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Make Money Playing Video Games
A Production
You may have read in newspapers or seen on TV that it is possible
to make money in the region of thousands of Video Games.
Although this is true, you could argue that if it is so easy to make
money doing what you enjoy, then why isn’t everybody doing it?
Well, the good news is it IS possible to make money playing
games and this Ebook will explain the different avenues you can
take to do it.
About the Author
I’ve played games for many years, starting on the Vic 20,
Commodore 64, Amiga, Playstation, Xbox (and many more) all the
way up to the current generation of consoles. Although the
Internet is a great source of information, it can see too vast and
become difficult to pinpoint the information you want without lots
of searching.
You could argue that the Internet is similar to a large city like
London or New York, although there are millions of people; many
find themselves going at it alone which can give a sense of
solitude. After spending many hours trying to find one site where I
can find everything I want, gaming related and have the chance to
meet my friends and make new friends online who have similar
interests, I decided that the only way to get this was to create it
For the first time ever , provides a
way of keeping up with all the latest and best products, swap
gamer tags, read your friend’s reviews on games, chat to your
mates and swap tips / cheats and also the chance to enter
competitions. It’s a gaming