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Long ago in the early days of the Ðworld wide webÑ people used to
believe the saying ÐIf you build it, they will comeÑ, today, unfortunately
that statement doesnÓt hold up at all when it comes to make money
from home online. You can build it, but you will have to drive the
traffic to it, otherwise, your site will simply sit there on your hosting
quietly minding itÓs own business, desperately waiting for Google,
Yahoo or some other search engine to find it out there all Lonely and
So just what can we do to get that laser targeted traffic to our little
lost site, all is not lost, and there are plenty of ways to drive that
traffic to our sites, with a little bit of consistent and steady work youÓll
soon see those visitor figures increasing from single numbers a day to
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If you want your site to succeed, you need that traffic. Even if you are
short on time, or you are new to having a presence on the Internet, or
perhaps you donÓt even have any technical skills, there should be at
least one method in this e-book that you can choose to use and start
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WeÓve got listed the known ways to drive traffic to your site for no cost
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