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Brief Introduction To AdSense:

Okbefore we begin, are you up for a challenge? Are you even good enough for it? Well here it isanyway!



Anyonewhogivesthisreportawayto50otherpeople andcanproveit,winsa prize.That’sright.Justgiveit awayforfree,toyourfriends,family,enemies,whoever. Dothemabig favour andwinaBIGprize.Iwon’ttell youwhatitis yet(yes I’mevil)but I canassure youits worthalotandisanabsolutelyamazing“thing.”So whenyouhave giventhisoutto50people,emailmeat: challenge@adamcarn.comwithyourproof,I’lllet you decidehow youwishtoproveit.If Ithinkyou’rereal anddidn’tcheatinany way I’llawardyoutheprize! Thischallengeisnotlimitedtoanynumberof participants.Goodluck!

Okbackto the report… AdSense a program by Google which you plug into any website and Google showssome text advertising on the website. Whenever some visitor clickson an ad the owner of the website (YOU) get paid. You get paid for every click. How much you get paid dependson the keywordsthat make up your web page which displaysthe ads. Thiscan range from 0.10 centsper clickto as high as $20 per clickfor the higher paying keywordssuch astravel and credit repair related. The ads are related to the content of your page.

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