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What the rich do or have?
Rich people have a system that works to make money for them
without their present. As an example, Marry has an amount of money that
enough to start a small business. She buys some products, rent a space in
the shopping mall and employs a salesperson to sell her products. It is
unnecessary for her to be presented in the business location for all the
time. Once the business starts to earn money, she can expand or upgrade
her business by opening a few more shops or investing in other field.
Earning money from property
Rich people own a lot of properties. All these properties generate
cash flow income to them. Usually, they rent their property to other people
to earn a rental. After subtracting all other maintenance fees, they still earn
an income. This is their cash flow income. However, for the people who do
not have any property or only have a small amount of money, how should
they do to start to grow their money? Earning money from renting or
trading property is a little bit tedious because the property needs to be
taking care properly. So, maintenance fee and insurance are something
cannot be avoided. Besides, trading property has a lot of procedures to go
through unless you employ an agent to trade for you.
Buying stock with insurance
Buying stock with insurance is the easiest method to earn money.
Buying stock without insurance is not the right investment method
because your money is not protected. With insurance, your money is
protected with a minimum risk. So, all of the above three investment
vehicles, buying stock with insurance is the only vehicle to make money
consistently and become rich permanently.
What is important is what you do with your money and not how
much you have or earn. If you have a lot of money and do not want to do
anything about it and just keep it secretly in your house. This amount of
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