways that you can easily find thousands of new people to pass it out to every week. Many of these sources are FREE!

Step 3 You collect commission checks when people buy from YOUR

affiliate links that you branded into the ebook if they don’t brand the ebook.

Page 18


Step 4 Create your OWN viral ebook and repeat the process on your own.

I’ll show you where to get the materials for your ebooks and how to modify them to make them YOURS. You can complete the entire process in a day.

You can either write your OWN ebook, or have one written for you.

I’m going to show you how to get THOUSANDS of ebooks that are already written and done on virtually any subject. You can legally modify them as much or as little as you want, you can add your own name as author, and then publish them through my system as your OWN brandable ebook. So don’t you dare drop out because you think you can’t write an ebook!

Step 5 You set up your ebook so that OTHER people will be able to brand it with THEIR affiliate links. They could then be marketing YOUR offers.

The Easy Money Bots software makes this very easy. You sell them branding rights to it, which gives them access to the web page where they can set up their links and download their OWN branded ebook.

There have been other branding programs in the past, but for the end user, those programs were very cumbersome. That chases away potential people who might otherwise work with you. You must make it as simple as possible for your Customers, and Easy Money Bots makes it a “falling off

a log” easy process.

Page 19

Step 6 You then offer “branding rights” to “your” ebook to other people that you’ve given it to and to the many others who get the ebook from someone else. Then people can put THEIR affiliate links into YOUR ebook.

So for example, if you give out your ebook to someone and they decided to buy branding rights for it they will pay you for the rights to brand the ebook. I suggest $37. If only ten people brand it for themselves, you’ve made $370

assuming that you sell branding rights for $37!


But it gets better. MUCH better.

When you sell branding rights to someone, you get paid EVERY time someone Brands the ebook.



This might be confusing, let’s look at this in a little greater detail. Let’s say you give YOUR ebook to 10 people. Each of them only gives it to 2. Each of them only gives it to 2 etc.

Look how that can quickly grow to a huge amount.

Page 20








Total 1270

So if only two people passed the ebook out, in SEVEN levels you could have over 1200 people branding the ebook. Assuming that you’ve charged $37 for branding rights, away the ebook, that leaves you with a potential profit of $46,990.

Do you see the value of those branding rights? YOU get paid from everyone branding your ebook no matter who passes it out. They get affiliate income from everything else, but YOU collect the money for the branding rights no matter how many levels deep you go.

Now of COURSE not every level will double perfectly! Not everyone will want to brand and pass out the ebook.… some might be more, some might be less. Much of it depends on the quality of the information you provide, but the bottom line is that you’re building an ASSET (the ebook) that will create money for you whether you’re working or not. It works FOR

YOU 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Page 21


The people who read your ebook give your ebook to their friends, who can also brand it so that THEY can make money on it, and they send it out to their friends.

You make money on the entire network of people reading the ebook. While they can collect affiliate incomes from their own efforts, you collect income from branding rights from EVERYONE.

This is called viral marketing, because it is spread from one person to another much like a virus is spread. By being spread like that, just like a virus, the ebook spreads to dozens, hundreds, even thousands of people.

So, obviously viral marketing can be a powerful tool.

Once again, of course this perfect progression will never happen in reality.

Some people will never pass it around, others will pass it around to many more than 2 people…

But what I want to do here is to show you the POWER of viral marketing.

Inside the word power is the word POW! Don’t take this lightly! People have become millionaires this way.

Page 22

Take a lesson from the newspapers.

When newspapers talk to potential advertisers, they always like to talk about readership numbers, not circulation numbers.


The theory is that on an average each newspaper will be read by two or three different people per household. That is EXACTLY what would happen with your ebook.

It gets spread out to thousands of additional readers. So now that we’ve talked about getting enough eyeballs in front of the ebook, the question is…

How can you make M-O-N-E-Y from it?

Page 23


More on Affiliate Marketing

I’ve already talked a little bit about Affiliate Marketing, and also Branding Rights, but let’s go into that in a little more detail. The chances are very good that you may have already tried affiliate marketing, but for the sake of those who are not familiar with this system, it’s an amazingly easy and inexpensive way to earn money.

The premise is simple.

You send a customer to a merchant’s website. If that customer buys from that merchant, you get a commission. That commission can range from 2%

or 3% to 75% and even some times as much as 100% of the sale.

The merchant uses special software on their website.

You are assigned a special URL that includes some kind of tracking code, so that every time somebody comes to the merchant through YOUR link, they know that the prospect came from you. If they buy, the merchant pays YOU a commission for the sale.

As you’ll see in this ebook, we’ll have several different links to products that we recommend that can be used to help you get free or very low cost advertising, or software that might help you or any number of opportunities for you to make money.

Page 24


Brand this ebook, and it becomes your viral money making machine!!!

When you BRAND this ebook, what you’re really doing is removing OUR

affiliate links, and inserting YOURS instead!

As stated above, you can reach a large audience with a well written and popular ebook.

