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money would devalue after it has been kept for ten years. This is because
the economy is changing especially inflation make your money become
less valuable. So, in order that the money won’t devalue, usually we keep it
in the bank to earn some interest. That is the smarter way to save your
money than to just keep in a secret place in your house. Once your house
catches fire or has been robbed, all your money will vanish. However, bank
offers very low interest rate. You can earn money from the interest rate
unless you have a large amount of money because bank offers higher
interest rate for people who save larger amount of money compared to the
others who save lesser.
The other better way to invest your money is buying unit trust fund
or bond. However, investing in unit trust fund has risk whereas bond is
safer. Actually, unit trust fund manager is the person who helps you to
invest your money in different sectors. Investing in unit trust fund and
bond are a long-term investment. Your return of investment depends to the
expertise of the unit trust fund manager. If the unit trust fund manager
invests the money properly and safely, your money will be safe. You will
earn a dividend from your investment in the unit trust fund or bond.
Besides the investment that I have mentioned above, you also can
invest your money in a business, which is established by yourself or your
friends, relatives, partnership with your friends or so on. However, you
need to judge the feasibility of the business before you invest your money
in it.
Money from salary is the essential source for most of the people to
survive in the society. We invest time and energy when we are young to
acquire a professional knowledge in order that we could use it to earn an
income. So, our professional knowledge is our main property that we have
when we are starting to join in the work force. However, this professional
knowledge is not that valuable because many people have it. Every year,
there are thousand fresh graduates coming out from college and
university. So, our professional knowledge is not a valuable property but it
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