Make Money with Adsense 2008 HTML version

AdSense a program by Google which you plug into any website and Google
shows some text advertising on the website. Whenever some visitor clicks on
an ad the owner of the website (YOU) get paid. You get paid for every click.
How much you get paid depends on the keywords that make up your web
page which displays the ads. This can range from 0.10 cents per click to as
high as $20 per click for the higher paying keywords such as travel and credit
repair related. The ads are related to the content of your page.
Signing up for AdSense:
To sign up for your Free Google Adsense Account go to
Google require you to have a website or a blog before you can sign up for an
Adsense account so if you do not have an account, then create a blog at (free). When you created your blog, use your blog URL
when you sign up for an AdSense account.
Once you get your account. You can log in to get your ad code which you put
on your webpages to show AdSense ads. There are different style of ads you
can choose from. You can even change the colours around.
Ad Placement:
According to the research done by The Eyetrack III research released by The
Poynter Institute. A visitor first looks at the logo, then looks for the headline in
the top LEFT of the screen and then scans down the left of the screen for site
navigation before looking around the page.
Here are some snippets from the research site:
"The eyes most often fixated first in the upper left of the page, then
hovered in that area before going left to right. Only after perusing the
top portion of the page for some time did their eyes explore further
down the page."
"Dominant headlines most often draw the eye first upon entering the
page -- especially when they are in the upper left"
"We found that ads in the top and left portions of a homepage received
the most eye fixations." (this is where the Google Adsense ads should