Let’s say for example that 5,000 people are reading the ebook. How many of them do you think would click on a link that makes YOU money? If they are targeted to the subject matter of your ebook, (and they wouldn’t be reading if they weren’t) probably quite a few of them.

Think of the potential here. You don’t even need to have a website of your own! I’m going to show you very shortly how you can “brand” the ebook so that the product provider’s website now becomes YOUR website.

Again, you won’t even need a website or hosting for the ebook. That’s all done by the Easy Money Bots system.… That way the people you want to give the book to will be able to download it immediately.

It would take you less than a half hour to sign up for all the affiliate programs that we recommend in this ebook, enter them into the special Page 25

online form, and then download your OWN private branded copy of this ebook that you can distribute to all your contacts.

The point is, do you think that the readers would be interested in products or services that relate to your topic? Most likely they would.

Let’s review this concept one more time, as it is a CRITICAL

point that you must understand fully.


In appropriate locations throughout this ebook, or actually any viral ebook, there are affiliate links recommending products or services that the reader would be interested in.

Let's assume you had the 5,000 readers. It’s very possible that you will get MANY more than that, but just for this example, we’ll work with a readership of 5,000.

If just one percent of them purchased something from any of the affiliate links within the ebook, that would be 50 purchases. If the average commission was only $10, you would get $500 (50x$10), just for passing out the one ebook.

If the average commission is $50, then you would receive $2500 (50X$50).

Page 26

And this is just for one ebook.

The EASIEST way to get started, and gain experience is to just brand this ebook and pass it out. See the section in this book about HOW to go about passing it out, using FREE and low cost advertising.

Passing out this ebook is a good place to start, but as you move forward, you’ll also want to create your OWN viral ebooks, and/or your own ebooks to sell directly.

We’ll discuss that next……..

Page 27



Writing your OWN ebooks

Just what can an ebook do for you? Writing an ebook can help you by:

 Establishing Credibility

 Driving Traffic To Your Website

 Generating Affiliate Income

 Generating Income From Resale Rights

 You can turn an ebook into a daily course, which brings your customer back to read the next chapter

 You can use them as a free gift or bonus for making a purchase or for filling out a survey..

Writing an ebook can help you to

establish yourself as an expert in your

field, and build up trust with your target

audience. People buy from somebody

that they know, somebody that they like,

and somebody they trust.

A viral ebook accomplishes


Your audience will read the ebook, and hopefully visit your site.

Page 28

If you've given them some useful information both in the ebook and on your site, your audience will see that you know your subject.

Once they trust you, then they'll be more likely to buy whatever product or service that you are promoting.

You can also post product reviews and recommendations, and because your audience knows that you are an expert on the topic, they will respond and BUY those products.

As stated earlier, a viral ebook is an excellent tool for driving traffic to your website. Your ebook will be viewed by hundreds if not thousands of people, and if you include a link to your website, that link will be seen by those thousands of people.

If your ebook gives them some useful information, they will probably want to visit your site to find out more. Once on the site, you can recommend other products and services to them, or you can sign them up to your opt-in list. Just be sure that you have a quality site. The trust that you build up with a well written ebook will be shattered if you direct the people to a sloppy website.

How to make money with your ebook

In your ebook, you can include affiliate links to products and services that Page 29


may interest the audience. Don't overdo it though. Don't overload the book with too many links. If you carefully choose the affiliate links, offering quality RELEVANT products, you'll be putting them in front of a targeted audience, who may well click on the links, and generate a commission or two for you.

Affiliate links are also the heart of branding an ebook. When you offer the ebook to someone, you let them include their affiliate code in the link, rather than yours. The downside is, you won't get the affiliate commission from anyone that they distribute the book to. But on the plus side, they have more incentive to distribute the book, which means more traffic for your website.

You can also sell the resale rights or branding rights to the ebook.

You can sell the right to re-sell the ebook, or you can sell both the right to sell the ebook, (resell rights) and the right to sell further resale rights to others. (master resell rights) This will work particularly well with a brandable ebook.

I realize that this can be confusing… as there are several common types of

“rights” that can be granted in an ebook. If I gave you re-sell rights to an ebook, you can keep ALL the money from the sale of the ebook, but you cannot change it in any way. That includes all the affiliate links inside or anything else.

Page 30

MASTER Resell rights are similar, except that you then have the rights to sell resell rights to others, and keep the profits.

BRANDING rights to the ebook, gives you the right to change the links inside to be your own links so you make money when people buy something from the ebook.

Finally there are PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS which we’ll be discussing a lot in the rest of this ebook. Also known as PLR, Private Label Rights products allow you to modify the ebook in any way you want, including putting your own name as author, adding or deleting content as you see fit.

PLR rights products fit in VERY well with what we’re teaching here, as you can get a PLR ebook, put a “resources” page in the back of the book with affiliate links that you add, and then offer the book as your own ebook with Branding rights. This is the quickest way to create your own ebook. You can edit whatever content you want to from within the ebook.

