Make Money with Adsense 2008 HTML version

What we need to do is make sure we place AdSense ads near the top of the
page and some on the left of the page. This strategy is proven to get you
more clicks which result in more money for you.
This is also a sneaky way of making the ads appear as navigation links.
Visitors click without realising they’re ads. This can be extremely effective
You should also create the ads so they compliment your website’s colour
theme and style. They should fit right in and look natural. You can change the
background colour and text colour of your ads from you AdSense account.
Another AdSense feature you should add to your site is, AdSense for Search.
This is like an ordinary Google search box but instead of displaying just the
ordinary search results, it displays AdSense ads on top of the normal search
results. With this you can make money whenever someone searches from
your site and clicks on the results!
Here’s A Layout Of A Good AdSense Webpage