This technique that I’m teaching you here is one I learned from a lady who became a millionaire by giving away ebooks. Much of her revenue came from selling branding rights. She couldn’t shut off the income stream now if she wanted to, as the books continue to be passed around over and over again.

Page 31




Choosing A Subject To Write About

I cannot stress this enough. That’s why I’ve put two idea icons above.

This is the number ONE Factor in determining the success or failure of your ebook, so read it carefully!

The first thing you'll need to do before you start writing, is to choose a subject (a niche) to write about. In choosing a niche or subject to write about, keep in mind that your niche should be narrow and tightly focused.

For example, if you enjoy fishing, you may want to write an ebook that focuses on fishing. Fishing is an extremely broad topic, though. You'll want to take the broader topic, and narrow it down into a focused niche. Instead of fishing in general, focus on trout fishing or bass fishing.

Instead of growing flowers, focus on roses or lilies. The idea is to choose a narrow topic to write about.

Ideally, the niche would be in a topic that you have some knowledge about, or would like to learn. That isn't always necessary, but if you're interested in the topic, it will make it much more enjoyable for you to write about. Go ahead and brainstorm some niche ideas.

Create an “IDEA” notebook. In that notebook, jot down some ideas. Come Page 32

up with a list of about 10 possible niches you want to write about. I'll teach you to assess those niches shortly, but for right now just write them down.

There are many internet “gurus” who say that you should write about something you are passionate about. In general, that isn’t bad advice, but it’s not ALWAYS correct.

Let me give you an example.

Let’s say that you’re passionate about eating bugs, grasshoppers, snails etc. Not only is it good for your garden to get rid of those pests, but you absolutely would eat them morning, noon and night. Get the picture?

In this example you are PASSIONATE about them.

So you decide to open up a fast food restaurant on a busy intersection, selling grasshopper burgers.

You’ve waited your whole life and invested your life’s savings into this grasshopper burger business, because you’re passionate about it.

Chances are that no matter how passionate you may be about eating grasshoppers, there are not enough OTHER people passionate about them to make it worthwhile. You might get one or two curiosity seekers but certainly you wouldn’t make enough money to support the business.

While of course that’s an absurd example, I brought it up to make my point.

Page 33

Passion is one thing, but you have to be passionate about things that people are looking for, and spend money on.

There are three primary things you'll want to look at in choosing your niche. You'll want to assess the popularity, competition, and profitability.


The first thing you'll want to look at, is how popular is your niche. There are several tools, both free and paid that will help you to determine the popularity of your niche. The tool of choice for us is Google’s FREE

keyword tool.

Just go to and type in “keyword tool”. Hmmm…. Does it seem strange that their keyword tool displays first?

When you type in a keyword, the program will return the number of searches for that keyword, as well as a list of related keywords and their popularity. The higher the number of searches, the more popular the keyword is.

The purpose of the keyword tool is to help you determine more keywords and find specific niches within a keyword topic.

For example, if you've chosen trout fishing as your niche, type that into the program. The program will come up with your keyword and the number of Page 34


searches, along with a list of related keywords and their number of searches.

Go through the list, and choose five or six keywords with 5000 searches per month or more, and jot them down. In the example above, I chose the keyword “trout fishing” without the quotes in the search.

Write down the number of searches for your main keyword, as well as five or six related keywords, and their searches. Do this for each of the 10

niches that you chose earlier. If any of the niches you've chosen do not have many searches, then you may want to broaden the topic a bit.

For example, if you've chosen the niche "bass fishing in Washington", you may want to expand that to "bass fishing". You want as narrow a niche as possible, but if your niche is too narrow, there may not be enough people Page 35


searching for it.


The next step in finding a good niche is to evaluate the competition. Finding the competition is a simple matter.

Go to Google, and enter your keyword in quotation marks. i.e. "trout fishing". Now, take a look at the number of matches Google returns. In this case, it's 2,020,000. The number will of course change by the time you read this.

Do this for each of the keywords that you wrote down in the previous step.

What you're looking for is a market with at least 20,000 competing webpages.

Go through the list of 10 niches that you've chosen earlier. By now, you should have 5-6 keywords for each niche, along with the number of searches, and the number of matches on Google.

Page 36

However you need to remember too…. That you’re not competing directly for Google listings. Trout fishing would be a good niche for a viral ebook because it’s very popular. If you could come up with a UNIQUE system of catching trout, you have a HUGE army of potential readers who will pass around your ebook.


This step will determine if there is money to be made in your chosen niche.

To assess the profitablity, you'll need a Google Adwords account. If you don't already have one, it will only cost $5.00 to set one up. Once you have the Adwords account, log in to your account, and click on "Tools". Then choose the Traffic Estimator tool. Enter your list of keywords in the box.

Enter a Max CPC of $50.00, but don't worry about the daily budget. You’re not really going to make the account “live”.

Page 37


Under "Available Countries and Territories", select the United States. Click on continue. This will bring up a page with a list of the keywords and other information. Right now, the column that you want to look at is "Estimated Avg. CPC". This will give you an idea of what people are paying for ads.